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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | May 2009 

Puerto Vallarta: A Place Where Dreams Come True
email this pageprint this pageemail usDavid Lyons - PVNN

R.D. Lyons has written 3 novels, which can be purchased in Puerto Vallarta bookstores and at
Usually I devote my column to the craft of writing, at times offering works of my own. I'd like to share something different this week.

When I first came to this town, it was in search of a place where I might find the peace, tranquility and beauty that would inspire me in my writing efforts. I arrived for a one week stay and never left; my return ticket never used.

There has not been a single day I've regretted my choice. Since I've lived here, I've written and self-published three novels, with a fourth soon to be in print. I have several completed manuscripts, several works in progress, and a head full of ideas for future books.

I have no doubt the lifestyle I've been fortunate enough to achieve in Puerto Vallarta has enabled me to fulfill a life-long dream. Correction: Dreams.

Music has also been a passion of mine. As a young man I sang professionally for a number of years. But those were a lot of years ago. I was in my fifth decade when I moved here, and the mindset from the existence I'd left behind told me I was too old for such youthful pursuits.

One of my first nights here, I was walking around Lazaro Cardenas Park. A young Mexican shop owner was sitting on the sidewalk playing his guitar. We struck up a conversation. I told him I used to play, not mentioning that I hadn't picked up a guitar in over thirty years.

He asked if I happened to know the chords to a song by the group Chicago. I did and showed him. In return, he taught me the chord progression for "Sabor A Mi." Something in me was reborn at that moment. When I said I didn't own a guitar, he disappeared into his shop and returned with an old one of his, handing it to me.

I didn't have any cash on me. "No hay problema," he said to the stranger he'd just met on the street. I could borrow it and, if I wanted to keep it, just come back and pay him when I could. If I'd had any doubts I'd found a new home, they were dispelled then and there. I returned the next day and paid him the modest amount he asked for his guitar - which I own to this day.

With that old guitar made in Paracho, I would sit in my first small apartment and sing serenades to the setting sun. I re-learned songs of my youth, and learned new ones. With time, I taught myself jazz guitar chords and built a repertoire of standards.

With never again giving a thought to my age, I sought out venues to perform, playing regularly at the jazz and piano bar Garbo for several years; then fulfilling another ambition, singing in concert with a jazz trio before a sell-out crowd at the Santa Barbara Theater that spring.

Here's my point. I did it. Here in paradise, anyone can.

Every year, many people move to Puerto Vallarta, and that for most is in itself a dream come true. After weeks of sun, sand and shopping, some newcomers will start looking for something else to occupy themselves.

This is the time to explore whatever it might be that you want to do, or as it was in my case, whatever it is that you've always wanted to do.

Want to improve your technique or learn a new style of dance? Whether tango, salsa, or ballroom our community includes experts in these fields who offer regular lessons.

We have English speaking voice and piano instructors. Even limited Spanish is sufficient to follow the public guitar courses offered, but Spanish classes for all levels abound and are recommended. They're fun and enhance life in your new home.

Successful artists offer art classes. There are bridge lessons, golf pros at the fabulous courses in the area, and for aspiring writers, I can't fail to mention the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group that meets at 10:30 every Saturday at the International Friendship Club.

Note - the Writers Group hosts its annual weekend conference every February with a spectacular program. Go to for details and registration.

So to all of you who have recently joined us, welcome. If you brought any dreams with you, there is no better time or place to realize them.

A long-time resident of Puerto Vallarta, R.D. (David) Lyons is an accomplished author who has published 3 novels and contributes educational and entertaining articles to several local publications. When not writing, he can be found singing jazz standards to his own guitar accompaniment at several of the town's most popular venues.

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