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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkVallarta Living | May 2009 

To Mexico with Love... Demands Stay Strong for Brides in the Know!
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Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico's top wedding destinations, and as such offers a variety of romantic wedding venues. Click on the links below to learn more about some of the most popular places to get married in Puerto Vallarta and around Banderas Bay. (PromoVision)

Puerto Vallarta Hotel: NH Krystal

Mexico Resort: Hotel Sheraton Wedding

Restaurant Wedding at Le Kliff

Mexican Luxury: Villa Celeste
Private Estate: La Villita

Luxury Villa: Casa Valerie

A New Villa: Casa China Blanca

wedding video services by Promovision
Anyone who has an Internet connection or subscribes to CNN has been shivering with fear. Many people have been asking us what's really happening! Ahh, and you are the smart ones! Anyone buying all of the hype needs to get out a bit more! Even the industry self-proclaimed "insiders" have bought into the hype. Causing what I call "BRIDAL FREAK OUT!"

Enough of my ranting...

The Staff at EM Vallarta has been asked numerous questions as to what is really happening in Puerto Vallarta. The clients themselves know very quickly that this is all sensationalized, but it's the guests that can be fearful.

Here is what we suggest all of our clients do. Stick to the facts and let your guests know that they will be safe and sound. Let the information flow.

Vallarta has had ZERO cases of the dreaded "SWINE FLU" errr. "H1N1" errr.. "regular ol' flu." Please... you are more likely to get this in NYC than you are in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta is not a border town.

Puerto Vallarta does not have drug wars, nor people being kidnapped.

Vallarta DOES offer a chic, tropical, bigger bang for the dollar location than you are going to find anywhere. Ask our brides and their families.

Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best wedding planners and caterers in the country. And the level of service and professionalism is on par with any North of the border planner.

Here is my "insider" advise on planning a wedding here:

All the same rules apply...

Do your research.
Ask questions.
Check references.
Review your contracts before making any payments. Ask more questions.
As we always recommend, purchase event insurance no matter where it is. Do you insure your car?

Then sit back, relax and know that the team you have hired is going create the event that you have always envisioned. Magical, memorable and perfect!

Are you behind in your wedding planning? Are you avoiding inviting everyone from you mother's list of guests? A destination wedding might be your answer. Call us, write us, check out our current clients.

Zac Campbell is the owner of Eventful Moments Vallarta, a full service event planning and gourmet catering company specializing in destination weddings and commitment ceremonies in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. For complete information on weddings in Puerto Vallarta, visit the EMV website at

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