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An Intimate Vallarta Wedding - Behind the Scenes
email this pageprint this pageemail usRev. Lynn Rogers -
October 28, 2010

Alicia and David's plans for an intimate Puerto Vallarta destination wedding included a 'party of two' and a modest budget that didn't fit into the usual model. (photo by Josef Kandoll)
I love performing weddings in Puerto Vallarta for so many reasons - our exquisitely beautiful location where the sea meets the mountains, the gorgeous weather, the delightful couples who feel called to celebrate their special day here, and, as it turns out, the warm community of friends who are always ready to make the extra effort.

While many people who choose a destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta work with a wedding planner, Alicia and David's plans for an intimate ceremony included a "party of two" and a modest budget that didn't fit into the usual model.

So when they emailed me in search of someone to officiate, they asked, "Can you help with the arrangements as well as perform the ceremony?" I said I'd see what I could do. Next morning, at my favorite coffee shop, I put the question to the gathered locals.

A dear friend, and most excellent photographer, said that since it was a week-day wedding in October, he was available and would love to work with me. Another angel offered to do the flowers. Others knew of boats for rent and soon the pieces fell into place.

Over the next month or so, the bride, groom and I spoke and emailed, and together created a personal ceremony that would truly reflect their feelings, language and wishes for their dream wedding.

Several weeks before the special day, the photographer and I checked out their hotel, found the perfect beach location for the ceremony, and scouted the best photo ops along the route we will take to get there. We planned the food and special surprise treats and chose a cake. We met with the captain of the boat who will take couple sailing off for a private sunset cruise, and he happily volunteered to do everything possible to assure a perfect few hours on board.

What a delightful day for me, and, with the support of so many wonderful people, I know this couple will enjoy the Puerto Vallarta wedding of their dreams. And while the celebration will be just for the two of them, alone on the beach and sailing away, a community of love, support and friendship will anchor their special day... behind the scenes.

Integrating 25 years of experience as a California licensed family therapist and life coach, Dr. Lynn Rogers offers uniquely practical and personalized sessions for clients and their families. To learn more about her work, click HERE or visit As an ordained Interfaith Chaplain, Lynn also officiates at Puerto Vallarta weddings and other significant life transitions. For more information, click HERE or visit

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