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Medical Tourism in Mexico - Part 4: Mexico Medical Care
email this pageprint this pageemail usLaura Gelezunas -
November 02, 2010

Laura Gelezunas talks to Dr. Juan Baraza at the Global Medical Tourism Conference & Expo in Puerto Vallarta, August 24-26, 2010. (Video Diva Productions)
Even though medical tourism is on the rise, many people still fear becoming ill in a foreign country. But as health travel continues to grow in Mexico, doctors, their staff and facilities make any potential crises much easier.

Dr. Juan Baraza, from Smart Hospital in Mazatlán, who is also the facility's Medical Tourism Coordinator, takes a personal approach with his visitors. They may be there by choice or it's an emergency.

"What I do is put myself in the body of the patient," says Dr. Baraza, "First of all I have the nurse introduce me to the patient. I say I'm sorry, what happened to you? I then tell the patient that I am going to take you with me to the best hospital in town, don't worry it is going to be alright. I'm going to be with you every step of the way and I am going to take care of your family, too."

Dr. Baraza does his best to calm the patient and family. "In other words, by assuring them, by introducing myself and being able to communicate with them, I am sure that I already erased 40 to 50 percent of the stress for everyone," says Dr. Baraza.

His main hospital duty is working in the emergency room as part of the trauma team and also facilitates the communication and care of foreign patients. "I have learned my strengths and my weaknesses and so in time I have been getting better and better at it," says Dr. Baraza.

A good number of Mexican doctors speak English and sometimes even a third language. As medical tourism increases, expect this number to go up.

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