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Puerto Vallarta Hits The Big Screen With 'Limitless'
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March 7, 2011
Puerto Vallarta, a Hollywood favorite since the 1960's, stars in new Robert DeNiro film.

Puerto Vallarta continues to be a favorite destination setting for Hollywood with the release of Relativity Media's latest film, Limitless, opening March 18th and staring Robert DeNiro, Bradley Cooper, and Abbie Cornish.

Movie goers will be enchanted by the images of Puerto Vallarta during the action scenes of the film when a Maserrati races through the city's main street in front of its famous Malecón (boardwalk) and later when Cooper jumps off into the blue waters of one of the world's most beautiful bays in the world - the Bay of Banderas.

Puerto Vallarta's combination of perfect natural light, year-round summer weather, lush picturesque locations and colonial-era ambiance has attracted film makers and movie stars since 1964 when John Huston brought his cast and crew to Puerto Vallarta to film Tennessee Williams' "Night of the Iguana." Since then more than 30 major Hollywood productions have been filmed in the destination, each considered to be a major contributing factor to the growth of travel by American and Canadians.

Cinema fans visiting Puerto Vallarta should not miss the following film locations:

El Malecón

Before Limitless featured Puerto Vallarta's iconic colonial boardwalk in its high-speed chase, Tinsel Town had already shown El Malecón in Robert Shaw's 1976 thriller, Swashbuckler, the Harvey Keitel feature Puerto Vallarta Squeeze and 2008's Beverly Hills Chihuahua where its arches starred alongside major international stars.

Visitors will find the Malecón both tranquil and romantic, making for the perfect setting for a nice afternoon walk while enjoying the many arts and crafts markets, gigantic statues and sculptures that decorate its sidewalk, and free outdoor entertainment, including concerts, theater, mimes, and the flying dancers of Papantla. Many award-winning local restaurants, renowned for their unique fusion cuisine are located right off of the boardwalk.

Mismaloya Beach

Made famous by one of Hollywood's most controversial films, John Huston's the Night of the Iguana (1964), this tropical paradise, where the verdant jungle vegetation of the Sierra Madre mountains meets the crystal clear waters of Banderas Bay, is now a favorite among adventure fans who can practice sport fishing and diving in front of the impressive rock formations called los Arcos (the arches.)

Mismaloya was also the location for Arnold Swarzenegger's 1987 action blockbuster Predator. Visit El Eden Eco Park and its surrounding rain forest and water fall in the middle of the dense jungles of the Sierra Madre where the crashed helicopter can still be seen at the set of the Predator.