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Living in Paradise: Puerto Vallarta is Safe, Secure & Sensational!
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March 15, 2011
We want people in the United States - and the world - to know that Puerto Vallarta is not only safer than any average town in America, but it is also a great vacation or retirement destination.

Living in Paradise went out on the streets of Vallarta to find out what local residents and business owners think of the safety and security of Puerto Vallarta, and how bad press has affected their lives and businesses.

As we all know, Mexico has been the main source of negative press in the United States and we wanted to find out what people actually living and working here in the Bay of Banderas have to say about this unfair and biased press we are receiving.

As we can see these unjustified, ambiguous statements concerning Mexico has caused unnecessary hardship and grief for local business owners here in Vallarta. This is our high season Vallarta should be a hustle and bustle of people right now, instead the streets, business, and restaurants are empty.

Little known facts about the U.S and Mexico seemed to be overlooked by the main stream media, such as:

U.S. ranks #6 in Assaults - Mexico ranks #20

U.S. ranks #17 in Burglaries - Mexico ranks #34

U.S. ranks #9 in Car Thefts - Mexico ranks #22

U.S. ranks #18 in Fraud - Mexico ranks #29

Canada ranks #5, in Rape - U.S. ranks #9, and Mexico ranks #17

U.S. ranks #4 in Drug Offences - Mexico ranks #12

In Los Angeles County, there have been 103 murders in the last six months.

According the latest FBI crime statistics, Phoenix, AZ is the kidnapping capital of the U.S.

We want people in the United States to know that Puerto Vallarta is safer than any average town in America and that the news stories in the US are not unbiased; therefore we must use common sense and go to the source.

Speaking of going to the source, Living in Paradise was able to attend the annual Valentine's Day Palapa Decorating Contest that has been the source of the Valentine's spirit at the Legendary El Dorado Restaurant, Bar & Beach Club for decades.

Wow, now that's what I call getting into the holiday spirit! Later that night we were able to attend a special performance of the Mediterranean Night dancers; they thrilled the Valentine's Day couples with their fusion of music and dance.

The Mediterranean Night dancers are a very unique act, fusing Hindu and African music into a very stimulating sound; with native instruments they create sensual rhythms for their equally talented Dancers, fusing Flamingo, belly, and fire dancing. Through these elements, they are able to take their audience to mystical places in the Mediterranean, where cultures and art have been mixed for centuries.

The Mediterranean Night dancers really know how to put on a spectacular show, if you missed the live Valentine's Day performance, they will be performing every Monday night at 9 pm at the El Dorado Restaurant, Bar, and Beach Club. Call (322) 222-4124 or email info(at) for reservations.

Mediterranean Night Dancers:

Silvia Basurto - Percussionist and Singer (Mexico)
Sol Maria Uribe - Flamenco, Contemporary, Belly Dancer and Fire (Mexico)
Aisha Santy - Belly Dancer (Mexico)
Jimmy Lee - Percussionist (Mexico)
Paolo Uccelli - Flamenco Guitar, Sitar, Baglama, Trasversale Flute (Italy)

This show is presented at El Dorado Restaurant Bar & Beach Club every Monday at 9 pm.

Living in Paradise, a video series that highlights all of the interesting people, places, and events that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, is sponsored by El Dorado Restaurant, Bar and Beach Club on Puerto Vallarta's famous Playa de Los Muertos. For more information or to make your reservations, visit or call (322) 222-4124.

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