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Eight Reasons to Choose a Destination Wedding in Puerto Vallarta
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February 16, 2012

Planning to get married? When you are choosing a wedding and honeymoon location, you just can't find a more romantic destination than Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. (Photo: Josef Kandoll)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - I've just returned from my niece's destination wedding. By celebrating the event away from everyone's day-to-day lives, the bridal couple and guests were able to spend fun, relaxed time together and all thoroughly enjoyed their special wedding vacation.

As an ordained interfaith chaplain, I have had the opportunity and pleasure of officiating at many weddings here in Puerto Vallarta. As a family member and guest at my niece's ceremony, I got to experience this from another perspective. Now I can personally say, choose a destination wedding!

So, Why Puerto Vallarta?

1. There are more varied locations in which to stay and/or say "I do" than in any other place in Mexico. Choose a villa overlooking the sea, a beautiful sandy beach, the jungle, a mountaintop or a 5-star resort. Get married underwater or while zipping through the jungle canopy.

2. Invited guests, if any, may stay for a few days or an extended vacation. There are abundant activities for them to enjoy (see #3). By the time of the closing festivities, old acquaintances will be rekindled and new friendships made to create warm and lasting memories of the celebration for all who attend.

3. What is there to DO? Just about anything. For the active, go horseback riding at the jungle or beach, on a canopy tour, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, or hike through historic neighborhoods with cobblestone streets and staircases that wind up and down to new adventures. Perhaps yoga, meditation, massage and relaxation are more your speed. We have oodles of wonderful options in wildly diverse settings.

4. Your ceremony is totally up to you. Working with your officiant to create a meaningful ritual, you might include a sand ceremony, traditional Mexican hand-wrapping, selected readings, personal vows, and/or any other elements that speak to you.

5. For music, choose traditional mariachis, a jazz or classical duo or trio - violin, guitar, flute, harp - or one of the many DJs who provide any and all kinds of music.

6. Imagine any type of food and we've got it, from fabulous traditional Mexican fare to delicacies from most anywhere. Vallarta is known for its taste and presentation.

7. The climate is warm and breezy throughout fall, winter and spring with just enough humidity to put a glow on your face (or perhaps it's the combination of moisture and relaxation that smooths the lines). While summers are hot and humid, the lightning storms over the bay are dramatic, the streets are quieter, and the restaurants are more intimate.

8. Ok, so my first seven reasons cover many of the practical aspects of your choice. The eighth is really at the heart of it. Puerto Vallarta is filled with warm, welcoming and professional folk who delight in creating your dream experience. The peace of mind that this offers is priceless, and oh, by the way, (here's #9) speaking of finances - imagine your dream wedding at a fraction of the cost of an event back home.

Come and find your own "reasons" to choose a Vallarta destination wedding. It will be an experience of a lifetime.

Integrating 25 years of experience as a California licensed family therapist and life coach, Dr. Lynn Rogers offers uniquely practical and personalized sessions for clients and their families. To learn more about her work, click HERE or visit As an ordained Interfaith Chaplain, Lynn also officiates at Puerto Vallarta weddings and other significant life transitions. For more information, click HERE or visit