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Chapter 4: Integrating New Technology into the Mix
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Stay tuned for news about the Big Screening Event to be attended by everyone who wants to show support for Puerto Vallarta and share our perspective with the rest of the world.

After we wrapped the recent filming of House Hunters International here in Puerto Vallarta, I sat back and reflected on how far Timothy Real Estate Group has come in such a short time and in such a changing market. Starting a business is hard under the best of circumstances and I wanted to share our story in the hopes that it might inspire others who are starting out or thinking about it. (Read Chapter 3)

Chapter 4: Our Message and How To Integrate New Technology into the Mix

By focusing on the new online communities and opportunities we began to see that there were new opportunities that existed and with innovation we believed we could harvest them... It is a real soul searching process when you start to analyze your life in order to get to what you are really about and how to build your business with that knowledge.

What sets you apart from your peers? What are your business priorities? What does your company say about you? What do your clients say about you and who do they think you are in the market place? What should your branding say about who you are?

After some real personal reflection about what it is I wanted my company to be and after interviewing the staff, agents, and some of our clients about what or strengths and weaknesses are, I arrived at the descriptive words that represent Timothy Real Estate Group and chose Joy as our core value.

Then we chose Authentic, Wisdom, and Progressive as our expressive values, and rounded it all out with the functional values: Transparency, Dedication, and Intuitive. All of these describe who I am and, subsequently, who my company would be. From there, with the help of my wonderful branding and design innovators, the process for finding the right look, colors, voice, and artistic statement about 'who we are' began.

Now that I had my 'brand,' the look and feel of the company in images and a tone of voice for our communications, it was time to get the message out. This is when I enlisted the help of our social media team.

Getting the message out used to be done through print media and mass mailing postcards and flyers, but those days are gone. In 2012, everyone is online and your online presence is key to any business's success.

Nowadays, not only do people find their friends online, but they also share interesting information online. You can also go more directly to your market by targeting in on the people that might be looking for your product. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, you can make yourself visible in a way that your clients can find you by going to them.

This world of social media, online entertainment and marketing is an ever-evolving entity, and it has been a priority for us to stay on top of current trends and to offer the most comprehensive services for our Buyers and Sellers.

Staying to the benchmark for online marketing will be the key to the future success of any growing business. We will be watching and learning as we go, but we are not afraid to think outside the box and look at these new options for getting our message out.

Timothy Real Estate Group is a full-service real estate sales, rentals and development agency representing some of the most distinguished properties and developments across Puerto Vallarta, Bahía de Banderas and the Riviera Nayarit. For more information, visit

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