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Expat Guide to Finding the Best Places to Live in Mexico

June 21, 2012

Tulum, Mexico - For people who fantasize or dream about someday living out their years under the shade of a swaying palm tree on a white sandy beach or tucked away in a temperate Spanish colonial village filled with world class artists and writers; Mexico may be the answer.

The folks at have come up with an expat guide to the best places to live south of the border and how to actually make it happen. Packing up and moving to a number of utopian sounding foreign places takes homework and planning. Mexico on My Mind is getting good feedback from early downloads of the new eBook.

The Mexico Expat Guide is not just about the best places to live in Mexico but rather a starting point for many people that are considering a move to Mexico from the US or Canada. It is full of information that answers many of the questions people have when they start to get serious about researching the subject.

Topics range from immigration and bringing your car and pets to Mexico to healthcare, insurance, real estate and things you wonít be able to find in Mexico. Also included are some insightful and sometimes humorous stories from the people that have actually made the leap.

Mexico On My Mind co-founder Ron Burdine, who has been living in Mexico full time for the last four and half years, says, "Life in Mexico definitely moves at a different pace and it can be a challenge at times especially if you are uninformed about cultural nuances. Our goal is to help people make informed decisions about major lifestyle changes in a foreign country. It is very difficult to impose our cultural values or try to do things the way you got them done in the U.S. or Canada... it doesnít translate."

Burdine continued "We want to expose Mexico in a positive way, there are over 1 million Americans already living in Mexico and itís a real option for retirement when you can actually upgrade your standard of living and save a lot of money in the process."

According to Burdine, the expat guide will continue to evolve as more content and feedback is gathered from the field. Mexico on My Mind is developing a rapidly expanding network of expats and local professionals throughout Mexico who are providing local insights and advice to Americans and Canadians seeking answers. The eBook guide highlights a number of the more well known towns and regions in Mexico as well as a few more practical and cheap options, some far off the beaten path.

Living in Mexico does present some unique challenges of course but the expats at Mexico On My Mind certainly believe the rewards far outweigh anything lacking in the way of modern luxuries, conveniences or much of the instant gratification they left behind.

So if you are thinking about making the move to a new life South of the border, and would like to know how to actually make it happen, click HERE to download Mexico on My Mind's FREE Insiderís Guidebook for Relocating to Mexico.