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Public Mural in Vallarta Under Threat of Destruction

January 29, 2013
Volunteers have dedicated 3 months making the mosaic mural in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You can join the effort to save 'The Wall' by clicking HERE and signing the Petition.

With the Mosayko Vallarta art project, a 196 x 9 ft tile and glass mural directed by local artist Natasha Moraga, now under threat of destruction by the Government, we thought this letter to the editor from life coach Dr. Judy Krings should be shared with the world:

As a clinical psychology and internationally certified positive psychology life coach, and Puerto Vallarta resident, I want to thank the city for blessing us with a stunning cultural addition, "The Wall." I am thrilled, as are all my friends around the world, to watch in awe as this majestic mosaic masterpiece piece awakens to life every day.

Natasha Moraga, "Nat," is the talented artist and genius who has put her heart and soul into creating this magically unique mural. It graces Pino Suarez, perpendicular to Basilio Badillo. It is a treasure to behold. Nat's spirited vision is now touching every passerby who gazes upon its charming beauty.

Vallarta is already the gem of Mexico. To me, every tile, glass bead, and plaque Nat adds represents our city with unique beauty. Renowned for her diversity and acceptance, The Wall represents all the is right about life.

I often walk by The Wall and stand awhile to study the enchanting tapestry unfolding. I am amazed how many curious people stop by to express their appreciation. The children's laughter and pointing at a fish or flower elicits smiles form all.

Some folks say The Wall is the most exciting new addition to this already artful city. They want to know the story of how one woman's vision birthed such a remarkably immense undertaking. They are shocked to know Nat buys tiles and supplies herself. A limited number of plaques are purchased to help defray her costs, but The Wall is basically her gift to the city. Talk about generosity and love! Nat captures the essence of Vallarta.

Deep bows of gratitude to you, Nat, for your back-breaking work that thrills the eyes of every beholder. You have creating another national treasure. You do Mexico and yourself proud. I have friends who saw photos of The Wall and have scheduled a trip to Vallarta. Their first must see? The Wall.

Thank you Vallarta, gentle and compassionate city you are, for offering us the joy to share Nat's unforgettable gift. A colorfully spectacular gift for all ages to savor.
- Dr. Judy Krings

Editor's Note: Mosayko Vallarta has been committed to making Vallarta shine brighter by bringing art to the streets. Volunteers have dedicated 3 months making the mosaic mural in the Romantic Zone. You can join the effort to save 'The Wall' by signing This Petition.