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Ask a Realtor: What Makes Puerto Vallarta So Special?

March 16, 2015

Every day more and more foreigners, including people from the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe, are acquiring Puerto Vallarta properties for retirement, rentals and vacations.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Some of the most common questions people ask regarding Puerto Vallarta real estate is why they should choose PV over other places to live in Mexico and what the weather is like in summertime. In this edition of 'Ask a Realtor,' Boardwalk Realty Agent John Swanson answers these questions and more.

Q. We hear Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful town. What makes it different than other places we could live in Mexico? - Grayson C, Redmond.

A. Puerto Vallarta is a very special place for sure! Located on the amazing Bahía de Banderas ("Bay of Flags,") Vallarta and the surrounding towns share approximately 50 miles of gorgeous beaches and warm waters. However, what makes PV so spectacular to the eye are the lush Sierra Madre Mountains which drop dramatically to the sea making for post card views of coastline. This also allows for spectacular view properties on the hillsides in addition to the popular beachfront homes. It's a place like no other.

Q. What are summers like in Puerto Vallarta? - Lily G, Minneapolis

A. Great question! This is the question I am most often asked by everyone not from Mexico. People from the north most often winter here as our weather is perfect for the worst six months where they are from. Think a high of 80 degrees (26C) and a low of 60 degrees (15C) from November to May! Summers are a mystery to them- but not to me! I have learned to love them. Here is a typical summer day in the 3 months when we get 85% of our rain for the year:

Bluebird mornings with little humidity and a temperature of 70 degrees (21C). Golf, tennis, exercise, really anything is pleasant.

By noon you will notice more heat and will likely prefer the shady side of the street, but the pace of the town slows down and gets a bit friendlier. Take a break, sit on a park bench and enjoy a fresh coconut smoothie.

Afternoons will top out at approximately 90 degrees (32C) - perfect time to take a siesta with just a bit of A/C in your bedroom, you are comfortable for little cost.

By evening you can watch the heavy clouds roll up the coast and you will feel the impending rain in the air. By dark you will experience a true "tropical rainstorm" and gathering to watch the lightning shows over the bay are a local pastime. It will rain hard, really hard, for an hour and then stop as if someone flipped a switch. The air smells clean, there is little humidity and the fresh air lasts through morning when it all starts over again! Learn to manage your day and you will become one of the "hard core" who love PV, rain or shine!

Q. Is it a good idea to take rentals while I have my home in Puerto Vallarta for sale?
- James B, Vancouver

A. This is a classic "Darned if you do, darned if you don't" situation. For sure it is tempting to take in the rental income and if you need to do it then by all means take the rental money. It is true at the same time that having your home rented will decrease viewings as even the nicest renters are not always easy to contact for showings. It's my opinion that a wet towel on the floor can also give bad first impressions, making for a decreased chance of enchanting a potential buyer. My advice would be to strike a deal with the renter; 24 hour's advance notice and a financial break or free maid service to help make your home show its best.

John Swanson is a real estate and lifestyle expert at Boardwalk Realty PV. He is a long-term resident, homeowner and has raised his family here. He is a contributing writer for Banderas News and as a hobby, performs locally in the Texas Embassy Blues Band. You can contact him at john(at), or visit his website on living in Puerto Vallarta at

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