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Vallarta Life: Politically Active in Puerto Vallarta

August 31, 2015
New episodes of 'Vallarta Life' are filmed regularly, and you can watch them all right here on Puerto Vallarta's Liveliest Website!, or on Laura's YouTube channel, TvPuertoVallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Over one million expats live in Mexico, but that doesn't mean that they aren't interested in American politics. On this episode of Vallarta Life, Laura takes us to an event she organized that demonstrates the democratic spirit.

There were lots of laughs, waves of applause and plenty of good food, great drinks and camaraderie at the first 'Heckler's Delight,' which brought 40 expats together to watch the first 2015 republican presidential debate on the top floor of Los Muertos Brewing Company in Old Town Puerto Vallarta.

Terence Reilly, who is politically active said, "I think the expats in Mexico are extremely interested in politics, I find they may be more involved than their counterparts in the States. I think that if you looked at the number of voters here in Mexico who actively vote there would be a higher percentage of ex patriots going to the polls than there are in the United States. I think we are very involved."

He went on to say, "I think it has to do with the kind of person who moves to Mexico. We generally are an involved group of people. Many of the people that move here are business owners and therefore they have always been involved in politics and their community, they carry it with them wherever they go."

Paul Crist, who is an active member of Democrats Abroad said, "Even though people are outside the United States, people really care and I actually find that people who live outside the United States have a unique perspective about the United States that a lot of people in the United States do not have. So in a way we are almost more interested."

"I think it is important for people to be politically involved and see what these candidates have to say," he added. "I am one not to think that you can be overly involved in politics. I think politics are how we make our decisions as a society. Everybody should be aware, informed and involved."

Everybody had a great time and some even made new friends, so if you move down to Puerto Vallarta you can be assured of plenty of things to do. Vallarta Life... Live It!

If you are thinking about making the move to Puerto Vallarta, contact Laura, who also sells Banderas Bay area real estate at Ron Morgan Properties, at Laura(at) She'll be happy to help you find the home of your dreams!

Be sure to catch all of Laura's tips for living the good life in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. New episodes of 'Vallarta Life' are filmed regularly, and you can watch them all right here on Puerto Vallarta's Liveliest Website! or on Laura's YouTube channel, TvPuertoVallarta.