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Puerto Vallarta Garden Club Beautifying Our City

March 17, 2016

The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club is a multicultural organization, and we welcome involvement from the people who have the most to gain: local, part-time and year-round residents of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - The Puerto Vallarta Garden Club (PVGC) has exciting plans for the immediate future. Because of our supporters' generosity and the success of various fundraising events, as well as the hard work of our board and volunteers, very soon you will be able to see dramatic changes in Puerto Vallarta; from the north end of Avenida Mexico to the south end of Olas Altas.

Our planters now number in the hundreds. We have a plan for landscaping Avenida Morelos, the street many of us have watched with trepidation as mature primavera trees were ruthlessly removed. We will also be placing new palms and bougainvillea and augmenting ground cover in various areas throughout the city.

We have a refreshingly cooperative relationship with Puerto Vallarta Tourism personnel and city officials, which gives us hope for a partnership that is so necessary for our beautification initiatives.

The planters need yearly repainting. Because we have a healthy bank balance, for the first time we don't need to depend on volunteers to do this onerous job; we can hire local workers to do it. Look for this in the next few weeks.

The board is determined to tackle the landscaping of the Pier Street (Avenida Francisco Rodriguez) The merchants and the city have all dabbled in the landscaping plan and we acknowledge it needs work. We intend to pursue this with diligence.

The "Fiesta Blanca" at Oscar's was a memorable event and we thank all who supported the auction and the event itself. Along with our follow up fundraiser on February 26th at Villa Bahía, both of which were SOLD OUT, we are creating a buzz in Vallarta that beautification and the tourism it generates is the way to support all other worthy charities in town.

We want to welcome all who have been instrumental in this exciting adventure to a reception at Molina De Agua on March 21 from 5-7. We had to postpone this event from March 9th to March 21st because of heavy rains. We are sold out, but members and donors who could not make it to the March 9th event are more than welcome to join us on the 21st... just let us know, since Molino de Agua has strict security rules. Entrance from the Malecón only.

The Vallarta Garden Club is registered as a non-profit organization in Mexico. Annual dues are only $500 pesos and are used to support the club's ongoing efforts to make Vallarta a more beautiful place. The Vallarta Garden Club is registered as a non-profit organization in Mexico. For more information, 'Friend' us on Facebook or visit