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Eight Tips for an Unforgettable Mother's Day Celebration

May 5, 2016

Sharon Schweitzer, an international etiquette expert and founder and CEO of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, offers eight tips to ensure that this Mother's Day celebration is the best yet

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - She held you in her arms when you were a baby. She took care of you when you didn't feel well or had a rough day at school. She may even help care for your own kids these days. What are the best ways to show mom your appreciation and thank her for all that she does this Mother's Day?

Sharon Schweitzer, an international etiquette expert and founder and CEO of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide, offers this advice to have the best Mother's Day celebration.

1. It's a Balancing Act: Plan well in advance for your mother, mother-in-law, aunts, grandmother, sister and wife. One option is to schedule your day by meals; spend brunch with Mom, afternoon tea with your grandma and aunt, and dinner with your spouse. Another option is to host an event to celebrate all the mother figures in your life.

2. It's about Mom and no one else: You know your mother best, so customize this day to meet her needs and likes. Maybe her grandchildren put on a skit, bake and frost her favorite cake or enjoy afternoon tea together. Perhaps you clean mom's house for her or take her to her favorite restaurant. Just ensure you celebrate her unique style.

3. Remember the mothers who live far away: If distance is an issue, plan a phone call or Skype chat. Make sure a beautiful order of fresh flowers and a special card reaches your loved ones before May 8, 2016.

4. Customize that gift: Consider personalized gifts such as family photographs, framed letters or monogrammed bags. Personalized phone cases, photo printed mouse pads, and jewelry are all prime examples of thoughtful and customizable gift options. Whatever your budget, use creativity and your own personal flair to present a thoughtful gift.

5. Remember all the inspirational women in your life: Mother's day, especially in the U.S. and Mexico, includes a celebration of all the inspirational women who've played a role in your life. This is the perfect day to say 'thank you' to these mentors, grandmothers, step-mothers, cousins, sisters, friends, aunts and in-laws with cards and small tokens of heartfelt appreciation.

6. Be culturally aware: Mother's Day occurs on different dates worldwide and is celebrated with unique customs. (In Mexico, it is celebrated on May 10th.) Be aware of the traditions that have influenced your mother and other beloved matriarchs to ensure they are appreciated and celebrated.

7. Be a great host: If you're hosting a brunch or other get together, keep the group small enough that your guests will be able to mingle, feel appreciated, relaxed and happy. Create your menu around your guest of honor's favorites, but do ask attendees about any dietary restrictions ahead of time. Decorate with your mother, wife, or grandmother's favorite colors. Accent the party with fresh flowers, candles, and linens to provide a pop of color. Use the best china, beautiful stemware and favorite recipes.

8. Enjoy the day: with all the work that goes into planning this special day, don't forget it's all about spending time with the ones you love. Don't forget to do just that and enjoy. Delegate different chores and responsibilities to prevent becoming overwhelmed.

Regardless of the country or culture, the love of mothers crosses international borders. As Motherís Day approaches, for the U.S., Mexico, and a few other countries, remember to share your appreciation of your mother on the day celebrated by her and her family.

Sharon Schweitzer, J.D., is a cross-cultural consultant, an international protocol expert and the founder of Protocol & Etiquette Worldwide. She is accredited in intercultural management, is a regular on-air contributor and has been quoted by BBC Capital, Investorís Business Daily, Fortune, Inc., The New York Times, The Vancouver Sun, The Bangkok Post and numerous other media. She is the best-selling, international award-winning author of "Access to Asia: Your Multicultural Business Guide," which was named to the Best Books of 2015 by Kirkus Reviews.