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Vallarta Life: Hard to Find Items at Bodega de Vallarta

June 28, 2016
Located at Av. México #1130 in Colonia 5 de Diciembre, just one block south of Ley's, Bodega de Vallarta is open from 9 am-2 pm and 4-8 pm Monday-Friday, 10 am-4 pm on Saturday and closed on Sundays.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Have you been searching all over town for that one thing that is missing from your favorite recipe? In this episode of Vallarta Life, Laura visits Bodega de Vallarta, a small shop in downtown Puerto Vallarta that carries one of the Banderas Bay area's largest selections of hard to find items.

One of the area's largest selections of bulk herbs, spices, teas, nuts and more can be found in downtown Puerto Vallarta. There are many different items at Bodega de Vallarta including dried peppers, spices, nuts, dried fruit, medicinal herbs, essential oils and more.

Nadia Martinez's parents started the store in 1981, and she has been running it for the last ten years. It was the first store of its kind in Puerto Vallarta. They supply many hotels, restaurants and serve the public, too.

A popular item is hot with customers. Bodega de Vallarta carries around 12 different types of chiles. These are brought in from all over Mexico, dried and ready for your favorite salsa recipe or any other dish requiring a bit of zip.

They also stock a wide variety of spices from all over the world. The cinnamon is bulk imported from Sri Lanka. "Many people don't realize that and they come in asking for Mexican cinnamon, but it does not grow here," says Nadia. She carries the large cinnamon sticks.

"Our granola is really good," says Nadia. "We get all of the items in bulk and mix it ourselves. There are oats, various seeds and raisins." They do not sell this in bulk, but in small airtight bags in different sizes, so it stays fresh.

One of her most popular products is the all natural honey, which is delivered in 20 liter buckets from an area in central Jalisco. You can purchase any amount you wish as it has a shelf life of a year or longer.

There is an exceptional selection of tea and many are sold in bulk, but they do have bagged and box varieties, too. Selections include: rosemary, lemon grass, chamomile, mint, green, black, jasmine, special medicinal blends and more.

"I think you will be surprised at the variety of products we carry," says Nadia, "We have large and small containers filled with all types of things and I think you will find what you are looking for even if you have been looking for a long time."

Bodega de Vallarta is located at Av. México #1130 in Colonia 5 de Diciembre, just one block south of Ley's supermarket. They are open from 9 am to 2 pm and 4 to 8 pm Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday and closed on Sundays. You can call the shop at 222-1827, shoot Nadia an email at lasemillavallarta(at), or check out her Facebook page for more information.

Please remember to support small local businesses.

Laura Gelezunas is an agent at Boardwalk Realty who has lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta full time since 2002. Be sure to catch all of Laura's tips for living the good life in the Banderas Bay area on 'Vallarta Life,' which you can watch right here on Puerto Vallarta's Liveliest Website! or on her YouTube channel, TvPuertoVallarta. Thinking about making the move to paradise? Contact her at Laura(at)