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Archie's Wok Helps Raise Funds for Injured PV Athlete

July 1, 2016

Restaurant Archie's Wok recently held a fundraiser to channel money to Kala and his family. On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, they donated 30 percent of all cash sales to Kala, and raised over $9000 pesos.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - When an athlete goes from top form to rock bottom, it is tragic and double the pain when it is an accident. One Puerto Vallarta cross fit competitor and his family are living through such an experience.

Sergio (Kala) Villanueva Martinez was leaving his home on Olas Altas when he was struck by a car and was slammed into a wall injuring his leg and head. He was pinned for about 40 minutes and was bleeding badly. The woman driving said she lost control and hit the gas instead of the brake. He suffered severe brain trauma.

Eventually he was pulled free, taken to CMQ Premier hospital and spent the next six days in a coma. Doctors wanted to keep him longer, but his family said his recovery would be faster if he could go home. The family was correct.

At this point he is 90 percent recovered and hopes to continue to improve. Kala is in his early 30s, owns a silk screening business with over 200 clients, which he has not been able to serve, and has incurred medical bills totaling nearly $800,000 pesos (around $43,000 USD). He has a wife and a child that is around one year old, and they are suffering, too.

Doctors wanted Kala to leave the hospital as well, but the lady's insurance company was dragging it's feet in order to avoid liability payments, which dragged things out. To this day they haven't paid, in spite of the fact that the lady assumed full responsibility for the accident.

The cross fit community has come together with a campaign called "Friends are Family, Too." Kala has been involved with this type of training for over three years and has competed locally and nationally. He also enjoys surfing.

One local business reached out to help him with his financial crises. Restaurant Archie's Wok recently held a fundraiser to channel money to Kala and his family. On Tuesday, June 7, 2016, they donated 30% of all cash sales to Kala, and raised over $9000 pesos.

"It was a night of challenges and blessings," says Cyndi Alpenia, owner of Archie's Wok. "We had a full house, a waiting list and then a gentle rain started. We had to somehow compress everyone from the open garden patio into the dry restaurant areas."

The waiters worked their magic and musician DíRachael seemed to have tuned her harp to the rain-tones with lovely music. "The good vibes for Kala were palpable," says Cyndi," I cannot express enough gratitude to everyone that showed up for this generous day."

Archie's Wok family member Sergio Alpenia, who also owns CrossFit Zapata at the corner of Basilio Badillo and Naranjo (where the old Boutique Theater used to be), is a close friend of Kala's and he is assisting with the "Friends are Family, Too" campaign.

If you missed the fundraiser at Archie's Wok and want to donate to the cause, you can drop off a donation at Sergio's gym or at the restaurant. If you have any questions, please contact Sergio directly at 322-151-2105.

With your help, hopefully, Kala will be back up and flipping truck tires soon.

Archie's Wok is located on Puerto Vallarta's South Side at Francisca Rodriguez #130. You know the street, the one that meets Los Muertos Pier. No reservations needed. For more information, call (322) 222-0411 or send an email to

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