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UN Team Working to Restore Coral in Banderas Bay

September 2, 2016

Coral test participants included Brian Wallace, Vallarta Saludable's Suzy Chaffee, the UN's Leonard Sonnenschein, Government representative Joel Arturo Riviera, Lawyer Oscar Romero, and Professor Marie Elena Gonzalez Rulac. (Photo credit: Carlos VonHauske, Vallarta Saludable A & P)

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico - On August 30, an "unprecedented breakthrough" in restoring the rapidly disappearing coral from our warming oceans was confirmed at Puerto Vallarta's Technological Institute (IT) in Nayarit. It is thanks to the team of UN consultant Leonard Sonnenschein, president of the World Aquarium and its Conservation for the Oceans Foundation.

Coral reefs are essential to life on the planet because they host 85% of the marine nurseries of many fish and are the basis of tourism for many countries.

At the three hour IT meeting, about 20 representatives from the Mexican government, tourism, Navy, fisheries, universities, and investors, reviewed the before and after photos of the 5 week tests in 4 locations - from Punta Mita to the Marietas Islands. They agreed that "after trying many other solutions, things were only getting worse, whereas Sonnenschein's formula, which restored missing nutrients to the sites, extraordinarily enhanced coral growth of up to 5 inches in 5 weeks, which often takes years. Plus, originally, 1-2 fish per 100 meters were noted prior to treatment, ending with 50 per square meter, a 800-1000% increase in fish population."

At the end of the presentation, the excited group committed to taking steps toward implementing this treatment throughout Banderas Bay by building platforms in 5 key locations to restore ecotourism and fish populations within a year.

The same day, Sonnenschein got word from government and university representatives of Australia, Jamaica, and Hawaii. They are now in discussion about restoring the coral and fisheries of their stunning Great Barrier Reef, Montego Bay and Hawaii's beaches.

Leonard Sonnenschein explained: "our Natural Nutrient Technology counteracts the negative affects of our warmer oceans, especially the El Niño, and brings back the plankton that feeds the whales and schools of fish, which then restores tourism. The plankton, in turn, transforms CO2 to oxygen, Mother Earth's lungs, more than our rain forests, which cools Her."

So this is awesome news for Vallarta's whales and tourism, and the world's youth.

Click HERE for a pdf download of the Coral reef and fisheries restoration study at Punta de Mita, Nayarit, Mexico. To learn more about the tests and the science, visit, or contact Leonard Sonnenschein at info(at), or call him in St Louis at (314) 609-2798.

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Suzy Chaffee, a former Olympic skier who helped invent dancing down mountains, has turned activist, journalist, filmmaker, and has worked with seven U.S. Presidents. She is now co-chairman of a non-profit partnership of the Elders of the Americas and Olympians, called the Native American Olympic Team Foundation, which aims to heal Mother Earth for all our children through joyful sports and education. Chaffee also co-founded Vallarta Saludable A en P, helping restore the vibrant health of Vallartans through organic stevia, yummy superfoods (coaching), and farming that is also restoring our turquoise bay, partnered with the UN. For more information, contact Suzy at SuzyNativeVoices(at) or visit or