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Puerto Vallarta Living: What Can We Do with the Kids?

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October 12, 2016

Each community has a strong support system, and neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta are like those that existed north of the border decades ago, with corner stores, pick-up ball games and friendly neighbors.

People who move to Puerto Vallarta sometimes worry about what they will do with their kids. It seems there are a lot of adult activities, but what do kids do?

Of course, they go to school during the season and Puerto Vallarta is an excellent place for kids to get an education. We have known several young students who have headed north of the border to finish out high school, usually for a laundry list of reasons, and they typically score high above grade level on entrance exams; also characteristic also for applicants to university. Strict homework routines and standard dress uniforms certainly contribute to this success.

Some parents worry about the weather. Will summer be too hot? Kids actually adjust to the heat better than adults. Invest in hats and long sleeve protection against overexposure and take advantage of the ocean and many pools for cooling off during peak hours. We lived for years with ceiling fans only. Air conditioning during the hottest times can bring relief and just about any place we go is air conditioned in these modern times.

Movie theaters, of which there are several large Cineplexes, are a good place to go for entertainment any time of year, with cooling A/C in the summertime.

If your family members are into water sports, there's no limit to the choices. Surfing and paddle-boarding; SCUBA, snorkeling and swimming are available up and down the coastline, with excellent schools and courses for true enthusiasts.

There are water slide parks, horse riding arenas, gymnastics, cycling and mountain biking, hikes and guided tours, golf, soccer, and school sponsored sports such as basketball, volleyball, archery. Music classes involving piano, violin, guitar are widely available. Pre-teens and teens can volunteer at animal shelters and ecological sites. No excuse for boredom.

There's no limit as to where to live; each community has a strong support system, and neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta are like those that existed north of the border decades ago, with corner stores, pick-up ball games in the streets and friendly neighbors.

Safety is a factor for some; we have never felt as safe as we do in Puerto Vallarta. No city is without some crime but in our experience and that of our friends, there is more reason to feel insecure in the places we came from... Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Seattle; all cities where petty and major crimes statistically outdo Puerto Vallarta on a daily basis.

Que es cómo es.

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