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Living in Paradise with a Pig Named 'Paco Adobo'

February 9, 2017

My pet pig, Paco Adobo, has already helped me sell several Puerto Vallarta properties. Want to know how he does it? Feel free to email us at alfonso(at) or like Paco Adobo's fan page on Facebook.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - If you are a Puerto Vallarta resident or frequent visitor, you have probably seen Tropicasa Realty agent Alfonso "Poncho" Davalos walking around town with his miniature pig, 'Paco Adobo.' If you've ever considered having a pet pig of your own, you'll want to read his story.

I am Alfonso "Poncho" Davalos and I live with Paco Adobo, my mini pig. The adventure started almost two years ago after I watched the movie Uptown Girls, starring Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. One of the characters had a pet pig, which put the idea of having a pet pig of my own into my head. I did my research online about pigs, all kinds and sizes of pigs, how to train them, etc.

The first and most important thing I had to do before Paco Adobo was flown in from Mexico City was to find a vet who could take care of a pet pig. Not an easy task, but after making numerous calls, I finally found Sabuesos in the 5 de diciembre area, who could help me take care of my little porker's health.

I have to say this year and a half has been a grand adventure. Living with a mini pig is very interesting. For example, a day with Paco Adobo starts from the moment that I wake up at 5:30 am. While I get ready for my workout, he has his breakfast, which could be a tomato, zucchini, or an apple. Then he goes to the bathroom. Thankfully, pigs are very smart, and Paco learned to do his business in the shower. At lunch time Paco has some apples, papaya, watermelon or chayote. It depends, technically he just eats fruits and vegetables during the day.

Pigs love to lie in the sun, and some of them love to play in the water. Given that we live in Puerto Vallarta, you might think that Paco adores playing the ocean, but this is not the case. However, he does know how to dance and sit on command - and I am sure that with time he could even learn to paint, like Steve the painting pig who lives in the U.S.

Here are some interesting facts about pigs:

Mini pigs are emotional, sensitive, overly-dramatic, and empathetic
Pigs, smile, cry tears and "hot" pant
The squealing is very LOUD
Pigs loves schedules
Salt and dehydration can kill pigs
Pools are multi-purpose pig tools (used for cooling and toilet)
Trust and respect must be earned
They are devilishly intelligent
Purses, pantries and backpacks are not longer safe (TRUST ME, I learned the hard way!)

Paco Adobo and I are your #PuercoVallarta Real Estate team. I'm not kidding! My pet pig has already sold a house in the Las Moras gated community near Marina Vallarta, and a condo on Palm Springs street in the Versalles area! Want to know how he does it? Feel free to email us at alfonso(at) or like Paco Adobo's fan page on Facebook.

Oh, and Paco loves to "ham it up," so don't hesitate to stop us on the street for a picture!

Since 1997, Wayne Franklin and his team at Tropicasa Realty have been a trusted name in Puerto Vallarta real estate. Tropicasa Realty is the region's representative for "The Leading Agents of the World" and with over 100 years of combined experience in real estate, all agents of the company are affiliated with AMPI. Wayne Franklin or any member of his knowledgeable team can be contacted in-person at their Romantic Zone Office - Pulpito 145-A at Olas Altas. While in PV they can be reached at (322) 222-6505 or by calling 866-978-5539 (Toll-Free) from the U.S.

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