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The Lazy Days of Summer are Just Around the Corner

April 10, 2017

After Semana Santa, the two weeks when Puerto Vallarta overflows with visitors, everything calms down to a more comfortable pace for those of us who find one day running into the next during 'high season.'

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Our favorite pastime in Puerto Vallarta during the summertime has always been floating in the pool with friends, catching up from the busy winter season. We stay in the cool water until we resemble raisins and then we play Scrabble and cards under the ceiling fans. Sometimes we complain about the heat and humidity, but we try to keep our kvetching to a minimum. Potluck barbecues occur often, and newcomers to Puerto Vallarta are always welcome; bringing friends is encouraged.

In the evenings, we file into the theaters where the air-conditioning is paid for by someone else. We also check out the finer restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, where in high season we would have to stand in line or wait in the bar for a table. They usually have A/C, too!

Low season is a time to gather together, not feel rushed, with fewer responsibilities for many of us, who during high season find one day running into the next. After Semana Santa, the two weeks when Puerto Vallarta swells with visitors, activity calms down to a more comfortable pace and we are able to take Pup for a walk on the Malecón without overflowing crowds.

In a quick survey of friends who live in Vallarta year-round, many claim 'low season' is the best reason for living here. Sharing wine with friends and watching sunsets (and storms!) from their patio came high on the list of plans for the next few months, along with hanging out in swimming pools and at the beach, without dealing with the masses.

Many told us they take this quieter time in Puerto Vallarta to devote to hobbies they don’t have as much time for in the winter months; painting, ceramics, TV show bingeing, mosaics, knitting and crocheting, reading. Karaoke is very popular, on different nights in separate venues. Gym workouts are pleasant when one doesn't have to wait for machines; hikes on trails, with or without dogs, are less packed with avid hikers; and traveling away from Puerto Vallarta and checking out other parts of the country is a great way to 'while away' a few days.

Nearly everyone agreed that air-conditioning is sought after; OXXOs and supermarkets, banks and malls are extremely appreciated. The produce cooler at Costco even got a vote! However, complaining about the heat/humidity is as popular as griping about the influx of bugs during the weather changes.

Puerto Vallarta is definitely more peaceful in the summer and exhibits less drama with fewer people. No matter what line of work you're in, you'll find guests to this country during high season can forget manners and sensibility.

Tourism continues after the Easter break, but without hordes and craziness. We enjoy Puerto Vallarta during these times when a calm rests over the city; a calm broken only by Mother Nature and her magnificent displays of lightning and crashing thunder, which are loved by all, with the exception of Pup and other canine and feline friends.

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