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A Letter of Love & Gratitude from Los Mangos Library

December 21, 2017

Open Mon-Fri from 10 am-9 pm, and 10 am-4 pm on Saturday, Los Mangos Library is located at Av. Francisco Villa 1001, Col. Versalles. For more info, call (322) 224-9966, or visit

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - I wanted to write an end of year letter of thanks to everyone that contributes to the Library in either small or big ways, but this year was so extraordinary, that I decided I would write a love letter instead.

This will be a love and gratitude letter to all: visitors, donors, students, teachers, parents, volunteers, senior citizens, artists. A thank you letter to those who have been around for several years and for those who are not with us anymore. A love and gratitude letter for my fellows members of the Board and the staff.

Biblioteca Los Mangos became twenty-one years old a month ago. This library has always been a one of a kind organization. It existence has been supported by the contributions of the community. People from all ages, races, backgrounds or social conditions who agree to the value of a place where knowledge is accessible and free for everyone.

The library is home to many souls, is the answer to thousands of questions, is the platform for hundreds of dreams and the place where many things happen for the first time: Parents and children come to the library together for the first time. Young adults volunteer for the first time and many of them will do it for the rest of their lives in other places inspired for what they learn about giving through the library; a father takes his daughter to a lesson and sees her dance in public for the first time. A kid writes a story for the first time for the reading club...

Special love and gratitude goes to our anonymous donor of this year who has given us back time to plan long term, to organize and to ensure our continuity. This enormous gift encourages us to deliver better service and make wiser decisions for our users. We will honor everyday your love for our institution, for the Mexican people and for our beloved Puerto Vallarta.

Love and gratitude go to the people that come to visit the Library. Thanks for your questions, for your interest, for cheering us up. If you come Saturday at 10:30, ask for either me or our Director, and we'll do a walk through of the rooms and spaces that make up this solid construction.

We will happily show you around and talk to you about our Saturday Market, about the new Moli Café shop, about the Dance Room, with its many kids of all ages taking ballet; about the Movie Club room, where normally art movies are shown, but on this day, you will find the Japanese teacher busy with groups of all ages learning this language.

We will show you the Animation classes with over 30 kids in this class and with the advanced students moving on to Computer Animation, we doubt that kids might find another place like this one. Then is on to the APAPACHO program, a literacy group for small children from 2 to 3 years of age and their parents, funded by Casa Karma. The program ensures that the families that attend will develop and see a value in reading. We will also talk about the young adults High School Diploma program. Take a look at the piano lessons and end with the Sign Language courses.

Hard times are no stranger to us, but good times like now, when you can feel the love of the normal people and of the teachers and of the workers make up for all the difficulties. Convinced as we are of the enormous value of the formula "inspiration + education + opportunities," we are happy for every day we open the doors to provide exactly that to the community. We can do this thanks to you.

You, too, can come on Saturdays or any other day, become a volunteer, get involved somehow. Make a donation, sponsor scholarships or a literacy programs, come to our events, spread the word; be part of our community, feel the love... Nobody else provides what we do, a safe, free, wholesome place for culture and education for local families. It's Mexico's and Puerto Vallarta's greatest hope.

Open Monday-Friday from 10 am to 9 pm, and from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, Biblioteca Los Mangos is located at Av. Francisco Villa 1001, Col Versalles, Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call (322) 224-9966, send an email to losmangoslibrary(at) or visit