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How Much Will It Cost to Furnish My Vallarta Home?

July 26, 2018

Great interior design adds both value and style to your Vallarta home and lifestyle. A new home? Tired of your old furniture? Whatever the reason, it is important to plan, plan, plan. And stay on budget.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - If you are reading this article chances are that you are purchasing, or already own, a place in paradise and would like to know what you are in for as far as cost to furnish and decorate your home in Vallarta.

Have a new home? Tired of your furniture? Or just need a fresh new look? Whatever the reason, when you start your interior design project, that inevitable question drifts into your head like a rain cloud: How much is this going to cost me?

Budgeting is tricky business. If you are just starting the design process, we hope this article will help give you a better idea of how to calculate a budget. A project budget is the bottom line figure on what you will need to spend on decoration and furnishing of your new Vallarta residence.

"Probably one of the most valuable things Umberto brought to our project was a solid budget that provided us with accurate information as to where we were money-wise throughout the project. We ended up exactly where we wanted to be both in design and budget," a recent client commented.

Here are two methods for a quick estimate of how much you should budget. These methods are only guidelines intended to give you an initial idea of what you need to budget for your project.

Percentage based on cost of unit:
10% to 20% of property cost common depending on your style and taste is the norm. The equation changes on a high-end property. The percentage becomes lower with a high end or large property as you are beyond purchasing basics and you may want to look at a per room cost.

Budget based on a per room cost:
You can figure on average $5,000 per principle room (excluding kitchen, bath, laundry) as an average cost. This is a good way of assessing cost on a large property. Some rooms will cost more than $5,000 per room and some less, but it is a good overall average cost per room.

Creating a Real Budget

You should establish your needs first and then determine a budget. Both of the above methods provide a "guesstimate" of costs. To get closer to a real budget, all items need to be detailed on an excel sheet and then reviewed carefully. Keep in mind that detailing the budget is just as important as detailing the design aspects.

How will you use the property as well as style and materials? Before looking at costs, determine purpose or use of your property as well as style and materials. These details will help determine the true bottom line.

How is the property going to be used? Is the property going to serve as a full-time residence? A vacation home? A vacation / short term rental? Or an investment income property / long term rental? Use may increase or decrease the amount you want to spend.

Style and materials: Both style and materials will influence your budget. Whether your style is modern, classic, traditional, retro, or contemporary, selection of style and materials will vary the cost. Also keep in mind when budgeting that Puerto Vallarta has specific climate related needs as far as materials and furnishings.

Hiring an exoerienced interior designer is a good option if furnishing and decorating your Puerto Vallarta home seems overwhelming to you. Interior designers are pros, trained to furnish a home just the way you want it. And a local designer will have local sources to achieve a great result as well as help keep your project on budget. A great design on budget!

You may want to consult with more than one designer and let them know exactly what you want. Make sure they understand your style and budget and then choose the best qualified designer for you. As for me, my goal with every project is to reflect my client's style and budget goals, and I'd be happy to offer you a free consultation.

About Umberto
Umberto Ciccolella is the owner and interior designer at Umberto Interior Design Studio Vallarta. He has worked in the world of high fashion and interior design for over 30 years and can be reached at, or by calling 322-120-2931 or (702) 448-5153 from the U.S. Download his free Vallarta Design and Trends Handbook at