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October News from PV's Purr Project Feline Shelter

October 15, 2018

Donations are the only source of funding to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for the 200+ cats and kittens in residence at PuRR Project, a no-kill feline shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Here's the latest news from Purr Project, a non-profit, no-kill feline shelter located just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal of adopting them out to loving homes sterilized, vaccinated and disease free.

Shelter Update

Last month we were grateful that the summer storms had brought no flooding or wind damage... we spoke too soon! Extremely high winds one Sunday evening in September brought a large tree crashing down right in the middle of the yard! Fortunately, the only victim was the plastic visitor's table, but it took three truck loads to remove the debris. In the meantime, the yard cats actually loved their new "cat tree" to perch on!

We continue to be overwhelmed with kittens! This has been such a slow summer for adoptions and we still have around 40 kittens of all ages, sizes and colors who need to find homes. We've got them in the clinic, the nursery, the maternity room and everywhere Eva can find some space. Overcrowding is a big problem and we simply can't take more until some of these babies are adopted.

Virtual Adoptions

Last month was Virtual Adoption Month and we want to give a special thanks to Sharon Rose who volunteered to help Bama keep track of adoptions and send out reminders and photos to people who have virtually adopted a PuRR feline. Several people expressed gratitude for those reminders and promptly renewed their sponsorships! Monica Rose was in town for a visit and stopped by the shelter to say "hola" to her EIGHT Virtual Kitties! If YOU would like a sponsor your own PuRR kitty, you'll find all the information HERE.

PuRR Project Shelter Visits

This season's first official Shelter Tour is set for November 14, 2018, and will continue every other Wednesday morning through March 20, 2019. In addition to meeting some of the 200 residents out at the PuRR ranch, you will see some of the countryside of rural Nayarit and the charming colonial village of San Juan del Valle. There's no other way you can have so much fun on a Wednesday morning for only $20 dollars! So, if you love cats and either live in Vallarta or plan to visit this winter, visit for more information, schedules, and to make your reservation.

Upcoming PuRR Project Events

Garage Sale

Our first fund raising event for this season will be another huge garage sale on Saturday, November 10th at 8:00 am. Last year almost everything sold out fast, so plan to come early! We've been collecting donated items all summer and have a lot of stuff at great prices: Men's and women's clothing, household goods, office supplies, Christmas decorations, luggage, handbags, artwork & lots more! Location is in the Marina at Gaviotas 143. If you need directions or have items to donate, email info(at)


Are you ready to play some Kitty BINGO? This year's games start on Wednesday, November 21, and we'll be playing every other Wednesday in the downstairs area of Nacho Daddy, Basilio Badillo #287 on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. Bingo cards will go on sale at 3:00 pm and games will start at 4:00 pm. It's still only $100 pesos to play for lots of fun prizes when you get a BINGO and yell "MEOW!!" Plus Nacho Daddy's special drink and snack menu just for us BINGO players!

Other Upcoming PuRR Project Events

With 'High Season' just around the corner, we've already started planning some other traditional PuRR events, like the Beach Luau at Sea Monkey (December 14 at 5 pm) and the Fashion Show & Brunch Daiquiri Dick's in January (TBA).

For more Kitty News, please visit

PuRR Project is a Non-Profit shelter in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that provides homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes. All of our residents have been sterilized, vaccinated and are disease free. We accomplish this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations. Both monetary donations as well as donations of dry cat food are most welcome and much appreciated. Donations 501(c)(3) tax-deductible in the U.S. For more information, visit or send an email to info(at)