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Danny Mininni's 'The Foreigner' Opens to Rave Reviews

January 9, 2019

Act II STAGES is located in the Romantic Zone at the corner of Insurgentes and Basilio Badillo on the south side of Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call 222-1512, or visit their website or Facebook page.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Director Danny Mininni's "The Foreigner" opened at Act II Stages on January 5th to a sold-out house, enthusiastic audience and rave reviews!

"Laughs from start to finish but an underlying message that is very current for today."
- Christine Hegi

"I laughed so hard and guess what happened?" - Maria Dodman

Act II is very proud and happy to report that their newest show, The Foreigner, is a huge success! Everyone in the audience was thrilled with Saturday night's opener! The Foreigner is funny, fabulous, fiery, flawless, and FILLED with laughs! This is truly a show not to be missed! And with very few shows, we recommend you get your tickets now. Limited run, so get your tickets now at

"The Foreigner"
A Comedy by Larry Shue
Produced by Act II Entertainment
Directed by Danny Mininni
Wednesdays - 7:00 pm
Bonus Show: Saturday, January 12 - 7:00

The Foreigner is the story of two guests, Charlie Baker and Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur, at a resort-style fishing lodge in rural Georgia. Charlie is depressed because his beloved wife may be dying. To help his friend, Froggy tells Betty Meeks, who owns the lodge, that Charlie is the native of an exotic country who does not understand a word of English. Betty, who has never traveled, is delighted to cater to a stranger who is "as foreign as the day is long." Before long, things start to go awry, as Charlie finds himself privy to assorted secrets and scandals freely discussed in front of him by the other visitors. Charlie must "learn" English quickly and think on his feet if he wants to save the lodge and his new friends.

The Foreigner stars Alex McLauchlan as the charming and adorable Charlie (the Foreigner). "I never thought I'd meet another actor good enough to play the part of Charlie until I met Alex," says director, Danny Mininni. This show also features Act II veteran actress, Cherry DeLorenzo, the only actress that has been in an Act II production every season since its inception. Also starring Maria Rose, Shawn Morgan, Branden Hayes, Al Carswell, and Andrew Sands. 'The Foreigner' is a fantasy of good and evil resulting in side-splitting laughter. This hysterical romp is filled with slapstick and surprisingly, romantic comedy! It has enough warmth and truth in it that it is not only funny, but also often moving. This is solid entertainment and one of the funniest shows you will ever see!

"... a tons of laughs for a sold out audience. Very entertaining and very well cast with flawless performances from all the actors. Congratulations Danny on your direction Capabilities!" - William Larkin

"Total raves from attendees leaving the theater from everyone I talked with. Best Ever?" - Gary Beck

"GO SEE THE FOREIGNER at Stages, Act II! It is brilliant! I saw Danny Mininni's production 7 years ago and thought... 'this can't get any better!' Well it was as good, and some of the characters even better, in my opinion. Cherry DeLorenzo as Betty Meeks did not lose a beat! Timing by all concerned was perfect and hard to do on an opening night! Maria Rose can not only sing but act. Perfect person for Catherine. The Foreigner, Alex McLauchlan was so endearing and clever and PERFECT. Brendan Hayes played a wonderful irreverent Reverend and the two tall guys, Allan Carswell and Andrew Sands played their parts brilliantly as well. Shawn Morgan who played Owen Musser was cast perfectly as the angry Clan member. Thanks for another entertaining evening at Act II." - Sharon Baughman-White

"The Foreigner opened last night with rave reviews. Couldn't agree more. Another over the top production by Danny Mininni, Alfonso López and all the performers and staff at Act II Entertainment. Make it a point during your time in Puerto Vallarta to see this play! Well done!" - Cindy DuChateau Ramirez

"A tour de force. A comedic drama at its best. ACT II showcases the exceptional talent of Vallarta and delivers a hilarious show with an important message. It shows that drama can be forcefully delivered in Vallarta. The show deserves to be sold out every night. Bravo to all!" - Tom Bernes

"Act II Entertainment Stages has Done It Again. Where else can you go see a "Play" with such Fine Acting, Great Characters and a Haunting Story Line. "The Foreigner" opening night was a Hit Run Away. Perfectly executed by all the Actors and Directed by Danny Mininni, it is a Show of Shows. Every Actor was the Star. The Set was Amazing and the sound and lighting was Spot on. Lots of Laughs but lots to ponder as the show unfolds." - David Wilhoit

"It was the best! What a playwright, what direction, and what talent. A winner all round." - Heather Thomson

"Yet another blockbuster!! Amazing how you all do this for us! Spectacular!!!"
- Francine Peters

"WOW!!!" (times a "zillion!") Congratulations, Danny and cast, what an incredible show! Totally enjoyed it!!" - Marsha Ward Ross

"Coming from a fellow thespian: That was an amazing opening night! Everyone was so in sync with each other and it became so believable I felt like I was really at the lodge. Kudos to all!" - Candace Kepley

"The actors worked together seamlessly in spite of the incredibly lengthy lines they had to memorize. My hat is off to every performer in the cast. Brilliant!" - Dave Mohr

"What a great show! All-around amazing work! Congrats to all!" - Derek Carkner

"Great performance by a very talented cast! Amazing to see all the new talent at Act II this year!" - Bert Ramirez

"Congratulations Director Danny and your amazing cast! What an opening night!" - Donna M. Larkin

"The Foreigner is the new play at Act II, Main Stage and it will be a hit. The audience would never have known that it was opening night as the cast was extremely well rehearsed. The set for this show is amazing and lighting was excellent. Congratulations to everyone involved!" - Ed Gil

"Fabulous performance!" - Tricia Lyman

"Beginning to sound like a broken record, once again, Act II and Danny Mininni as director scored a home run! The Foreigner was fantastic! The actors were cast perfectly and it was a wonderful professional presentation. Proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that not all the productions must be musicals to draw an audience! Bravo to the entire cast and crew, well done! - Mary Zack

"5 star show with tons of laughs for a sold out audience. Very entertaining and very well cast with flawless performances from all the actors. Congratulations, Danny, on your direction capabilities!" - William Larkin

Tickets to all shows can be purchased online at, at the box office, which is open daily from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The Act II Entertainment STAGES complex is located on the corner of Insurgentes and Basilio Badillo on the South side of Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call (322) 222-1512, or follow Act II on Facebook. Click HERE to see what else is playing at Act II STAGES.