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Mexico's Grupo Bimbo to Purchase US East Balt Bakeries

In a major expansion of its global reach, Mexico's Grupo Bimbo has reached an agreement to buy Chicago-based East Balt Bakeries for $650 million. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2017, once regulatory approvals are obtained, Bimbo's CEO said.

Mexico Grand Prix to Build on Day of The Dead Theme

Mexican Grand Prix organizers are planning to play up the Day of the Dead at the 2017 race, after previous reticence due to Formula One's inherent danger and tragic past. The Oct. 29 race precedes Mexico's 'Dia de Muertos' holidays, celebrated annually from October 31-November 2.

Mexico Sets Date for Next Deepwater Oil, Gas Tenders

Mexico's oil regulator, the National Hydrocarbons Commission, set Jan. 31 as the date for the next round of auctions for deepwater oil and gas tenders in the Gulf of Mexico. This will be the first time the Cordilleras Mexicanas basin has been made available to international oil majors.

Mexico, Canada Boost Security for Laptops on US Flights

Laptops and tablets on US-bound flights from Mexico will be subjected to heightened carry-on security measures at the request of the US Dept. of Homeland Security. Canada also began enforcing enhanced security measures on 'electronics larger than a cellphone.'

New Treatment for Melanoma Exposed at Jalisco Conference

At a medical conference at the Old Civil Hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, Emanual Maverakis, a specialist at the University of California at Davis, spoke about his successful use of immunotherapy to treat cancers such as metastatic melanoma, one of the most deadly skin tumors.

Mexico Eyes Cap-and-Trade System to Curb Carbon
Scientific American

Mexico kicked off 2017 with a 20 percent spike in gasoline prices, driven in part by the phasing out of subsidies. Now the Mexican government and stock market are experimenting with a gentler tool for discouraging carbon emissions: a new cap-and-trade system.

The New US Government is Helping Jalisco's Tech Boom

Read the news and you'd be forgiven for thinking US-Mexico relations are at a nadir. When it comes to some sectors, however, that isn't the case. Jalisco has enjoyed an IT boom for years. Now one of its leading tech scions says it's set to benefit from Trump's nativist policies.

Mexico Delays Auction After World Class Oil Discovery

Mexico will delay its next offshore oilfield auctions by a month, giving international bidders more time to evaluate recent major crude discoveries that highlight the potential value of the assets. It now appears that Mexico is a top global destination for oil exploration, and the rush is on.

GE Wins Tierra Mojada Power Plant and Digital Deal

GE is to supply its HA gas turbine technology plus power generation services and digital solutions for the new Tierra Mojada combined-cycle gas-fired power plant in Guadalajara. Due for completion in Dec. 2019, the plant will produce the equivalent power to supply up to 2.8 million homes.

African Elephant Born at Wildlife Park in Puebla, Mexico

Last week, Africam Safari, a Wildlife Conservation Park in Puebla, Mexico, introduced the first African elephant to be born in their menagerie. The male calf was born after 24 months of gestation on May 16, and currently stands 80 centimeters high and weighs a healthy 110 kilograms.

Mexico to Triple Coffee Output in the Next 15 Years

Mexico aims to more than triple its annual coffee production in the next 15 years due to a government-funded renovation program, Mexico's vice minister of agriculture, Jorge Narvaez, said on Wednesday during a coffee conference in Medellin, Colombia.

Mexico's Education Reform Finally Winning Acceptance
Bloomberg News

According to the Secretary of Education, Aurelio Nuno, after facing years of resistance, Mexico's school-system overhaul that's created evaluations for teachers has grown in acceptance among them, a step that could improve learning and create opportunities for public school students.

Mexico Auto Production, Exports to U.S. Rise in 2017

New data from the Mexican Automobile Industry Association shows the country exported 1.16 million vehicles to the U.S. in the first half of 2017, an increase of 15.6% compared with the same time frame in 2016. 76.8% of all cars and trucks shipped out of Mexico went to the U.S.

Why Expat Retirees Feel Like They're in 1950s America
Chuck Bolotin -

I'm seeing a yearning of many people around my age to return to a simpler time. If you long for the sense of community, respect and family you recall growing up, you'll find lots to appreciate and enjoy about life today in the popular expat destinations of Mexico, Panama and Nicaragua.

Mexico to Decide on Centenario Replacement Satellite
Space News

The Mexican government will decide this year whether to replace the Centenario satellite it lost in 2015 with a new satellite or replacement capacity on another operator's satellite. Mexico is also considering whether to expand the Mexsat constellation beyond the originally planned 3 satellites.

US, Mexico, Canada Unite for 2026 FIFA World Cup Bid

The National Federations of Canada, Mexico and the US have officially formed a United Bid Committee to bring the 2026 FIFA World Cup to North America. FIFA has established a deadline of August 11 for member associations to confirm their intention to compete to host the games.

Gillnet Fishing Banned in Effort to Save the Vaquita

The Mexican government has permanently banned gillnet fishing in the northern Gulf of California, where the critically endangered vaquita marina, a tiny snub-nosed porpoise, lives. Despite years of conservation efforts, scientists believe the vaquita population may be down to just 30.

2nd Quarter 2017 Mexico Resort and Real Estate News
The Settlement Company

Welcome to our Second Quarter 2017 newsletter. In this edition, we feature an article on Safety in Mexico. Also covered are National Association of Realtors meetings and education, the development of new hotels in Mexico, and the international success of Mexican winemakers.

Tower of Human Skulls Found by Archaeologists in Mexico

The sinister discovery of a tower of human skulls in Mexico City has cast doubt on traditional readings of Aztec history. The structure is believed to be part of the Huey Tzompantli, a rack of bones which became the stuff of legend among Spanish conquistadores as they colonized Mexico.

The Top 3 Places for Expats Who Want to Move to Mexico
MEXLend Mortgages for Mexico

It becomes almost everyone's dream at some point or another, packing everything up and moving to Mexico to spoil yourself on a beach and live a kicked-back lifestyle with your feet in the sand. MEXLend has put together a short list of places they think are the best cities in Mexico for expats.

Mexico's Tequila Council Threatens to Sue Heineken

Tequila is for sipping, not shots - and certainly not for chugging out of a beer bottle with trace amounts of Mexico's most famous export. At least that's the stance of the Tequila Regulatory Council, which is threatening to sue Heineken over its tequila-flavored beer, Desperados.

China Open to Free-Trade Agreement with Mexico

After making a speech at the National Autonomous University of Mexico June 28 to mark the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, Qiu Xiaoqi, China's ambassador to Mexico, told members of the press that China was willing to discuss a free-trade agreement with Mexico.

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