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Opportunity to Improve Mexico's Environment & Economy
Drew Nelson - Environmental Defense Fund

Mexico stands at the edge of a remarkable opportunity to usher in a much-needed wave of economic growth in a manner that protects its own environment and solidifies its role as an international leader. Smart and effective methane regulations are a cornerstone of that future.

Rocky Point Cruise Ship Port Gets a New Lifeline

After being on hold for nearly two years, Sonora officials announced Friday that Mexico's federal government has set aside more than $13 million in its 2018 budget to finish the first phase of the cruise ship home port in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, with completion scheduled for 2020.

Mexico's Fuel Market Opens to Foreign Companies

From oil majors to trading companies to pipeline operators, U.S. companies are jumping at the chance to supply a newly free Mexico fuel market. Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc are among the international companies investing in service stations in Mexico.

Pointing Out the Origins of the Christmas Poinsettia
Herald Extra

No flower says Christmas like the poinsettia, but do you ever wonder where the beautiful perennial we call the 'Christmas Plant' got its start? With the Christmas season here, and red floral displays everywhere, you may like to know the origin of this very intriguing plant.

Mexico to Phase Out Telephone Prefixes in 2019
Mexico News Daily

Say goodbye to telephone prefix confusion: all phone calls in Mexico - mobile or fixed - will be made using 10 digits, and no prefixes will be required. The Federal Telecommunications Institute announced the change late last month, but it won't take effect until August 3, 2019.

World Aids Day: HIV Prevention in Latin America

A new report from the Pan American Health Organization and UNAIDS says that expanding access to all HIV prevention options that are now available would reduce the number of new cases of HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean, which since 2010 has remained at 120,000 every year.

Choosing Where to Live in Mexico with Children
MEXlend Mortgages for Mexico

There are many things to consider when taking the leap and moving to Mexico, especially when there are or will be children in the future. The experts at MEXLend Mortages tell us about two Mexican cities that are particularly well-suited for raising a family.

Southwest Airlines Makes a New Fashion Statement
Chicago Business Journal

Southwest Airlines has inked a multi-year partnership with Mexican fashion designer Carla Fernandez to use recycled leather from discarded Southwest airplane seats to create a new line of accessories and clothing ranging from shoes and bags to ponchos and key chains.

University of Texas Opens New Office in Mexico City
Daily Texan

The University of Texas expanded its international sphere of influence in Mexico earlier this month with the opening of an office at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico in Mexico City, as well as a new research partnership with Monterrey Tech, a top Mexican university.

Agua Azul Waterfall Recovers After River Diverted
Mexico News Daily

Efforts to divert the flow of the Agua Azul river in Chiapas and restore the popular waterfalls by the same name have been successful, federal and state officials said last week. Thousands of tourists visit the Agua Azul waterfalls each day, making it the main economic driver of the region.

NBA Plans to Open Training Academy in Mexico City

The NBA will announce a new basketball development and training academy in Mexico City during the Global Games Dec. 7 and 9. The NBA has long discussed the idea of having a franchise based in Mexico City, and the league-funded academy could be the first step toward realizing that goal.

Revillagigedo Archipelago a Safe Haven for Marine Life

President Enrique Peña Nieto on Friday signed a decree creating the Revillagigedo Archipelago National Park. The park, Mexico's largest fully protected marine reserve, safeguards a chain of four Pacific islands that are home to 366 species of fish and 37 species of sharks and rays.

Mexico to Raise Minimum Wage Above Inflation Dec. 1

Mexico is making moves to improve conditions for its low-wage workers, starting with a general minimum wage increase to 88.36 pesos per day, from the current 80.04 pesos. The increase - which is above the country's current inflation rate of around 6.4% - will take effect December 1.

U.S. Blames Canada, Mexico for Holding up NAFTA Deal
Sourcing Journal Online

The North American Free Trade Negotiations have turned into a blame game about which party is doing the most to damage the deal. Needless to say, little progress seems to have been made at the fifth round of negotiations that wrapped in Mexico City Tuesday.

Travelers Around the World Invited to Visit Mexico
Travel Pulse

Mexico has been in the headlines with an unfortunate set of natural disasters over the past couple of months, but it's not only ready to receive visitors again in its usual record numbers, it has also been working hard behind the scenes to showcase its diversity and gain new fans.

Paragliding Pre-World Cup Tour in Zapotiltic, Jalisco
Guadalajara Reporter

Zapotiltic, Jalisco will receive some unexpected international attention next month when it hosts one of six Paragliding Pre-World Cup Tour dates scheduled in the lead up to next year's Paragliding World Cup. Competitors from at least 13 nations will participate in the December 2-9 event.

New England Patriots Victory a Win for NFL in Mexico

On Sunday the New England Patriots defeated the Oakland Raiders 33-8 in a game played in front of 76,000 fans at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. The game was a success not just for the Patriots, but also for the NFL, a league that is trying to grow its presence across the world.

Chiapas' Agua Azul Waterfalls Dry Up After Mexico Quakes

The Agua Azul waterfalls in southern Mexico are a playground of bright turquoise water cascading over limestone steps. But after the powerful 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck on September 7, 2017, they dried up - and the area's once-booming tourist economy along with them.

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