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What's it Like Living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Entrepreneur & author, Sandra Cesca

How does one decide to move abroad? After ten years as the marketing and recruitment director of a small college in the US, Sandra Cesca moved here in 2008 as a stressed-out, older single career woman with two grown kids and ready for a new chapter in her life in a warm, tropical paradise.

What's it like living in Puerto Vallarta? This question and many others from her walking tour clients, and from visitors to the Tourism Office where she volunteers, prompted the creation of her new online journal, Here you will find articles about her experiences of moving and living here, interviews, videos, photos, and a Women's Page where women can express their concerns and questions regarding relocating abroad with opportunities for dialog.

Sandra has traveled the world, but found herself returning to Mexico more and more. Her M.Ed. and years of experience in marketing and sales, plus her skills at organizing and presenting orientations, workshops, and seminars internationally have enhanced and supported her love of helping others through education and experiential adventures.

She started her small company Learn Vallarta in 2009 to help folks become more immersed in the local culture and to help them explore the possibilities of living here. She created several walking tours around greater Vallarta to promote the history, culture, and arts of this charming town.

Next came the publication of her book, "Walking Puerto Vallarta and beyond," which details her many walking tours through her color photography. This book is 120 pages and can be used as a guide, gift or souvenir. It is available in Vallarta at several shops and restaurants and can be previewed and ordered online HERE.

Sandra lives in Puerto Vallarta full-time and can be contacted to arrange walking tours or to buy her book at sandra.learn.vallarta(at)

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Moving to Vallarta? 11 Reasons Why You Should Rent First
Sandra Cesca

After living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for five and a half years, I get a lot of inquiries from people thinking about moving here. One of the most frequent questions folks ask me is, 'Should I rent before I buy?' Here are eleven reasons why my answer is always 'YES!'

Escape Route Vallarta: Parasites in Paradise
Sandra Cesca

Are you worried about parasites in paradise? Donít let this keep you from traveling to Mexico... parasites exist all over the world. According to several sites I checked, parasites and pollutants are the two most common causes of health challenges and disease worldwide.

Learn Vallarta Begins Walking Tours in French!
Sandra Cesca

To answer the many requests from French-speaking visitors, Learn Vallarta will be offering two of their tours in French: Architecture and History of Gringo Gulch and Southside City Walk - on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during the month of February.

Walking PV's Southside with Learn Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

One of the joys of living in Puerto Vallarta is that I get to take folks on walks around town to show them sights, sounds, and smells they may not find on their own. I also get to share stories, history, and little-known facts about this most interesting Mexican town.

Bringing Your Money into Puerto Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

When moving to a new location, how to do your banking is of top priority. Moving overseas adds a few more considerations, such as the language of the country you are moving to and different banking regulations than you are used to. So, how do you bring your money into Vallarta?

New Journal for Women: Escape Route Vallarta
Sandra Cesca

Are you dreaming about escaping from your current routine? Living somewhere tropical with warm ocean breezes? Somewhere you can live on as little as $1200 a month? Local American author Sandra Cesca has put together Escape Route Vallarta, an online journal for those considering relocating to Vallarta.