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Barcelona Tapas
31 de Octubre & Matamoros
El Centro, Puerto Vallarta
Tel: 222-0510
Area Map Area Map

Barcelona Tapas
"...prices are unbelievably inexpensive"

Barcelona Tapas is the ideal place for eating out with friends. Large appetizer-sized servings of steaks, paella, seafood, grilled vegetables and side dishes at reasonable prices make it easy for each diner to order several different tapas and share the experience. Chicago-born chef Bill Carballo uses the highest quality local ingredients to prepare Spanish Cuisine and his wife Yesenia, a Vallarta native, goes out of her way to ensure every guest leaves happy.

Barcelona Tapas restaurant not only serves excellent food, but also commands a great view of Banderas Bay and downtown Vallarta. There are four flights of stairs to climb for roof-top dining, but a nightly fireworks display and refreshing sea breezes on the charmingly casual terrace make it well worth the climb. If you don't want to go upstairs, just call in advance and request poolside dining [only 2 half-flights up,] or reserve a table in the air-conditioned dining room on the 3rd floor. Prices range from $19 pesos to $99 pesos. Reservations recommended.

•  T R A V E L E R ' S  C O M M E N T S  •

I've heard really good things about this restaurant im looking foward to go and visit Barcelona Tapas. My friend went once and she really wants to go again.
We are looking forward to going back to Barcelona Tapas again in November as we do every year. It is an excellent restaurant with great food and a wonderful view.
Larry and Jody Lenza
I recently took a friend from LA who was visiting and I was a little worried about the place because it had been a while since the last time I had dinner there. Well, it turned out great, you gotta try the Red Snapper it's so fresh and tender, good wine list as well.
Alex Diaz
Wonderful food, great service, beautiful view, well worth the climb to the top.
Barcelona is the very first place we have dinner when we return to PV each year. Everything is wonderful, including the staff and the view. Muy bien, mi amigos...
BG of San Antonio
Amazing food, gorgeous views, great prices, wonderful service. My favorite restaurant in PV. Need I say more?
We have tried almost every dish on the menu and cannot complain about one. Excellent sangria and such a beautiful view so make sure to request the top deck during sunset.
A trip to PV without a pitcher of sangria on the roof at sunset is out of the question! The tapas are as good as I have ever had anywhere.
John and Kathy
I could not believe how good all of the food was. The sangria was the best I have ever had! We went in the middle of a rainstorm, up through the hills, and through puddles, but we had a great time, met great people, fun atmosphere, and excellent food! We went on the recommendation of a friend of ours who visits Puerto Vallarta, and more specially, Tapas De Barcelona, every year! We will definitely be back! Thanks!
Andrea and Brian
We were 20+ and Bill and staff served us a full array of tapas plates... this is the way to go. Hook up with amigos and share lots of small plates. Sangria if you drink alcohol. View is superb. Be aware - several staircases up the hillside to top floor, but worth it!!!
The food was very, very good; the portions were very good too. Prices are unbelievable - very inexpensive. The eggplant with goat cheese, combined with that wonderful tomato sauce, well, it was my favorite, I think it was excellent. . . and to think I thought I wouldn't like it.
Hank & Liz
We had scallops, papas, calamari and the eggplant with goats' cheese it was phenomenal! Also had the rib eye with potatoes, it was really very nice and cooked to perfection.
Amanda & Marlon
We had the seafood grill, mahi-mahi, shrimp, musk's and lobster and it was cooked to perfection. the mahi-mahi was excellent!
Lionel & Bridgett
The brochette served with fresh parmesan cheese and olive oils created a combination of texture, flavors, sharpness and it was delicious. I feel exactly the same about the brochette.
John and Wendy
I have traveled to Spain, we like the Spanish culture and so we are committed to tapas. Without making comparisons this is really authentic. But the chicken and mushrooms really caught my fancy in a garlicky flavor that was just special it was super! The Sangria is "really wonderful" very good, really authentic. Believe me this is a really wonderful restaurant. It was a pleasant surprise when we came in; we were given Spanish potato salad, olive oil with delightful herbs and cumin bread. Then we ordered the gambas tapas a la plancha, shrimp were wonderful very wonderful.
Jerry and Becky of Michigan

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•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Barcelona Tapas for Lunch
Gary R. Beck

During a recent evening meal at Barcelona Tapas, we learned that this favorite dining venue is also open for lunch. What an opportunity to gather and share tapas with the backdrop of the skyline and vista of Puerto Vallarta and the bahía far below. This was a must-add to our culinary list.

Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Week Review
Gary R. Beck

Serving up both excellent bay views and small plates of delicious tapas meant to be shared amongst guests, Barcelona Tapas is the ideal place for eating out with friends - and those are just some of the reasons that it was on my list of places to visit during Vallarta Restaurant Week 2010.

Restaurant Week at Barcelona Tapas
Gary R. Beck

Serving up both excellent bay views and small plates of delicious tapas meant to be shared amongst guests, Barcelona Tapas is the ideal place for eating out with friends - and those are just some of the reasons that it was on the top of my list of places to visit during Vallarta Restaurant Week.

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