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de Santos
Morelos 771, El Centro
Puerto Vallarta
Tel: 223-3052, 223-3053
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de Santos Restaurant and Lounge
"...and we have grown to enjoy De Santos"

When authentic architecture and fine cuisine converge, the dining experience goes from ordinary to religious! De Santos chapel-inspired architecture blends bare white walls and simple curves with brick walls and arches.

The result is a hip place where Mediterranean dishes are served promptly and where reasonable prices belie the superb quality of the food. On weekends, after 11:00 soft music makes way for the beat of "house" and other electronic styles. This is the stuff of what makes de Santos consistently rank high on the list of our Travelers' Best in Vallarta.

Open daily for dinner from 5pm to 1am, about 10pm the livelier crowd moves in and the place rocks till about 4am.

•  T R A V E L E R ' S  C O M M E N T S  •

DeSantos is a gem! I discovered it on my first visit to P.V. Urban and sexy! On my second visit, DeSantos staff did a wonderful job of hosting my friends 40th Birthday party. Dinner and drinks were fantastic and the DJ had us dancing all night. I highly recommend a late night dinner and dancing on the roof top.
Jerry H, Baltimore, MD
We visit PV every year and De Santos is a must stop every time - reserve late an enjoy the best people watching in PV.
Scott Wetzel
Delcious food, lovely staff and wonderful ambiance. My boyfriend and I are seasoned NYC "foodies" and de Santos lived up to it's Frommer's recommendation! We adored all of the local cuisine in PV, but when we needed a change of pace and a romantic evening, de Santos provided it, in full! My pasta pomodoro with chicken was about $16; my boyfriend's chop was $23, but these seem like pretty typical prices to a pair of NY'ers, especially considering the wonderful staff and atmosphere!
Super! Love the ambience, music and food!
Love the place, food and decor.... and music. However, the staff needs an upgrade. I would expect a more "hip" staff for a hip restaurant. I would like to see more women than the "kids" you have working with no training in service.
Great atmosphere for drinks and appetizers. We can't wait until we go back to have dinner. Overall, two very enthusiastic thumbs up!
Beckie Hay
Pretty ordinary food with a selection that says 'predictable Californian' more than 'terrific Mexican.' Prices are substantially higher than other reviews quote: $10 martinis, $18-$35 entrees, $10 appetizers.
If you want to have a great time and relax for a while, this is the place to go while you're visiting Puerto Vallarta.
Hi there, my name is Antonella, I was there in PV. in February, and I loved it! I met a guy there, who seemed to be in charge of the restaurant. You had a pony-tail and you kept talking to me and my friends. I just wanted to say hello and thank you for making my friends and I feel at home. PS. You were so cute...
We dined at your place last week and love it. Unfortunately, our vacation is over and we're back to work. Someone told me you were opening in NY? Is this true? When? Where? We'll be your 1st-night customers!
Actually, compared to many, many other restaurants here in PV, De Santos is really not all that expensive! There are only about 6 things on the menu that are over 100 pesos - the rest are under! And you MUST try the COFFEE MARTINI! It's wonderful!!!!! Sounds gross but it is soooo yummy!
There are so many restaurants to choose from, and we have grown to enjoy De Santos. Excellent... great food, ambiance, and lively music.
Mr & Mrs CrownParadise
Hi, we just returned yesterday from my first trip to P.V. I would highly recommend a restaurant called de Santo, which is in the old downtown on Calle Morelos (I think). Go later in the evening for dinner and you will be dining with the wealthy class of locals. Beautiful space, with a live D.J. spinning. Great people watching, and the food and service is first rate. Dress is casual elegant. Have a great time!
Rick Forster, San Francisco
I was amazed at the high quality of every dining experience, here is a restaurant that appeals to me...
Paul Schouten

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de Santos - THE Place To See and Be Seen
Gary R. Beck

BanderasNews food writer and restaurant reviewer, Gary R. Beck, checks out the culinary creations and after hours action at THE place to see and be seen in Puerto Vallarta - the fashionable and very popular de Santos Restaurant.

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