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Link Guide to Isla Navidad Golf Club
Isla Navidad was recently selected the top beach resort in Mexico by the Travel Channel. It was also awarded a gold medal by Golf Magazine and named AAA Four Diamond resort. As a golf adventurer, you must visit Isla Navidad Resort and Golf Course at least once in your lifetime. Isla Navidad is located on the south end of the Mexican Riviera, 20 minutes from Manzanillo International Airport, served by AeroMexico, Mexicana, AeroCalifornia, Continental, American West and Alaska, as well as several charter flights.

yards = white 1-9 Ocean Course · 10-18 Mountain Course · 19-27 Lagoon Course

Yards 479
Par 5
It is played from elevated tees cut from the mountainside adjacent to the clubhouse. The hole unfolds in a generally westerly direction. The tee shot is guarded by trees on the left and large fairway bunkers on the right. The second shot of the par 5 is guarded by water to the left and in front of the target area. The third (or approach) shot into this par 5 green calls for a shot to a narrow target with water on the left and mounded grass bunkers on the right side of the putting surface.

Yards 339
Par 4
The hole is pointed southward, parallel to the ocean and provides a generous tee shot target. The second shot to the green target area is to a depressed surface located much lower than where the player hits his approach shot. Large bunkers, front and left of the putting surface, help to define the target.

Yards 175
Par 3
A magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop to the green. The green is just slightly elevated, as are also the tees. The fairway area is slightly depressed. The green and fairway are nestled in clumps of seagrape. The green is cut into the sand dunes that guard the beach. This is indeed, a visually memorable golf hole.

Yards 358
Par 4
The tees are positioned high and against the ocean. The hole meanders easterly with the fairway cut through the wandering dunes. There are sand dunes located at the turn of the dogleg on the left side of the fairway. The approach shot is to another depressed green area with a large sandy waste bunker located on the front left of the green and with large trees on the right side of the putting surface.

Yards 418
Par 4
The tee shot points toward the Pacific allowing for a magnificent view of the ocean. The fairway is mounded high on the right and is cut into the ridge of the dunes. There is a fairway sand bunker on the right side at the turn of the dogleg. The second shot to this par 4 calls for a long approach shot. Strong, prevailing winds from the ocean usually affect the strategy. The second half of this fine hole turns southward and runs parallel to the ocean. The green is located parallel to the sand dunes and is a medium, large target area surrounded by seagrape and palm trees.

Yards 155
Par 3
This hole plays from an elevated tee with your back to the ocean and heads eastward. It is a short par 3 with a well bunkered green offering four surface levels, thus providing for a large variety of pin placements.

Yards 363
Par 4
A medium length par 4, directed northward toward the mountains. A long waste bunker runs the entire length of the hole along the left side of the fairway. The player's approach shot to the green is relatively simple and the green itself offers a large and receptive target.

Yards 520
Par 5
The tee shot is a relatively open examination and as the hole meanders north toward the mountains it gently unfolds with the last 1/3 of the fairway becoming a dogleg right to an elevated, well bunkered green. The approach shot (or third shot) to this green can be very demanding.

Yards 392
Par 4
From the back tee, you drive 170 yards across the water. From the regular and forward tees the water is positioned on your left. Your drive should place you at the crest of the hill that overlooks the final green which is located below you, guarded by a large lagoon in front of the target area. The clubhouse and distant mountains provide the background. This is a very strong, visually magnificent, and dramatic finishing hole for the Ocean 9.

Yards 388
Par 4
This hole plays to the west toward the Pacific Ocean. The championship tee is cut from the side of the mountain and is considerably elevated above the fairway. The regular and the forward tees are slightly elevated above the fairway, but not nearly to the degree of the championship tee. The fairway is mounded high on both sides and is cut out of the heavy growth of palms and seagrape. The approach shot calls for a medium to long iron. The green is well bunkered in the front with a slight area opening on the right side of the putting surface to accept (run-in) shots.

Yards 182
Par 3
This hole plays away from the ocean and towards the mountains. It is played from a series of elevated tees calling for shot to carry over a large meandering, sandy waste bunker, on to a multi-tiered large putting surface. This hole is positioned to view the magnificent mountains in the background.

Yards 370
Par 4
The tee shot plays toward the mountains and here the player has a choice of alternate fairway target areas to choose from. The shorter left area target requires a well placed shot from the tee to position the ball, but requires a more demanding, second shot into the elevated putting surface. The safest tee shot is the longer way or stronger dogleg alternative. This choice offers playing to an elevated fairway and a much simpler shot into the green, but requires another 35 yards in total distance as compared to the first, alternative fairway. The green is positioned in the sand dunes, on the ocean and the visual experience while standing on the putting surface, listening to the pounding surf is unique and very memorable.

Yards 401
Par 4
The tees are molded from the sand dunes and the tee shot plays north towards the beautiful mountains. The fairway is fashioned from the rolling sand dunes. The second shot turns right and requires a lofted trajectory approach into a very large undulating putting surface guarded by bunkers, located to the front right of the green.

Yards 533
Par 5
The tee shot is played from a slightly elevated position down to the fairway area that is heavily sand bunkered on the right to better define the turn of the dogleg. The fairway is well guarded on the right and left sides by seagrape and palm trees. The tee shot plays northward toward the mountains and the hole turns left and westward on the second shot and then in plays directly toward the Pacific Ocean. The third shot (or approach shot) is to a medium size green located on the beach. Here again, the site and sound of the pounding surf provides an aesthetic experience that is breathtaking.

Yards 134
Par 3
The tees are located on the beach and on the sand dunes. The tee shot is played down to a medium sized green. This shot requires total trajectory into a well guarded putting surface which is sheltered in palm tree and seagrape.

Yards 364
Par 4
Played from elevated tees, there is a long meandering lagoon that runs from the front of the tees through to the green on the right side for the entire length of the hole. The high mounded left side of the fairway at the turn of the dogleg is well bunkered. The approach or second shot is to a small peninsula green with trees located on the left side and the lagoon to the right side of the putting surface.

Yards 522
Par 5
The first two shots are played straight away and toward the south. The tees extend back into the lagoon with water surrounding them. The first and second shots (fairway target areas) have a high, well bunkered right side. The left of the fairway from the second shot and the left side of the green, is guarded by a large meandering freshwater marsh. The right side of the hole continues to offer a series of high mounds, bunkers and abundant tree cover. This is a very strategically demanding golf hole.

Yards 376
Par 4
Played directly southward paralleling the mountains and toward the clubhouse area. A freshwater marsh runs continuously on the left side though the entire hole. The fairway target area is a bit more narrow and the tee shot area is bunkered on the right side with sand. The approach shot requires a demanding performance into a long, narrow, undulating putting surface.

Yards 327
Par 4
The tees are cut from the mountainside adjacent to the clubhouse. The hole plays easterly with a magnificent view of the distant mountain ranges, layered in hues of purple. The tees are elevated and the shot to the fairway far below is received in a bowl. The fairway is mounded very dramatically on both left and right sides. The approach shot is to an elevated green and calls for a high, soft trajectory. The green is guarded by huge sand bunkers in the front of the putting surface.

Yards 201
Par 3
This hole parallels the lagoon and the tees are elevated some 50 feet above the putting surface. This is a strong par 3 hole with a peninsula green extending into the lagoon. The back and right side of the green are guarded by strong mangrove growth. The view of the lagoon and the mountains to the east are spectacular.

Yards 347
Par 4
A smaller lagoon extends the full length of the fairway on the left side and continues up to and in front of the green. The fairway is again below the tees and the mounding on the right side helps to turn the hole. The clubhouse sits above the second shot area. The approach is delicate due to the green being almost totally surrounded by water. The putting surface is actually only 2 feet above the water.

Yards 382
Par 4
The fairway extends in a southerly direction with low tees extending into the lagoon. It is dramatically elevated above the teeing grounds. A long continuous waste bunker is positioned below the fairway on the left and borders the lagoon all the way through the green. The approach shot is to a large, very open target surface.

Yards 23
Par 4
The tees are slightly elevated above the fairway area with the lagoon continuing along the left side of the fairway. The second shot is into a sequestered green area that is mounded in the back on the right side. While the average player can play either a run-in shot or a high, soft approach, it is nevertheless a very demanding shot to execute accurately.

Yards 144
Par 3
This hole is short and the shot is carried over water and native mangroves into a peninsula green. The hotel is the backdrop beyond the green and the magnificent view of the layers of purple mountains beyond provides an unforgettable vista.

Yards 575
Par 5
This hole meanders in a westerly direction. The hole plays straight away and is well bunkered in the first and second shot target area. The approach shot (or third shot) is into a well bunkered elevated green that is somewhat sheltered among the palms and seagrape.

Yards 377
Par 4
The hole is straight and heads north toward the mountains, with high mounding on the left side and a small marsh and lagoon on the right of the fairway and also the green. The green is a low profile target and is receptive to almost any kind of approach shot.

Yards 558
Par 5
The first shot is to a slightly elevated, first landing area. The second shot turns the hole to the right toward the clubhouse and is located some 9 to 10 feet below the first target area. The approach shot is to an elevated green that is in front of and to the right of the clubhouse and provides the golfer with a magnificent view of the mountain range to the east.

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