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After 40 Years in Wine Here is All I Know
Ed Schwartz

I had my first glass of wine when I was six. It was at my Grandfather’s Passover Seder and I fell asleep. That was wine for me until, at age 24, I began working for the 21 Club. Now, after all these years, I can distill all I know about wine into one tidy feature and share it with you.

SFT Tequila Bar Re-Opens October 5th in Very High Spirits
Ed Schwartz

Those who love tequila will be happy to note that the SFT Tequila Bar in Sayulita, Mexico will re-open for the season on October 5th - and owner Mark Alberto Holt has lots planned - from special events, special tastings and celebrations to new and tasty brands.

Country Artist Chris Young to Entertain at Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser
Gary Green

Country recording artist Chris Young will lend a hand for cystic fibrosis at Hook the Cure, an IGFA-qualifying event and an official event of the Redbone Tournament Series, slated to take place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from November 5-8, 2009.

Spotlight On Vallarta: Salsa Dance Champions Ignite the Floor at Quizas
Roberta Rand

On any given night, you can find dancers working up a sweat at the open-air clubs along the Malecón. But last Saturday night dance played out at a whole different level as salsa champions from Mexico and around the world burned up the dance floor at Quizas on the River Cuale.

Get Ready for the 2009 Vallarta Ujena Jam

From August 29 through September 7, 2009, Puerto Vallarta Mexico will once again play host to more than 100 models and photographers competing for more than $200,000 in cash and prizes in the world’s largest live swimwear model and photographer search - the 25th Annual Ujena Jam.

Relaxation Drink Has Some Calling it Liquid Pot

It's the opposite of an energy drink. Drank calls itself an extreme relaxation product, so much so, that some have dubbed it "weed in a can."

Bingo for Beans and Babies Going Strong

BINGO for Beans and Babies at Bite me! Beach Club continued last week with over 50 players participating. Chef Seth Cloutman was the guest caller, who together with all of the BINGO players collected $8,830 pesos for Pasitos de Luz, and many donations for the area food drive.

International Vodka Venue, Playa los Arcos, Puerto Vallarta
Christopher Schmidt

Puerto Vallarta itself is an absolute paradise, along the lines of Tahiti, Rio, Cancun and Hawaii. While perhaps not as ardently sought by mainstream tourists, what Vallarta has over other popular vacation spots are reasonable rooms, food and transportation, and an appreciation for happy hour.

Tequila Just One of Many Treats to Be Found in Jalisco
Alan Ferguson

Connoisseurs of tequila - and there are many around the world, with 70 per cent of Cuervo's production going to export - may stop reading here. But for initiates - or those for whom the word tequila has sickening evocations of a teenage drinking orgy - there's much to learn.

A Pirates Life in Puerto Vallarta
Octavio Fregoso

In what seemed like a night right out of the life of Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean, a pair of friends and I embarked on one of Puerto Vallarta's most popular attractions: the Marigalante Pirate Ship Dinner Cruise.

Mescal and Beyond: The Lowdown on Semi-Illegal Mexican Spirits
Richard Grant

In Mexico's backcountry, you seldom encounter tequila. Instead, you find bootlegged hooch and the firm belief that it will raise a man's soul to its true height.

Mexico Builds Border Wall To Keep Out US Assholes
The Onion

Citizens across Mexico hope that the new Asshole Wall will stem the tide of assholes that visit from the US each year to aggressively drink, vomit.

Narcocorridos and Nightlife in Mexicali
William Booth & Travis Fox

Mexicali, Mexico used to be a swell city for binational cantina crawling, but the violence of the drug war has quieted the nightlife down. The tourists are spooked. Still, the locals are keeping the lights on.

BINGO For Beans and Babies

Come and have some fun this summer, while supporting local charities! Bite me! Beach Club, in conjunction with PVRPV and Xocodiva, will host 'Bingo for Beans and Babies' every Thursday from 6-9 pm from July 9 through October 1 in their ocean front lounge on Playa Los Muertos.

Vallarta Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Denise Velez

The first Route 200 Bar & Grill 'Noches de Vecinos' was held last Wednesday, June 17th, and it was a tremendous success! People arrived early to enjoy great food, the coldest beer in town and live music by Saraxuana that started at 9:45 pm, while waiting for the raffle to begin at midnight.

Turning up the Heat in Puerto Vallarta
Robert Dry

Given that the rains have just begun for the season, it is hard to fathom what lies just around the corner. Veteran circuit party promoters Will Gorges and Gilles Belanger are already making plans for Latin Fever, scheduled to take place in Puerto Vallarta from November 24th-30th, 2009.

Route 200 Bar & Grill's Noche de Vecinos
Denise Velez

In an effort to boost the local economy, Route 200 Bar & Grill, a good old-fashioned biker bar known to the locals as simply 'Choppers,' is introducing Noche de Vecinos (Neighbors Night) on Wednesday nights. So stop by for live music, the COLDEST BEER in town, food, fun and great prizes.

A Cool Way to Quench Your Tropical Thirst
Gary R. Beck

The weather is seriously starting to heat up in Puerto Vallarta and one of the easiest ways to beat the heat is to enjoy lots of ice cold drinks! I recently discovered the Arnold Palmer. Half lemonade and half iced tea, it's a cool and refreshing way to quench your tropical thirst.

Tequila - The Town and The Tastes
Ed Schwartz

Tequila lover Ed Schwartz can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about Tequila. Read on to learn what it is - and isn't, how it's made, some of the best brands to try, and where you can taste 220 tempting tequilas right here in the Banderas Bay area.

A Beachside Chat with Jimmy James
Kristopher Saint

Sitting beach-side, I got a chance to sit down with internationally famous singer Jimmy James to talk about his thoughts on the entertainment industry, taking on Los Angeles, and what it means to be a 'fashionista' today...

VES Condoneras & FiFi de Niz - in STEREO
Ed Thomas

On Friday, March 27th, Ms. FiFi de Niz celebrated her first anniversary as the Emcee/entertainer at Club Stereo in Puerto Vallarta. She wanted to make it a night to remember, so she contacted V.E.S. and asked if they could put on a night for AIDS education and awareness.

The Self-Proclaimed Bitch is Back
Laura Gelezunas

BanderasNews Videographer Laura Gelezuna talks with Drag Superstar Jackie Beat who was entertaining Puerto Vallarta audiences with fun-filled evenings of music and laughter last March.

How to Sound Smart About Tequila
Charles Cowdery

Contrary to one popular myth that persists to this day, tequila does not contain mescaline, a hallucinogenic drug derived from the peyote cactus. The alcohol in tequila is plain old ethanol, just like the alcohol in beer, wine, bourbon, vodka and everything else we drink.

2009 National Charro Championship Events

Droves of 'Cowboys' from all around Mexico will be in Puerto Vallarta from February 18th-22nd, entertaining residents and visitors with hot rodeo competition, artistic exhibitions and performances during the 7th Annual National Charro Championships.

Chamber Orchestra Prepares March Program
Mary MacLachlan

Still flushed from the success of their December Christmas concert, which was shared with the fabulous Banderas Bay Community Choir, the Vallarta Chamber Orchestra is preparing for their performance at the Puerto Vallarta American School on March 15.

The Kinsey Sicks - Not Your Average Barber Shop Quartet
Laura Gelezunas

The Kinsey Sicks are far from your average barber shop quartet. Dragapella at its Best, this hand-clapping spectacular has been making an annual appearance in Puerto Vallarta for many years.

Jazz Jam Session at Vallarta Yacht Club

Tom Coster, who played with Carlos Santana in the 70's and 80's and with the jazz group "Vital Information" led by former Journey drummer Steve Smith for 18 years, will be playing at the Vallarta Yacht Club in Nuevo Vallarta on February 16, 2009

Ann Marie Danimus: You are Not Going to get Her Down!
Twila Crawford

Gossip and maliciousness have continued to besiege the Santa Barbara Theater, but owner Ann Marie Danimus is a spunky, feisty, talented and amazingly positive person who wants to move on and look forward to the theater's future.

Bust a Gut at San Franciscan Comedy Club
Mike Sole

Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors have always enjoyed a variety of entertaining diversions, from musical artists and local theater to street performances and the like, but now there's something new in our entertainment repertoire - comedy.

LAPT Nuevo Vallarta Cancelled

The LAPT Nuevo Vallarta event was suspended late on Day 1 during the middle of play by local gaming officials. It was announced just a short while ago that the tournament as a whole has been canceled.

Cuates y Cuetes Celebrates 15th Anniversary For Two Nights
Twila Crawford

Some of Puerto Vallarta's outstanding musicians will help Cuates y Cuetes celebrate its 15th anniversary. A jazz concert will be from 5-10 pm, on Wednesday, November 19th, and Mexican music will celebrate the Mexican Revolution on November 20th.

Rich 'Anejo' Tequila Takes the Lowly Margarita to Higher Plane
John Mariani

I have long been a believer that the better the booze, the better it should be left out of a cocktail, because the other ingredients cancel out the subtleties of flavor in expensive spirits like $60 vodka, $100 single-malt Scotch or $400 Cognac.

Election Night Gala and Election Results Watch on November 4
Paul Crist

On U.S. Election Night, Tuesday November 4th, Restaurant Marazul and the Costa Banderas Chapter of Democrats Abroad Mexico have teamed up to celebrate the conclusion of this historic election in the United States.

What to Look for in a Tequila Bar
Nani Mathews

Almost every Mexican restaurant and taqueria boasts of an extensive collection of tequilas, but with so many to choose from, where do you start?

The Best of Vallarta Just Got Better!
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El Dorado
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