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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkEntertainment | Restaurants & Dining | April 2008 

The Magic of Siempre Sol
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The first time I saw Cafe Bohemio owner Sol Rose perform I didn't even know he had a stage show, but I wasn't surprised to find out.
The first time I saw Sol perform I didn't even know he had a stage show, but I wasn't surprised to find out.

I was having dinner at Café Bohemia watching this charismatic character weaving everyone on this patio restaurant into one big family having a party in his back garden. It was such a skillful performance I couldn't resist the invitation to see him at the Santa Barbara Theatre in Siempre Sol.

The show starts with VideoDiva Laura Gelezunas on a big screen introducing Sol as the singing chef in his new 'Meatloaf and Melodies' video segment on BanderasNews. He appears in his chef's hat and coat but quickly strips to reveal glitter and glam to take us on a journey through different chapters of his fascinating life as a performer.

It was, as I had anticipated, a grand version of his restaurant hosting. The entire audience effortlessly, masterfully became a personalized part of the show, intimate friends sharing celebrity gossip, snippets and trivia. He brought everyone into it one way or another, it's almost impossible to refuse this likable leprechaun who charms men and women equally.

What I hadn't anticipated was his voice, this bloke can really sing! He held us all in thrall for 90 minutes.

During the first act he had people up doing everything from ballroom dancing to shoe shining as he shared the audition pieces that got him into the High School of Performing Arts and Juliard.

He sipped 'Dear Barbra's favourite drink' (Brandy with lemon and honey) and told stories about her while he sang with her video behind him so we could compare styles. He regaled us with Shakespeare, belted out songs from Stop the World I want to get off, and showed us the original score from 1961, which he 'forgot to give back.'

Act two he got raunchy with stories and snippets about the Rat Pack. I don't want to give away the show so I'll just tell you he handed out chocolate penises to five people on stage and got them to help illustrate one particular story involving Sammy Davis Junior taking lessons from Linda Lovelace. "It's absolutely true" he tells us "I was there." And knowing Sol, he probably was.

Back at Café Bohemia after the show I spoke to Nancy Bott, whom he chose to play Linda, about how she felt demonstrating deep throat techniques on stage. "Oh I loved it" she laughed "He makes people feel so free, he's so genuine and wonderful, I feel like he is my long lost soul mate."

And the magic of Sol is such that a lot of people feel that way. Everyone is already anticipating next season's shows. Siempre Sol is an ongoing saga, last year was part one - the early years, this season we are watching part two, part three continues in October. I doubt there is an ending, the show is well named, Sol could entertain us forever. Goodonya mate!
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