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Puerto Vallarta News NetworkHealth & Beauty | September 2008 

blu by Len: Even a Genius Needs a Break
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blu by Len is located at Olas Altas 513 in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta. For more information, call (322) 223-9660, send an email to len(at) or visit
Ok, so there you have it. I've called myself a genius. Wow, what impertinence. But you knew that about me, didn't you. After all, as I finished my last article I closed by saying I'm Just Len! (Sorry, Jack, of Will and Grace, but in Vallarta, it's Just Len!)

Well, genius or not on all things beauty, you have to be a genius of sorts, or at least think you are, just to succeed in this business. This business that I like to call the biz of "pretty."

What kind of genius would I be without partners? Clients, staff, my cherished Larry ... even my shoe collection ... we are all partners in this thing called the beauty biz. My special brand of partnership includes laughing, crying, occasional Margaritas and fabulous hair - not to mention skin and make up.

Think of it as beauty psychotherapy with a twist. At this point in my life, my hourly rates should be sky high to match those of a "shrink." Like any good therapist, I have learned how to keep a secret. I am a genius at keeping secrets. What is said in the salon stays in the salon. Sometimes I just make myself smile ... the things I say back. Laughing out loud doesn't come close to covering it.

Whether you are seeing your doctor, your dentist (well, not really, because you can't talk much with your mouth stretched open) or your stylist, a partnership grows and a friendship evolves. If you are really lucky, such friendships can last a lifetime. Sometimes, more often than not, any kind of partnership develops based on whatever is going on in your respective lives.

Like my Larry likes to remind me: life is your own novel, full of chapters filled with characters that sometimes stay around and sometimes need to be written out of the story line. You are the author of your own novel, your own life.

My point here is that your relationship with your stylist can be filled with joy and laughter ... or not. I continue to be blessed with characters that have hung around quite awhile. Oyez, the real book I could write, what with the dirt - I mean stories - that I hear. But then I'd be revealing secrets.

Even I, the queen of listening, needs to take a vacation every so often. So that's what I'm doing as I write this. A road trip with Larry up to friends in Dallas. Then a flight off to Florida to visit more friends. No rain in Florida, right? Ha. The last two weeks of September are the perfect time to get away and do nothing. Yeah, right. Me do nothing. Again my ability to make myself giggle amazes me.

When I return, blu will be getting ready to start its fourth year of the business of pretty. blu and I are a partnership - attached at the hip most of the time. And with every new year, we keep moving forward. This year will be no different. Only bigger and brasher with new hair, new attitudes and a new look. I could tell you more, but then I'd have to write you out of my story, because I would have told you a secret. And I'm not ready for that! Stay tuned, and you'll see.

So this genius is on a much-needed break. I'm relaxing, re-energizing, and pondering the future. Something we all need to do at least once a year. So what are you pondering while I'm off in the far north? I hope you are thinking about your hair, at least some of the time, given that the shoulder season is the time to plan for the next high season, as I wrote in my last column.

And I hope you are pondering you. What you need at this point in your life. What you can do to feel more confident, and, therefore, more beautiful. What you can do to make your life partnerships, of every nature, work more effectively and efficiently for both parties.

One of the best ways I've found to ponder the depths of your spirit is to treat yourself to a day at the spa. Get a massage, a facial, a manicure/pedicure or whatever you most enjoy and can relax into. This is the perfect time of year for you moms to think of nothing while the kids are back in school. Take the time to relax and try to do as little as possible while you are enjoying your time alone. None of us gets enough of that, but mothers are in need of it the most. To all the fathers out there, I hope you are listening, too. You also need some "just me" time.

I'm flying back to Paradise (which I hope is a bit cooler and a lot dryer by then) on 29 September. Larry will back the next week. And all the time, we will be pondering how to make life, our looks, our health and our self-confidence better.

We'll be using our heads.

Till then, Guys and Gals, I look forward to seeing you at the beginning of October. Stay dry. Stay cool. Thanks for being my partners in beauty, and thank you for listening. See you soon.
Just Len!
Given that Len's very first word was "more," and the second one was "pretty" it is no wonder that he now not only owns and runs the #1 salon and spa in Puerto Vallarta, blu by Len, but also writes a bi-weekly beauty column, "Use Your Head." Whatever you hair may or may not need, Len will know exactly what to do or where to go to find the answer - just send him an email at len(at)

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