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Outspoken and Outrageous in Puerto Vallarta
a profile of Puerto Vallarta salon owner, Len

For more information about Len and the services provided at his salon and spa, blu, click HERE.
Len was born a week early wearing blu diapers, smoking a cigar, and asking, "who's in charge?" We hear there are pictures of him rolling up his mother's hair at the tender age of nine.

His very first word was "more," and the second one was "pretty."

Is it any wonder that he Stylist Manager at the #1 salon and spa in Puerto Vallarta? Any doubt that he has acquired the most elite and fabulous clients in all of PVR? We think not.

Having moved with his partner Larry to PV four years ago, Len has built up a dedicated and ferociously loyal clientele that continues to grow at an amazing rate.

Along with training in Atlanta, NYC, and Mexico, his knowledge of hair and its reactions to everything chemical is a wonder to all.

Whatever your hair may or may not need, Len will know exactly what to do or where to go to find the answer. It's not that he is smart; it's just because he is older than the rest of Team blu and has simply seen more.

Having started in Vallarta at a local salon where he quickly became the center of attention: both as consultant and trainer, he quickly grabbed the hearts of everyone's head he touched.

Both his over-the-top personality and his regular columns in several local publications, including BanderasNews, not to mention the reader's opinions he is always sending in to the local English-language newspapers, have made Len both famous and infamous: depending on the subject.

All in all, Len has become Vallarta's biggest success story... but please... don't tell him that!

For more information about Len and the services provided at his salon and spa, blu, click HERE.
Len and Larry Will Be Missed!
Twila Crawford

A crowd gathered at Amapas Sunset on Los Muertos Beach last Sunday to say goodbye to the outspoken and outrageous Len Greenough and his partner, generous gentleman Larry Sheldon, who are leaving Puerto Vallarta to start their new life in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Puerto Vallarta Loses Another Icon ... First Liz ... Now Len
Clay Birder & Larry Sheldon

Just as the great icon Liz finally left Vallarta, now we're losing another celebrity of sorts... Len. He's moving back to the US, and July 11th will be his last day at blu, so stop by between 10-6 for one last chance to burst out laughing at one of the funniest local icons we've ever had.

len's life: blu is Blue, 'cuz We Miss You

The concept for staying cool in Puerto Vallarta's unbelievable heat and humidity is 'less is more.' It's going to be a long, hot summer, so come in and get your hair cut. Get it up off your neck and you will be a whole lot cooler. And right now you can enjoy some cool savings at blu.

Ladies and Gentleman of Vallarta, Thanks for a Great Becas Crystal Ball

Thanks to all of you who stepped up to my challenge to be breathtakingly beautiful or handsome, this year's Becas Vallarta Crystal Ball at the Westin Regina Resort on March 5th was surely one of Puerto Vallarta's most glamorous evenings ever.

len's life: Becas, Glamour, Handsome... What Don't You Get?

How often do you have the chance to really dress up to the nines in the balmy winters of Vallarta? The Becas Ball is Puerto Vallarta's most elegant and grand social event of the entire winter season, falling on Thursday, March 5th this year.

Beauty, Blondes and Becas - a Formidable Combination

Beauty, as we all know, is in the eye of its beholder. Beauty is a tangible and truly powerful thing, and how we deal with and handle it is crucial. Be fun, be happy, be gorgeous and - above all - be blonde, or your variation of beautiful...

Becas Vallarta Enlivens Ball With len

The Board of Directors of Becas Vallarta A.C. has decided to liven up this year's Becas Crystal Ball, scheduled to take place on March 5. They have invited the famous or infamous len - depending on your point of view - to be the emcee for the ball.

len's life: A New Year and New Beginnings

Now that we are well into 2009, PV's style and good-looks guru (that would be moi) has a new lease on life. Well, it's more like a new battery - and an implanted one, at that. Some call it a walking insurance policy. Whatever. Here's the truth...

Here It Is ... The Top Ten Fashion Mistakes of 2008 (Vallarta Version)

The wonderful residents and visitors of our fair city are never at a loss for providing the fodder needed for such a trashing as awaits you in my third annual report on the Top Ten Fashion Mistakes made and/or seen in Puerto Vallarta.

len's life: The Calm Before the Storm

With Christmas behind us, and 2009 less than a week away, am I the only one asking myself, "where the hell did it go?" It's time to have some fun. Do you have what it takes to turn the page? To really go where you've never gone before?

len's life: It's a Cocktail Party, Not a Barbecue. Shall We Discuss the Difference, Gentlemen?

It never ceases to amaze me how little most men - definitely not men who are like me - worry about their own personal appearance. Especially during the party season which, as we all know, began yesterday and ends sometime next year.

len's life: The Big Show is Over and Now the Real Party Starts... Vallarta's High Season

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the producer, cast, stylists and male dancers as they prepare for the Big Show - an over-the-top street party and fashion show held on November 29th to celebrate the anniversary of blu THE ***** Salon and Spa.

It's Party Time ... blu Style!

Here we are again, the Saturday after American Thanksgiving and blu is having another one of our little soirees ... tonight, 29 November. Never, and I do mean never, have I ever run out of invitations so early.

len's life: Red = Beauty a la mode, But blu = Fun Begins Now

What's the point of throwing a party if you're not going to give everyone something to talk about for a long, long time? When blu throws a party, we tend to go over the top, so don't miss our Phase 4 Begins Now party on Saturday, November 29th at 8 pm.

len's life: Phase 4: What's in it 4 You?

On Saturday, November 29, 2008, there will only be one place to be from 8 till 10 pm. And that's on the sidewalks and in the street in front of blu, The Salon and Spa, at Olas Altas 513 on the south side of Puerto Vallarta.

len's life: Why Be Pampered? Because You're Worth It!

As a seasoned stylist for more years now than I care to mention, I am often asked a very simple question: "why?" This brings us to "Why pamper?" This is not rocket science folks. It's because you deserve to look and feel good all the time.

len's life: Sometimes $150,000 Is Not The Right Answer

You've heard me before on the subject of self-confidence and its importance to your personal beauty and style. Why, then, I ask you, did someone on the RNC staff decide that they needed to "dress up" Sarah Palin in $150,000 worth of designer clothes?

blu Prepares to 'Go Wild' Again!

blu, Puerto Vallarta's five-star salon and spa is looking for male and female models to work the runway at this year's anniversary party and fashion show, 'Phase 4 Begins Now!' which will be held in front of blu Salon and Spa on November 29, 2008.

len's life: What's Hot in Weddings ... in the US and Here - or Maybe Just for a Party, Too!

Traditional wedding day spa services used to include facials and mani/pedis along with hair and makeup for the bridal party. But today, many brides are getting everyone together a couple of weeks before the Big Day for something extra special.

len's life: Politically Incorrect? You Betcha! (wink, wink)

With the most important U.S. election of our lifetime a few weeks away, I thought it'd be fun to look back at former First Ladies to see if there was any correlation between their good or bad hair and the quality of their husbands, the Presidents.

Good Head - Two Can Sometimes Be Better Than One
Just Len!

As you read this, you'll notice that the column name has changed. And you'll soon notice that's not the only thing changing. It's no longer just about Using Your Head. It's a new attitude, a new outlook and most of all a new title... Just Len!

Len's Life: Don't Let This Happen at Your Wedding!

I often write about what you should do with your wedding planning for your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta. But today, let's chat about a few things that you just shouldn't want to happen at your wedding - no matter where it is!

blu by Len: Even a Genius Needs a Break

Ok, so there you have it. I've called myself a genius. Well, genius or not on all things beauty, you have to be a genius of sorts, or at least think you are, just to succeed in this business. This business that I like to call the biz of "pretty."

The Shoulder Season: Are You Planning Yet?

The latest beauty mags and beauty hot spots on the Internet will tell you, as they have me, that this winter, you're going to need longer hair to be in the groove, to reflect the glamour of the times and to feel really good about how you look.

Have You Seen...? Even More Fabulicious - and Proof That You Can Be, Too!

I have always lived by the creed: If you let yourself look like doggie doo, you'll feel like it, too. It's not Shakespeare, but you don't have any trouble understanding the concept. Actually, we can have our cake and eat it, too...

Have you Seen Jaclyn Smith Lately? One Word... Fabulicious

My latest fascination with Charlie's Angels star Jaclyn Smith stems from another television show that I am completely hooked on. Normally not into reality TV, I came across the most amazing contest in boob tube history: "Shear Genius."

Gossip Flies off the Tropical Drums

As many of you know, I have been "out of town" on personal business. In Vallarta, this usually translates into something like: "Well, to tell the truth..." The truth, of course, being as far away from reality as flip flops are from high heels.

Now They've Gone Too Far

Just when I thought that the world had seen enough of Crocs classic smurf look, here they come with a new and improved high heeled version. I realize that this ranting of mine is somewhat repetitive, but this fashion mistake has gone on long enough.

Inspired, Regenerated and Re-energized... Now On With The Show

As many of you know, the focus of February is Women's Heart Health. I was honored to participate at Ground Zero. On February 1st, The American Heart Assoc. kicked off what promises to be an amazing month of stories, courage, strength and resolve.

Help blu Turn Red

I really feel passionate about the women’s heart disease problem and its solution. Ladies, I truly believe it’s time to stomp this thing out. So put on your red dress and stop by blu by Len on February 15th at 1 pm for Vallarta Women’s Heart Appreciation Day.

The Top Ten Fashion Mistakes of 2007

It's that time of year again. Time for Use Your Head's Annual Top Ten Fashion Mistakes of 2007. This is an opinion. Not all of you will agree or like what you are about to read. Get over it. Have fun.

Where's the Holiday Style Gone?

In 2008, we're going to focus on finding our own style and finding ways to keep it consistent and easy. Mostly for you, but also for all the Puerto Vallarta stylists who are tired of hearing, "My hair just won't do anything," over and over again.

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