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Simply Puerto Vallarta - The Golden Years
email this pageprint this pageemail usLaura Gelezunas -
November 06, 2010

In this edition of Simply Puerto Vallarta, Laura talks with Polly and Hubert Vicars, who retired south of the border in 1988, long before it became trendy. (Video Diva Productions)
Polly and Hubert Vicars retired south of the border long before it became trendy, astounding family and friends.

"They thought I was crazy," says Hubert, "My family took bets with each other as to how long we would stay."

"For me they weren't too surprised," laughs Polly, "I've always been kinda nutty, but they couldn't believe that Hubert was gonna move down here."

From the moment they arrived in Puerto Vallarta, 1988, it was love at first sight and bought the condo they still live in after only three days in the city. They enjoy the climate, their boat and lots of ocean swimming.

There is an estimated one-million Americans living in Mexico and that number is expected to rise as baby boomers retire. In the September/October 2010 issue of AARP magazine, they rate Puerto Vallarta as the number one place to retire abroad.

Polly believes the AARP article is 22 years too late because when they retired in Puerto Vallarta there were not a lot of Americans living in the city. She thinks its a wonderful recognition for the area and agrees with it wholeheartedly.

Moving to a foreign country produces many challenges, but the Vicars took it all in stride. They strongly recommend learning Spanish, even though you can get by without knowing it. Learning the language will help you enjoy the culture even more.

There are many reasons why people emigrate from the US to Mexico. The Vicars suggest doing some research before settling in a new country.

"Hubert and I have gone around the world twice," says Polly, "We checked out many places where we could possibly retire, and there's no place like Puerto Vallarta. She says the people make the difference and the fact that they can fly to the US within a couple of hours. Polly also states that they could not live in the United States on what they live on here and says it is the best place in the world to retire.

Whether it is the climate, personal atmosphere or cost of living, Puerto Vallarta is the first choice for many North American retirees. The Vicars have a lot of friends, Mexicans and Americans, and thoroughly enjoy their life south of the border.

Simply Puerto Vallarta is a multi-media promotion campaign that highlights the richness and diversity of Mexico's premier coastal tourist town. Unlike traditional PR efforts, the video series was designed to put the media message back into the hands of those it most affects - area residents.

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