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Simply Puerto Vallarta - Quality Medical Care
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February 01, 2011

Hundreds of Americans flock to the Bay of Banderas for quality health and dental treatments. Puerto Vallarta has quite a few facilities offering excellent services.

"My husband and I have never ever had such wonderful care at such reasonable prices as we had here at the CMQ Hospital Premiere," says Polly Vicars, a long time resident, she goes on to say, "It was almost like being in a spa, the whole staff from the cleaning ladies up to the specialist doctors were just fantastic, and we came home well and we were able to pay it easily, so we can't say enough about the medical people here, they'll make house calls if you need them, and you can get an appointment when you need it."

Sara Wise and her husband, Mike, retired in Puerto Vallarta several years ago and part of their decision to live in the city full-time was the quality of the medical care. "We were getting older and we wanted to make sure there was good medical care and we've been taking advantage of the medical quite a bit, I've had three surgeries and I'm very happy with it here."

Sara thinks more Americans will retire in Mexico because of the healthcare services. "With the way things are changing in the United States, healthcare here is much more accessible and it's cheaper in a lot of ways than it is in the US," says Sara.

Some facilities will accept American insurance but check prior to having any treatments. Hospital administration personnel are more than happy to answer any questions and most area facilities will conduct tours. They are quite proud of their advanced technology.

"We have state of the art equipment and we always try to be one of the top hospitals in Puerto Vallarta," says Jesus Flores, San Javier Hospital Administrator, "Besides we focus on patient care, which is the most important, we try to make them feel at home and safe."

Many Mexican doctors receive at least part of their training in the United States and since Puerto Vallarta has a large English speaking sector, area medical professionals do their best to make everyone comfortable.

"Most of our staff is bilingual," says Jesus, "We have nurses, technicians, we also have specialty doctors, we have our own staff and we are open for some local doctors to provide services for their patients in our facility."

In Mexico various medical treatments and dental procedures can run in a range from 50 to 70 percent less than in the United States. Plus medical tourism is a budding sector in the Mexican economy and watch this market grow as many Americans remain unemployed or they will work for companies that will no longer be able to insure their employees. Adding a doctor visit to a vacation itinerary looks increasingly attractive to many living north of the border.

Simply Puerto Vallarta is a multi-media promotion campaign that highlights the richness and diversity of Mexico's premier coastal tourist town. Unlike traditional PR efforts, the video series was designed to put the media message back into the hands of those it most affects - area residents.

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