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The Truth Behind Puerto Vallarta's Malecon
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May 17, 2011
According to Puerto Vallarta's Director of Tourism, the ambitious project of widening the sea side Malecón will provide a public space for Vallarta residents and visitors. (PromoVision)

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - In a statement released today, the Director of Tourism of Puerto Vallarta, on behalf of the city mayor, confirmed that the ambitious project of widening the sea side Malecón in the heart of the city will provide a public space for residents of and visitors to Vallarta.

Q: What is the purpose of the work being carried out along the boardwalk?

A: The main objectives are:
Reconstruction of the retaining wall facing the sea, as it was damaged.
Generate a public space for living and strengthen trade along the Malecón.

Q: Are businesses closed during the works?

A: No. All businesses are operating as usual.

Q: Does the work break with the identity of Puerto Vallarta?

A: No, because only materials that reflect and support the colonial style typical to Puerto Vallarta will be used.

Q: Will there be concessions to place tables and chairs along the boardwalk?

A: No. The commitment is to respect public spaces.

Q: Will pedestrians be safe?

A: Yes. Our primary concern during the planning of the project was public safety.

Q: Do you close for the street Diaz Ordaz the passage of vehicles?

A: No. We will respect the lanes that currently exist and introduce speed limits.

Q: Why are traffic lights used on Morelos Street?

A: Because of the work in progress, is necessary to divert traffic and avoid gridlock or congestion.

Q: How long will the project take to complete?

A: The project will be delivered in 4 months. Access will only be restricted during the first phase, or for 2 months.

Q: How is the program being funded?

A: Funding provided by the Municipal Government in coordination with the State and Federal governments are behind the program.

Q: How will the city benefit from the work?

A: The project was created to attract more tourists to Puerto Vallarta, show casing the destination as a place to live, host events like the Pan American Games in October without losing the charm of our Mexican heritage and architecture. We see the project making Puerto Vallarta a better place for families to live in.

Q: What company was hired for the construction of the Malecon?

A: The construction company is Gemini SA. Experienced in carrying out major works like the Pitillal River and the Estero Salado bridges, the ramp at the Puerto Vallarta International airport and an 8 lane development near the Ameca estuary at the mouth of the Salado River.

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