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VDP: One-Stop Shopping for All Your Marketing Needs

December 14, 2012
'Food is art,' says Laura Gelezunas, owner of Video Diva Productions. 'I try to capture the most alluring aspects of the dish, beverage, or table design to draw the viewer into the photo.'

Puerto Vallatra, Mexico - Food defines Puerto Vallarta. There's well over 500 restaurants and add to that hundreds of street food stands. The city is a culinary paradise and keeps foodies in ecstasy. This atmosphere prompted one local company to start specializing in food photography.

"I decided it was time to offer more than video," says Laura Gelezunas, owner of Video Diva Productions, "I have had to diversify and expand my services to accommodate clients who were looking for a company that takes care of their entire promotion, publicity, and marketing needs."

Video Diva Productions offers high resolution digital images with great detail, Photoshop editing and retouching, private on-line galleries for viewing, and FTP delivery of images. Laura has worked closely with a number of restaurants since 2004 and is comfortable with the people creating the food, enjoys watching the process, and loves the atmosphere in vacation destination restaurants.

"Food is art," says Laura, "I try to capture the most alluring aspects of the dish, beverage, or table design to draw the viewer into the photo."

She sets the plates in a variety of positions, settings and backgrounds so the same dish looks different with every shot. This is really important when using social media. When posting to FaceBook or Twitter each menu item can be reposted with a different angle and this can make the same dish look totally different every time it is publicized. Besides that, she really likes the term, food porn, but laughs when she says it really describes the art of food photography.

"Her photos are amazing," says Susan Blake, owner of Blake's Sports Bar and Restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, "She really captures the essence of my food creations."

"Laura has been working with us for over seven years promoting our restaurant with video and written press releases," says Tari Bowman, owner of Daiquiri Dick's restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, "It is great that she has further enhanced her talents with food photography and she makes every dish look delectable."

Laura has a degrees in media communications, meteorology, and business administration and has worked with various restaurants in the Puerto Vallarta area, producing videos, writing press releases, creating promotions, executing social marketing, organizing events, and now taking photos. She is ready to take area restaurants to the next level.

Her company is focusing on the most effective visual communication techniques to convey business stories and deliver solid audience impact. Her tag line is appropriate - "Broadcast Solutions Through Creative Visuals" - and with photos added to video, any business will come out ahead.

Find her photos on Flickr:

After having spent 10 years in the world of US broadcast news, Laura Gelezunas decided to unleash her skills on Puerto Vallarta by opening Video Diva Productions, a full-service, professional digital video company. Whether you're interested in a sales video, WEBmercial, music video, feature story, documentary, or corporate event video coverage, Laura has the experience, equipment and talent to coordinate a professional production. For more information, click HERE or visit her website at