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SETAC Opens a Second Office at DIF Headquarters

December 10, 2013

The ribbon-cutting was performed by DIF President Lic. Magaly Fregoso, who said that she was happy to welcome SETAC to the Municipal facilities and invited them to join in the Ayudarte Nos Mueve Brigades.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - On December 5, 2013, Solidaridad Ed Thomas A.C. (SETAC), a non-profit association committed to the community's health annd well being, opened a second office at DIF headquarters (in the old Regional Hospital building) where they can attend to the needs of more people in the greater Puerto Vallarta area.

The new SETAC office provides the same services as the original community center (located at Constitución #427 and the corner of Manuel M. Diéguez on PV's south side,) including: free testing and counseling for HIV and other sexual transmitted illness, free condoms, and free formula to HIV positive mothers so they can feed their children without the risk of infection.

Opening a second center has been one of the many goals set by SETAC founders Ed Thomas and Paco Aronja, who have been working to provide essential services to all of Puerto Vallarta's citizens regardless of gender, sexual preference, religion or social status, since the first SETAC center opened its doors in 2009.

An inauguration ceremony was held to celebrate the opening of the second office, where Thomas and Aronja were joined by administrator Jose Carlos Hernández, councillor Arnoldo Lopez, Sandra Bautista, who is known for her charitable works, and Ismael Mendoza, who will be in charge of the new SETAC center.

The ribbon-cutting was performed by DIF President Lic. Magaly Fregoso, who said that she was very happy to welcome SETAC to the Municipal DIF System facilities and invited them to join in the DIF's Ayudarte Nos Mueve Brigades, which bring community services to Vallarta colonias and families in the greatest need.

The new office is open every Monday through Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, offering up-to-date informational brochures, free rapid HIV testing, condoms and prevention packages, and formula for children who's mothers have HIV. For more information, or to learn how you can help by donating and/or volunteering, please contact Paco Aronja (322) 224-1974 or paco(at)

The purpose of the SETAC Community Center, located at Constitucion #427 and the corner of Manuel Dieguez on the South side of Puerto Vallarta, is to provide essential services to the community, including physical and mental health treatment, referrals, and education in an atmosphere of safety, free from discrimination. For more information, contact Paco Arjona at (322) 224-1974 or paco(at)

Click HERE to learn more about Centro Comunitario SETAC.