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Tierra Alta Sweeps Golden Acorn Cabin Awards

June 11, 2014

If you would like to see what the Tierra Alta lifestyle offers you, please call Tropicasa Realty's Wayne Franklin at (322) 222-6505, to preview the model cabin and breathe the fresh mountain air of El Tuito.

El Tuito, Jalisco - The introduction of the log cabin to Mexico is a surprisingly recent phenomenon driven by lower costs and by the natural, compatible esthetics of log structures in mountain regions. But with the introduction of Tierra Alta, the new Eco Development for cabins near El Tuito, those who were looking for an affordable, attractive country escape from the heat and congestion of city life, and retirees looking for the right blend of economy and serenity, have not only found a new home, but also something to brag about.

Introducing the El Tuito Cabin Awards from:

Since we are the only eco-cabin development near Puerto Vallarta and just outside of El Tuito, we are proud to announce that we won all of the coveted El Tuito Cabin Awards, known as the "Golden Acorns." We won in all 3 categories: Location, Restaurant "Nearbys" and Real Estate Values

1. The Golden Acorn Cabin Award for Best Location goes to Tierra Alta!


Best (and only) cabin development close to El Tuito, allowing a relaxed immersion into real Mexican life. Any cabin developer further than 4 minutes out of town was automatically disqualified. (We don't like competition.)

Best weather: Nobody even tries to question the weather in El Tuito.

Best location for day trips to or from Vallarta (less than an hour's drive)

Best location for beach and mountain day trips, such as from Tierra Alta to Tehuamixtle. Driving mainly on a gravel road, it takes under an hour (check conditions with locals during rainy season.)

When you arrive at "Tehua"

You sit overlooking the bay in Cande's restaurant and drink tequila or beer. His beautiful daughters run the place and wait tables. They bring you copious amounts of oysters and lobsters and more beer. (Bring a designated driver.) And Cande? The last time I talked to him at length at his restaurant, he never got out of his hammock. Maybe he's some kind of Mexican Buddha? He seems to have figured out how to live. Hey, how about a "Golden Hammock Lifetime Achievement Award" for Cande!

2. The Golden Acorn Cabin Award for Best Nearby Restaurants


(You might think the "nearby" restaurant winners would get the awards themselves. Nope. We found these places so we keep the awards. OK, they get photocopies.)

Best nearby food and beverages: Mario's Courtyard. Example: the world's best omelet, sometimes served with a little fusilli pasta just because he felt like preparing it. Don't try coaxing him if he's not in the mood.

Best nearby Raicilla: so good you might never leave Mario's vertically.

Best nearby Cucaracha shrimp appetizer: El Mojarro restaurant. Located on Highway 200 by the bridge. Might be the original home of Cucaracha shrimp. Who knows? Ask Juan, the owner and cook. He may also have invented ceviche.

Best fairly close hacienda-style lunch in a beautiful place that seems remote but is really a "Nearby" restaurant: El Divisadero.

Wow! Tierra Alta wins again! Another Golden Acorn to Tierra Alta for "Nearbys"! 

3. The Golden Acorn El Tuito Cabin Award for Best Real Estate Value


Best priced dwellings for the quality and location: Starting at under $100,000, you can have a very cool cabin on a big, beautiful lot of 1,600M2. (We definitely win on value.)

Best Quality of Construction: The carpentry is very good. (We win.)

Best Views: No contest. (We win again.)

Best Roads: Well, our main road is great and soon the others will be. (So we obviously win this one, too!)

Most freedom to build your cabin the way you want it. (Another win? Yep!) But we still have to control the base instincts that cause people to have aesthetic lapses. No weirdly glowing objects allowed in your back yard. No purple roofs. You know, the usual common sense rules. When your cabin is finished, it has to look like it belongs in the woods. It can't look like it landed from Pluto or New Jersey. The cabin contractor will happily build your custom cabin or you can choose an "off the shelf" design and make custom changes.

Amazing! Tierra Alta Wins in Cabin Real Estate Values!

  In fact, Tierra Alta Sweeps the Golden Acorn Cabin Awards! Yep, we won them all! Best new cabin of 2014? It could be yours.

Set on 5 hectares of rolling hillsides, the Tierra Alta eco cabin development will comprise 21 country cabins built for weekend enjoyment or full-time living. With cabin/lot combined pricing starting at only $95,000 USD, reservations are already being taken. If you would like to see what the Tierra Alta lifestyle offers you, please call Tropicasa Realty's Wayne Franklin at (322) 222-6505, to set an appointment to preview the model cabin and breathe the fresh mountain air of El Tuito.

To learn more about Tierra Alta Click HERE, or visit