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Tierra Alta: Cabin Getaways Just One Hour from Vallarta

Tierra Alta Eco Cabin Development El Tuito, Jalisco, Mexico Toll-Free USA: 1 (866) 978-5539 In Puerto Vallarta call: (322) 222-6505 Email: info(at) Website:

Tierra Alta is an ancient concept but a new idea for this area: Mountain cabins in a beautiful oak forest near El Tuito, less than an hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta. Cabin owners will use them for weekend escapes or for getaway vacations. Some will be for full time retirement and can be engineered for single story living - driveway to living room.

The cabins are custom built by an experienced specialty team from Guadalajara. Prices are very affordable, starting at under $100K for both cabin and land.

At Tierra Alta, the weather is noticeably cooler, fresher, and drier. The land is rolling foothills with large, old oak trees. Lot sizes are a minimum of 1,600m2 - nearly a half-acre - with wonderful views of the valley below, that is filled with all sorts of beautiful birds, wild macaws and parrots, deer, and collared peccaries.

Wild Pacific Shore beaches are just 45 minutes away. No traffic. Tranquility and the best weather on the planet. Four minutes from El Tuito, where the food is excellent. Satellite TV and broad band internet access. Water from our tested well. Electrical service is ready for hook up, and the cabins are pre-treated for termites.

Tierra Alta will have about 28 building sites in a condo regimen with reasonable rules and yearly fees. The land has clear title. No Ejido problems. One community pool and roofed outdoor cooking area is now available. A second will be built when needed.

For more information and cabin floor plans, please visit If you would like to see what the Tierra Alta lifestyle offers you, call Tropicasa Realty's Wayne Franklin at (322) 222-6505, to set an appointment to preview the model cabin and breathe the fresh mountain air of El Tuito.

•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Traffic, Phones, the Internet and a Cabin 'Getaway'

David Kimball writes about life at Tierra Alta a cabin development near El Tuito, one hour south of Puerto Vallarta. He and his wife Xochitl are in the process of moving full time into what had been a weekend getaway cabin and a welcome source of rental income since its construction 4 years ago.

Cabin Escapes & Urban Life - Having it All in Vallarta
David and Xochitl Kimball

Located on the edge of El Tuito, just under an hour from Puerto Vallarta with an equal distance to the wild, untouched beaches along the Pacific Coast of Cabo Corrientes, the Tierra Alta eco cabin development offers an intimacy with nature that complements PV's urban attractions.

Maria Cavendish a New Owner at Tierra Alta El Tuito
David Kimball

Maria Cavendish is the newest owner at Tierra Alta, the cabin development in the foot hills of the Sierra Madre mountains near El Tuito, an easy one hour drive from Vallarta. Maria is working on preliminary drawings for her cabin, and hopes to entice her sister to become her cabin mate.

Tierra Alta News: El Tuito Now Has High Speed Internet
Banderas News Team

Residents of El Tuito and surrounding areas will now have access to state of the art high speed internet service. Technician Felipe Sanchez Flores developed the high speed system for the La Huerta region and is now installing the equipment for his first 10 customers in El Tuito.

New Tierra Alta Owner to Design & Build a Modern Cabin

Javier Jimenez, a successful Puerto Vallarta businessman, will build an exciting new 'modern cabin' at the Tierra Alta eco cabin development 2 kilometers from the mountain town of El Tuito in the oak-covered foothills of the Sierra Madres. Javier expects to begin cabin construction in September.

Tierra Alta Cabin Development Near El Tuito 25% Sold
Tropicasa Realty

With the most recent reservation of Lot 14, the Tierra Alta eco cabin development, less than an hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta, has now sold 25% of its inventory. The developers are happy to see that the Mexican mountain cabin concept is being received so well.

Tierra Alta Cabin Community Welcomes New Owners
Wayne Franklin

With the most recent reservation, the Tierra Alta cabin community near El Tuito, less than an hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta, has now sold 25% of its inventory. The newest community members are Jose de Jesus Gonzalez Aguiar and his wife, Celina.

Tierra Alta Presents: El Tuito Profiles - Tino Carbajal
David Kimball

Tierra Alta, a 7 hectare mountain property for custom built mountain cabins, lies just one mile from El Tuito. Just outside of this small town, an hour's drive from Vallarta, Tino Carbajal runs La Hacienda del Divisadero, a restaurant with open air seating that offers views of the countryside.

El Tuito Profiles: Plain Talk from Kai Doyle
David Kimball

Tierra Alta, a 7 hectare mountain property for custom built mountain cabins, lies just one mile from El Tuito. In this small town, an hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta, Kai Doyle has been living happily for 9 years. 'I didn't come to Mexico to live with a bunch of other gringos,' she says.

The Market Has Spoken & Tierra Alta's Been Listening
Tropicasa Realty

David and Xochitl Kimball have been developing large mountain cabins on a 7 hectare property in a beautiful oak forest near El Tuito, one hour's drive from Puerto Vallarta. But over the last year the market has spoken: many people prefer smaller cabins with larger decks.

Vallarta-Nayarit Paint Out and Plein Air Festival

Tierra Alta, a pristine ecological cabin development in an oak forest on the edge of the Sierra Madre Mountains less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta, has just announced the date for the first ever 'Paint Out and Plein-Air Festival,' to take place on the weekend of January 17, 2015.

Measuring Absence: Extremes in Population Densities
David Kimball

Are you dreaming of getting away from it (or them) all? Just South of Vallarta, the Municipio de Cabo Corrientes, which is home to the Tierra Alta eco-cabin development, has a population of only 10,000 people scattered over 1,540 square kms - that's just 6.5 persons per square kilometer.

This Month's Hot Property at Tropicasa Realty
Tierra Alta Cabin Getaways - El Tuito

You mean cool, not hot, if you're talking about Tierra Alta. At about 2,000 feet, the oak forest in the foothills of the Sierra Madres is a welcome relief from everything you left home to forget: traffic, high prices, and heat.

Tierra Alta Sweeps El Tuito Cabin Golden Acorn Awards
David Kimball

At Tierra Alta, the new Eco Development for cabins near Vallarta, those who were looking for an affordable, attractive country escape, and retirees looking for the right blend of economy and serenity, have not only found a new home, but also something to brag about.

Tierra Alta Eco Development Appoints Board of Advisors

Tierra Alta, the new Eco Development for cabins near El Tuito, has formed a Board of Advisors to help guide the project's growth, which requires expertise in a broad range of areas to avoid being overwhelmed by the complexity of keeping it all simple for the residents.

Cabo Corrientes, Mexico: If you're there, are you lost?
David Kimball

Cabo Corrientes is one of those vaguely heard of places where nobody ever goes because... well, where is it? And why would you go there? Cabo Corrientes is the defining end point of Banderas Bay west of Puerto Vallarta with about 75 kilometers of beautiful and rarely visited beaches.

Tierra Alta Eco Cabin Development's New Horticulturist

Canadian horticulturist, Bruce Beckler, will serve as the 'Master Gardener' for the Tierra Alta eco development. Located near El Tuito, about an hour south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Tierra Alta offers eco-friendly cabins built for weekend enjoyment, full-time living, or retirement.

Cabin Life in Jalisco Near Puerto Vallarta - Part 2
David Kimball

My wife and I recently spent our first night in our new, sweet pine smelling, model cabin in the Tierra Alta eco-development. It is located in the very beautiful oak forested foothills near the mountain town of El Tuito, less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta's South Shore.

Tierra Alta Development in El Tuito gets Rave Reviews

'The turnout at the Launch Event last month for the Tierra Alta in El Tuito was better than we could have hoped for,' said listing agent Wayne Franklin from Tropicasa Realty. By all accounts the reviews of this eco-friendly cabin development near Puerto Vallarta were glowing.

Cabin Life in Jalisco Near Puerto Vallarta - Part I
David Kimball

The introduction of the log cabin to Mexico is a recent phenomenon driven by lower costs and by the natural, compatible esthetics of log structures in mountain regions. Puerto Vallarta resident David Kimball tells us about Tierra Alta, an eco cabin development just outside of El Tuito.