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Testing of Cocaine Vaccine Shows it Does Not Fully Blunt Cravings for the Drug
Rachel Saslow

Scientists may have created a vaccine against cocaine addiction: a series of shots that changes the body's chemistry so that the drug can't enter the brain and provide a high.

Unwanted Side Effect: Cocaine Vaccine Leads Addicts to Take 10 Times More Cocaine
Stuart Fox

Over the last decade, the advances in neuroscience that led doctors to view addiction as a disease, rather than a desire or personal failing, raised the natural question of whether or not addicts could be vaccinated against drug use as if it were a virus. While the theory remains valid, the recent clinical trial of one of those vaccines highlights the complexity of the issue.

Obesity Now Poses as Great a Threat to Quality of Life as Smoking
Elsevier Health Sciences

As the US population becomes increasingly obese while smoking rates continue to decline, obesity has become an equal, if not greater, contributor to the burden of disease and shortening of healthy life in comparison to smoking.

A New Ally in the Battle Against Cocaine Addiction
Steve Pogonowski

A recent study shows that a bacterial protein may help cocaine addicts break the habit. Cocaine esterase (CocE) is a naturally-occurring bacterial enzyme that breaks down cocaine, thereby reducing its addictive properties.

Do You Drink Too Much?
Chris Good

Whether it’s a workplace social at the pub, a crate of beer for the game, or a night of drinking your buddies under the table, alcohol has a prominent position in the culture of the young working man. In fact, it seems to be as much a part of socializing as body language.

Puerto Rico OKs One of Lowest Drunk-Driving Limits
Associated Press

Puerto Rico has adopted one of the world's toughest legal limits for drunk driving by young adults. Gov. Luis Fortuno signed legislation that lowers the blood alcohol limit for drivers ages 18 to 20 to .02 percent from the standard .08 percent that applies to all other drivers on the U.S. island.

Cocaine Impurity May Cause Life-Threatening Immune Crash, CDC Says
Stacey Singer

You’ve heard cocaine is dangerous. There’s evidence the widespread use of a cutting agent may make it much more so.

Bourbon Versus Vodka: Bourbon Hurts More the Next Day, Performance is the Same
Damaris J. Rohsenow, Ph.D.

A new study has found that while drinking a lot of bourbon can cause a worse hangover than drinking a lot of vodka, impairment in people's next-day task performance is about the same for both beverages.

Cannabis and Adolescence
Rebecca Burns

Canadian teenagers are among the largest consumers of cannabis worldwide. The damaging effects of this illicit drug on young brains are worse than originally thought.

Russian Blames West For Heroin Rise
Amanda Walker

Russian authorities have told Sky News that Western forces in Afghanistan are to blame for the country's status as the world's biggest heroin consumer.

Hospital Medasist Offers Detox Program
Pamela Thompson

Hospital Medasist is pleased to announce the implementation of a new bi-lingual Detox Program (drugs-alcohol). This four day inpatient plan provides an integrated assessment, both physical and mental, for individuals struggling with addiction, as well as support for family members.

Old School Meth: Mexican Cartels Go Back to Basics
David W. Koop

Some gangs have responded to a Mexican crackdown on their meth chemical of choice - pseudoephedrine - by reviving a production method so old, it was used by U.S. motorcycle gangs and bathtub chemists in the 1970s and '80s, recent seizures show.

The Secret to Legal Marijuana? Women
Daniela Perdomo

Why women have signed onto marijuana reform - and why they could be the movement's game-changers.

Sobriety Under the Sun: Alcoholics Anonymous 8th Annual English Speaking Convention in Puerto Vallarta January 2010
Bob Cohen

The local English speaking Alcoholics Anonymous Serenity Group will be hosting their 8th annual "Sobriety Under the Sun" AA convention at the NH Krystal Resort on January 29-31, 2010. This year's theme will be "Mind, Body, Spirit."

Narconon and Drug Rehabs in Mexico Form New Collaborative to Save Lives

Drug rehab is a challenge in the best of times. These are not the best of times in Mexico. There have been nearly 10,000 drug cartel murders recorded nationwide in the past few years, including raids even on drug rehab centers themselves. The economies of both Mexico and the U.S. are struggling. Rehab beds are full, including too many returning after relapse. In such a climate what can be done?

Brazil's Crack Epidemic - Yet another Tough Nut to Crack in War on Drugs
Mario Osava

In Rio de Janeiro, between 80 and 90 percent of homeless people are addicted to crack - a cheaper, potent, highly addictive form of cocaine that is sold in small chunks and smoked rather than snorted - according to estimates by mental health professionals and social workers who try to help this segment of the population.

First Ever Large-Scale Study of Ketamine Users Published
Amy Molnar

The first ever large-scale, longitudinal study of ketamine users has been published online today in the journal Addiction.

Is Smoking Back?
Associated Press

Cigarette smoking rose slightly for the first time in almost 15 years, dashing health officials' hopes that the U.S. smoking rate had moved permanently below 20 percent.

Texas Agency Refuses to Make Community Drug Use Data Available Online

Craig Johnson, executive director of the drug prevention nonprofit, called on Commissioner David Lakey of the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to authorize the publishing of local school district results from the Texas School Survey on Drug and Alcohol Use to a document-sharing website and link the reports to their state website.

800,000 Americans Busted Annually for Pot
Sherwood Ross

Seven million Americans have been arrested since 1995 on marijuana charges and 41,000 of them are rotting in federal and State prisons - but the public is starting to rebel against "the preposterous war on pot," two political scientists say. Thousands of other pot users and sellers are confined in local jails as well.

Stress-Induced Changes in Brain Circuitry Linked to Cocaine Relapse
Leila Gray

Stress-evoked changes in circuits that regulate serotonin in certain parts of the brain can precipitate a low mood and a relapse in cocaine-seeking, based on mouse studies published online this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Alcohol Tolerance Switch Found in Fruit Flies
Dr. Robert Anholt

Researchers at North Carolina State University have found a genetic “switch” in fruit flies that plays an important role in making flies more tolerant to alcohol.

Cocaine Use Doubles in Mexico in Six Years
Agence France-Presse

Cocaine use doubled in Mexico in the six years to 2008, the health minister said Friday, arguing that tougher border controls on smuggling has pushed more of the drug into the domestic market.

Mexico's Rising Drug Use and Addiction - Who is to Blame?
Sylvia Longmire

Over the past year, several media reports have detailed the exploding domestic drug market in Mexico, as well as soaring drug dependency rates. The reasons for Mexico's transition from being mainly a "transport country" to becoming a "consumer country" are rather simple.

Mexico Drug Gangs in New Battle for Local Addicts
Julian Cardona

Mexico's violent drug gangs are fighting over home-grown addicts in the dingy back streets of northern border cities, creating new turf wars that will further stretch the country's security forces.

Cocaine Addiction Vaccine Shows Some Success
HealthDay News

A vaccine to help cocaine addicts beat their habit is showing some effect but is far from a cure, researchers report.

Mexico Confronting a Drug Addiction Epidemic
Dudley Althaus

Cheap and plentiful narcotics have flooded the country as producers and traffickers have sought to open new markets for cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and other drugs.

Mexico Drug Law is "Tool" Against Cartels: US
Robin Emmott

Washington is closely watching Mexico's recent decriminalization of drugs but respects its neighbor's move as a tool in the fight against drug cartels, two senior U.S. officials said last week.

Mexico's Hypocritical Tobacco Laws vs. Allowed Drug Use
Bernd Debusmann Jr

Last month, the Mexican government adopted a law that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of drugs. Little attention, however, has been paid to the fact that as far as tobacco is concerned, the Mexican government is going in the opposite direction.

US Drug Arrests Declined Slightly in 2008, FBI Reports
Drug War Chronicle

The number of people arrested for drug offenses in the United States declined slightly last year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. And for the first time since 2002, the number of people arrested on marijuana charges also declined.

Video: Iraq Emerging as Drug Transshipment Point
Al Jazeera

Since the 2003 US-led invasion, Iraq has witnessed a dramatic rise in the cultivation and trafficking of drugs. Reports indicate that drug abuse is on the rise among Iraqi youth and that armed militias have muscled in on this lucrative trade.

51% Rate Alcohol More Dangerous Than Marijuana
Rasmussen Reports

Fifty-one percent (51%) of American adults say alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Just 19% disagree and say pot is worse.

Mexico and Argentina Move Towards Decriminalising Drugs
Rory Carroll, Jo Tuckman, & Tom Phillips

Argentina and Mexico have taken significant steps towards decriminalising drugs amid a growing Latin American backlash against the US-sponsored "war on drugs".

Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession
Mark Stevenson

Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday – a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst of the government's grueling battle against drug traffickers.

New Info for Vallarta 12 Step Groups

The local Alano Club recently released new locations, schedules and contact information for Banderas Bay area Self-Help 12 Step Groups: AA, ALANON, NA, CODA, OA and NIC.ANON. Click HERE for more info.

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