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Vallarta Botanical Garden
"...all the beauty that Nature has to offer"

Vallarta Botanical Garden• Carretera Puerto Vallarta a Barra de Navidad Km. 24 • Tel: (322) 223-6182
Email: info(at) • Website: vbgardens.orgFacebookMap
Since opening the Garden's gates in 2005, Vallarta Botanical Garden has won international accolades as a not-to-be missed highlight of any trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Recommended by Lonely Planet, National Geographic and Fodor's Travel Guides, Vallarta Botanical Garden is 64 acres of highland mountain splendor, just 30 minutes south of Old Town Puerto Vallarta.

At Vallarta Botanical Garden, hundreds of collections of native tropical plants such as orchids, anthuriums, agaves as well as colorful flowering trees are to be found on meandering jungle pathways. Explore the Orchid Conservatory to learn the story about the native vanilla orchid, cacao (the chocolate plant), and coffee.

Swimming amongst the giant boulders in the crystalline spring-fed river within the garden ground is an unforgettable experience. See a real Mexican country kitchen where handmade tortillas are prepared in the traditional way to be served to you in the Garden's famous Hacienda de Oro Restaurant. A day's worth of activities for just $200 pesos entrance fee, your best vacation value.

Open daily from 9 am to 6:00 pm (closed Mondays from April through November), Vallarta Botanical Garden is located 30 minutes south of Old Town at Km. 24 on Highway 200. For more information, call (322) 223-6182 or visit

•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Puerto Vallarta's Official Tree Flowers for the First Time

The Magnolia vallartensis at the Vallarta Botanical Garden is blooming for the first time! The 2012 discovery of this unique and magnificent tree with spectacular blossoms created an instant sensation among plant and garden communities both throughout Mexico and abroad.

Vote for VBG on USA Today's '10 Best Gardens' List
Lorena Sonrisas

For the second year in a row, Vallarta Botanical Garden been nominated by a panel of experts to compete against 20 of the best gardens and arboretums in North America for a spot on USA Today's '10 Best' list for 2019. Vote for this Puerto Vallarta treasure today!

Jalisco Cloud Forest Distilled for Pure Enjoyment
Neil Gerlowski

Earlier this month I had the great pleasure of witnessing the inauguration of Jardín Botánico Haravéri, a new botanical garden in the far-off outskirts of the Puerto Vallarta region. On March 23, I'll be offering VBG and PVGC members a guided tour of Jalisco's 'Cloud Forest.'

Bird of a Different Feather a New Discovery for Science
Greg R. Homel & Neil Gerlowski

Early this year, birders visiting Vallarta Botanical Garden noticed what looked like a Yellow-winged Cacique, except the plumage was strikingly different... the bird had a yellow head and crest! So far, the discovery of this spectacular color anomaly appears to be a first for science.

Unique Bird Spotted at the Vallarta Botanical Garden
Greg R. Homel

As if the birdlife in Puerto Vallarta wasn't fascinating enough, every so often a real doozy shows up. A recent observation at the Vallarta Botanical Garden may be the first-ever documentation of a spectacular color anomaly of the Yellow-winged Cacique.

Destruction of Río Los Horcones Canyon Paused, For Now
Neil Gerlowski & Dr. Rafael Guzmán Mejía

For the past several months, staff of the Vallarta Botanical Garden and our neighbors in nearby ejidos have observed an unprecedented deforestation of the wild and scenic Río Los Horcones Canyon. Collective action is needed to ensure the survival of this ecosystem.

There are Jaguars on the Puerto Vallarta Malecón!
María Francesca

Vallarta Botanical Garden has installed 'JAGUARS - From Ancestral Myth to Current Conservation Imperative,' a visual exhibit of stunning images and interpretive texts on the Malecón. The exhibit was inaugurated January 10 and will remain on display through February 10, 2019.

2019 Vallarta Bird Festival at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Marie Callan

Vallarta Botanical Garden is home to over 200 different species of birds, and will be the site of the 2019 Vallarta Bird Festival, March 8-10. These three fun-filled days of birding tours and presentations will help fund the construction and installation of Military Macaw nest boxes.

Vallarta Botanical Garden Chocolate & Vanilla Festival
Lorena Sonrisas

On January 11 Vallarta Botanical Garden will celebrate two plant species native to Mexico: Chocolate and Vanilla. Make plans now to come out and learn more about these botanical treasures while enjoying tours, tastings, food specials, Folkloric dance performances, and more.

Vallarta Botanical Garden Tour & Culinary Adventure
Neil Gerlowski

There's no place quite like the Vallarta Botanical Garden, and the Botanical Delights Tour and Culinary Adventure is the best way to get the most from your experience there. This guided tour immerses guests in the natural beauty of Mexico and the richness of Mexican cuisine.

Vallarta Botanical Garden Celebrates Mes del Jaguar
Neil Gerlowski

As part of Mexico's first-ever Mes del Jaguar celebration, Vallarta Botanical Garden has installed an exhibit of stunning images and interpretive texts. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Nov. 3 with fun-filled and informative family-friendly activities.

Busy Bees Pollinating the Vallarta Botanical Garden
Neil Gerlowski

In early 2018, volunteers David Erne and Talit Maria Jose set up two hives in the Vallarta Botanical Garden which have already produced over 10 kg of honey! In addition to a sweet harvest, we're making sure that our plants are well attended to by one of our planet's most prolific pollinators.

No Jaguars, But Plenty of Prey Captured at the Garden
Vallarta Botanical Garden

The Panthera V6 camera traps installed in the Vallarta Botanical Garden's forest preserve last month have not yet captured images of jaguars, but we have several bird shots and one overhead family portrait of a troop of White-nosed coati - which happen to be excellent jaguar prey.

Drawing Straws, Naturally, at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Neil Gerlowski

Vallarta Botanical Garden offers a natural alternative to plastic straws - cuttings from a native bamboo, Rhipidocladum racemiflorum. These environmentally conscious beverage accessories are grown on site and are sustainably harvested to ensure a steady supply for the future.

Scientists Have a Field Day at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Neil Gerlowski

A pair of botanists, Dany Ramos (San Diego Zoo) and Dr. Eduardo Ruiz-Sanchez (University of Guadalajara) recently visited the Vallarta Botanical Garden during their research sojourn throughout Mexico preceding their participation in the World Bamboo Congress in Xalapa, Veracruz.

Filling the Shoes of a Great Champion of Conservation
Neil Gerlowski

The passing of Panthera President and CEO Alan Rabinowitz on August 5th, 2018, leaves a big pair of shoes for us to fill as we march on in working to conserve our native fauna and flora. Staff and volunteers at the Vallarta Botanical Garden are stepping up to the challenge.

Wildlife Photography Goes 24/7 at PV's Botanical Garden
Neil Gerlowski

Diana Friedeberg, the Mexico Country Director for Panthera, a global nonprofit dedicated to the conservation of big cats in the wild, is working with Vallarta Botanical Garden to install motion detecting camera traps that will be used to monitor the local jaguar population.

Neil Gerlowski Returns to Vallarta Botanical Garden
Margarita Bonita

Vallarta Botanical Garden welcomes back Executive Director, Neil Gerlowski, who has been on sabbatical to pursue a Fellowship at Longwood Gardens, a world-renowned center for horticultural excellence in Pennsylvania. Here he shares his experiences and plans for the VBG.

Hummingbird Festival at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Marie Callan

Everyone is invited to come to the Vallarta Botanical Garden on June 16 for the 2018 Hummingbird Festival, a family-oriented event celebrating one of nature's vibrant aerial acrobats. This is your chance to get an up-close-and-personal look at the wonderful world of the hummingbird.

VBG #4 on USA Today's 2018 '10 Best Gardens' List

The Vallarta Botanical Garden (VBG) has been named the fourth best garden in North America on USA Today's '10 Best' list. Competing against 20 of the best gardens on the continent, VBG was the only botanical garden in Mexico to be nominated for this prestigious award in 2018.

Vallarta Celebrates National Botanical Garden Day
Vallarta Botanical Garden

Mexico's National Botanical Garden Day will be celebrated this year on April 28. Here in the Banderas Bay area, Vallarta Botanical Gardens has won international accolades as a highlight of any trip to Puerto Vallarta, so come out and enjoy a day full of educational activities and family fun.

VBG Nominated for USA Today's '10 Best Gardens' List
Lorena Sonrisas

Since its opening in 2005, Vallarta Botanical Garden has won numerous international awards, and now they have been nominated by a panel of experts to compete against 20 of the best gardens and arboretums in North America for a spot on USA Today's '10 Best' list for 2018. Vote today!

2018 Vallarta Bird Festival at Vallarta Botanical Garden
Nancy Holland

Vallarta Botanical Garden is home to over 200 different species of birds, and will be the site for the 2018 Vallarta Bird Festival, March 9-11. Three action packed days of birding and nature walks in unique habitats with expert guides will satisfy even the most advanced birders.

A 'Prayer for Peace' at Vallarta Botanical Garden
María Francesca

As real and lasting peace is only possible if everyone works towards it, a 'Prayer for Peace' will be part of the Vallarta Botanical Garden's annual International Peace Garden celebration to be held at 12:00 noon on January 15, 2018. The public is welcome and encouraged to participate.

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