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Three Medics and a War
David Lord

I met the soldiers at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio. They were Combat Medics celebrating their upcoming graduation on June 6th, but their laughter was a little muted by the heaviness of their imminent deployment to the war in Iraq.

Memorial Day - Did You Remember?
David Lord

Did you remember to give a moment of silence on Memorial Day to show respect for the Veterans who have died? In this war, often their death was not an act of heroism, it was the result of simply doing their duty in the wrong place at the wrong time.

News and Views from the Disaster Zone
David Lord

Many property owners are now under assault from developers as they blindly overbuild and overextend the capacity of the City utilities. This results in the undermining of both the natural beauty and the livability of Puerto Vallarta.

Eco-Wars in Puerto Vallarta
David Lord

BOMBS AWAY! They have blown apart the jungle and homes on Amapas mountain! As I focus in with my telephoto lens from above, just out my back door, looking down on the fallen condos, I wonder, are we next?

The Claim Hoax, Less is More
David Lord

In Mexico, we Veterans find refuge from daily frustrations. We left the chaos, the hectic pace and the hub-bub of American life behind - but we are still in the hands of the bureaucratic technocrats running The Department of Veterans Affairs.

Laws that Every U.S. Veteran Should Know
David Lord

Most American Veterans who served during a period of war are unaware of laws that have passed since the 1970's. These laws give applicants additional benefits, and when done right, some 14 million Vets living at home or aboard could receive help.

Support the Troops by Bringing Them Home
Garett Reppenhagen, Michael T. McPhearson & Kevin Martin

President Bush is playing a game of political chicken with Democratic Congressional leaders over nearly $100 billion to fund his war policies in a supplemental appropriations bill.

Insult to Injury
Linda Robinson

Fred Ball's story is just one of a shocking number of cases where the U.S. military appears to have dispensed low disability ratings to wounded service members with serious injuries and thus avoided paying them full military disabled retirement benefits.

"Screw the Vets" : The Proposed Cash-In on Agent Orange Benefits
David Lord

When compared to civilian contractors, we Veterans are being treated as a lower class of citizen. The "Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007" that was recently introduced in House HR 972 IH, 110th Congress, is proof of that.

The Push Down, The Push Out
David Lord

The situation is worsening at Veterans Administration's Hospitals across America. As priorities shift to provide care for Iraq Veterans, older, disabled Veterans suffer the result of the current neglect in active duty Hospitals like Walter Reed.

Disability Ratings
David Lord

The US Army and Marine Corps, which are bearing the brunt of the burden in Iraq and Afghanistan, tend to give their wounded troops lower disability ratings than the Navy and Air Force, according to Defense Department data.

The Claim and the Conflict
David Lord

Too often, Veterans are made to fight a new battle for their rightful benefits after returning wounded to America. This situation can only get worse as shrinking budget projections have caused the VA to re-examine all areas of veterans' disability claims.

The Care Isn't There
David Lord

Walter Reed Hospital, the premier Military Hospital in America was disgraced this last week with the revelations about the rat and cockroach infested Building 18. This neglect of basic sanitary codes, adhered to even in prisons, is a betrayal.

U.S. Veterans in Puerto Vallarta
David Lord

Many veterans are living a disabled life as a result of their service to America. They have the right to recover as much of a life as can be attained, but in American society, reestablishing themselves can be difficult. I believe it's possible in Puerto Vallarta.

Vets Face More Health Care Cuts
David Lord

The proposed funding cuts for veterans' health care in the Bush administration's budget are unrealistic in light of recent VA budget trends. Its medical care budget has risen every year for two decades and 83% in the six years since Bush took office.

Spin It!
David Lord

Ask yourself why a defendant in a criminal trail has more rights to legal counsel, due process and a fair impartial jury than US Veterans seeking compensation for wounds of war? The answer: because the VA is controlling all aspects of the claims process.

In The Process of Claims
David Lord

I get great satisfaction from giving a helping hand to those of you that have reason to apply for Veterans Benefits, and am proud of the very high success rate of claims processed for Veterans living in Mexico that apply through me - but it takes time.

It's a Small World
David Lord

As a new member of the Puerto Vallarta Writer's Group, imagine my surprise to meet a fellow Veteran and his visiting publisher, who just happens to be a former Marine who's life may have been saved by my fire team in Khe Sanh in Vietnam.

Speaking the Truth
David Lord

I add to the general dismay felt by American Citizens at the United States of America's Governmental Iraq policy. I have always wondered at the stated prize (a democratic government and free Iraqi people) from the Bush Presidential group.

Will S.S.A. Provide Medical Benefits in Mexico?
David Lord

The VA pays claims at local care providers, so why doesn't the Social Security Administration? Certainly the tax payers/citizens of America deserve the same benefits received by America's Vets when it comes to health care outside America.

Ed Bradley, His Death and Agent Orange
David Lord

Last week, while being interviewed on XM Satellite Radio about the death of Ed Bradley of CBS News, I stated that it may have been the result of exposure to herbicides in Viet Nam. If Ed had been a US Veteran, both he and his surviving spouse would have received compensation.

Do You Feel it Too?
David Lord

We came together this season to share our lives with friends and family, but I feel even at our happiest gatherings a small piece of us is distracted. The joys that we share are a little less carefree since we are facing the folly of Iraq.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
David Lord

I would like to wish all Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay residents a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a heart-felt Thank You from all of the Veterans living in this area, who have found open and interesting friendships here.

Puerto Vallarta, the Good Life
David Lord

My life is good here in Puerto Vallarta, and speaking of good things, I have had the greatest time this last week attending the various local meetings and events. The PV Writers Group, the Navy League, Toys for Tots... the list goes on and on.

What is Diabetes, Anyway?
David Lord

Diabetes is a problem that affects many veterans. Every veteran who served in Vietnam is considered at risk of adult-onset Diabetes, a.k.a. Type 2 Diabetes, because of exposure to Agent Orange or other herbicides used in Vietnam between 1962 and 1971.

Pension Pretermission
David Lord

Nearly 2 million poor veterans or their impoverished widows are likely missing out on as much as $22 billion a year in pensions from the US government, but the Department of Veterans Affairs has had only limited success in finding them.

Thoughts on Flight 93
David Lord

After seeing the movie "Flight 93," at a local theater, I must tell you that the rage I feel toward the Fanatical Muslim Terrorist is only matched by my contempt for an Administration that has so misdirected the United States' response to terror.

Sending The Message
David Lord

Last week, our Troops in Iraq were given the support of the American citizens who voted to exchange the "stay the course" policy for a new direction in policy to be initiated by newly elected Democrats in Congress and the Senate.

November 11th is US Veterans Day
David Lord

Veterans Day is November 11th. Enjoy this day, and share your personal stories, because your service to America was truly given to all Americans, and should be remembered in the light of what was happening at that time and place in history.

Cutting the Trim
David Lord

We face a disaster in Iraq in part because of Rumsfeld's attempt to reshape our military to conform to corporate management principles. His slash-and-cut style has turned into a catastrophic mistake for the generals who are prosecuting this war.more »»»

Mid-Term Elections, Remember Our K.I.A.
David Lord

If you are a US citizen planning to vote in the mid-term elections remember that our killed in action has nearly reached three thousand of America's finest citizens and ask yourself, should we stay "The Course" and continue to spill more blood?more »»»

VA Health Care, Insurance and Survivor Benefits
David Lord

An article for a weekly column has to have clarity in order for the message to get through, however sometimes the thought process of a Vietnam Veteran differs greatly from the norm, and I have to say that last week's article was a perfect example.more »»»

The Cost of This War
David Lord

The War goes on, and as we watch from Puerto Vallarta, we Americans and Canadians are told that fighting over there is the way we stop from fighting within North America. The program of keeping the terrorist at bay is a folly.more »»»

David Lord

After two thousand seven hundred Soldiers and Marines K.I.A. and twenty thousand more wounded in Iraq, President Bush said, "This will be nothing more than a 'Comma' in American History!" Wolf Blitzer of CNN and America were shown the real depth of this President during his interview last Sunday.more »»»

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