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On Calderon's Political Reform
The News

The problem with the 10-point political reform proposed on Tuesday by President Felipe Calderon is that it is headed towards "The Shredder," namely the two houses of Congress.

What Evo's Win Means
La Jornada

The triumph of President Evo Morales and his party, the Movement for Socialism (MAS), in the Bolivian elections this past Sunday guarantees, with more than two-thirds of the vote, the reelection of the indigenous leader and the domination of his political organization in Bolivia's legislative chambers.

The Key of Equality
Miguel Angel Ferrer

For the past 35 years, Article 4 of the Constitution has established that men and women are equal before the law. But legal or formal equality doesn´t always imply realistic equality.

Preventing War, from Caracas to Kabul
El Diario de El Paso

When we speak of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the war that Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, wants to start with Colombia, one gets the impression that we are talking about something inevitable. Is there any possible way to free human beings from the supposed inevitability of war?

Purloined E-mails Don't Change the Facts
Eugene Robinson

Stop hyperventilating, all you climate change deniers. The purloined e-mail correspondence published by skeptics last week - portraying some leading climate researchers as petty, vindictive and tremendously eager to make their data fit accepted theories - does not prove that global warming is a fraud.

Unhappy Thanksgiving
William Rivers Pitt

The calendar has come around again to Thanksgiving, and families all over the country will be gathering around dinner tables to celebrate. Or try to, anyway.

Tuna’s Death Spiral
New York Times

The international commission that sets catch limits for tuna and other large migratory fish has failed, once again, to do what is necessary to give the prized bluefin tuna in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean a real chance to survive.

Fear and Loathing in the Wake of Fort Hood
Raúl Benoit

What should surprise us is that, in spite of all the paranoia in the United States, the nation did not take better measures to prevent what happened at Fort Hood, the very site where two incidents of a smaller scale had already taken place.

Blunted Needles
The Washington Post

Programs that allow drug addicts to swap their dirty needles for sterile syringes are effective in reducing the transmission of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

A Triumph for Democracy in Honduras?
Tom Loudon

On Friday, October 30, a US-brokered, Agreement for National Reconciliation and the Strengthening of Democracy in Honduras was signed between President Manual Zelaya Rosales and coup regime leader Roberto Micheletti. Among many sectors, the deal is being hailed as a triumph for democracy in Honduras

America's Real Death Panels
Diana Novak

Next spring, Texas will decide whether or not to become the first state to admit it executed an innocent man.

Good Sense on Medical Marijuana
New York Times

The federal government should not be harassing sick people and their caregivers. Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. has made the right decision, calling off prosecutions of patients who use marijuana for medical purposes or those who distribute it to them — provided they comply with state laws.

Fire Lou Dobbs
El Diario La Prensa

Latinos, immigrants, and others have, for a long time now, put up with the hateful lies of Lou Dobbs. Using the platform that CNN provides him every night, Dobbs has crossed the line far too many times.

Some Mexicans See Light at End of Crises Plagued Tunnel
Patrick Corcoran

Much of what is written about Mexico suggests a nation in which the citizens are losing faith. Mexicans don't trust the government, they are apoplectic about the economy, they fear for their safety at all hours, they live on the verge of a deadly pandemic, and for years they have been hightailing their way out of the country by the millions.

The New Drug Czar Pays Us a Visit
El Espectador

Translator's note: This editorial, published in the Colombian-based daily El Espectador, was written in response to comments made by Gil Kerlikowske, Obama's new "Drug Czar," prior to Kerlikowske's recent three-day visit to the South American country. The article assesses what kinds of changes, if any, the people of Colombia might expect from the new American administration.

A Triumph for the Third World
Fidel Castro Ruz

Major economic powerhouses competed to host the 2016 Olympic Games, among them the two most industrialized nations on the planet: the United States and Japan. But in the end, it was Rio de Janeiro - a city in Brazil - that took home the prize.

Botched Executions
New York Times

Ohio’s failed executions should bring up the question whether any state ought to be putting people to death at all.

Obama at the UN: Securing Our Future
Robert F. Dodge

President Obama re-established the United States global leadership role in creating a secure tomorrow as he made his UN debut this past week. Speaking before the General Assembly, he put forward "four pillars" that he said are "fundamental to the future that we want for our children"- for a safer America and world.

Grisly Mexican Photos Raise Serious Questions
Winnipeg Free Press

Mexican newspapers ran graphic photographs of two Kamloops men shot dead outside a Puerto Vallarta condominium. The photographs of Sunday's killings put to rest any idea there is any glory or excitement in running with criminals.

Finally, Targeted Federal Action on Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone
Brett Duke

Reducing agricultural runoff that flows into the Mississippi River and eventually the Gulf of Mexico is crucial to shrinking the annual dead zone that forms off Louisiana's coast, but those efforts need to target farms that produce the most pollution.

Question of Substance
Obdulio Avila Mayo

The first three years of President Felipe Calderón's administration cannot be defined by one single event. Unlike in previous administrations where a single action or inaction defined the presidency, the Calderón government has faced several important challenges and has addressed them simultaneously in several directions.

Time to End Cuba Embargo

The failed and counterproductive U.S. trade embargo on Cuba may crumble even more if the two countries succeed in re-opening direct mail contact and increasing legal Cuban immigration to this country.

Afghanistan Isn't Worth One More American Life
Joseph L. Galloway

The debate over our creeping military mission in distant Afghanistan grows ever hotter, and before we march even deeper into trouble, perhaps it's time to dig out the old Powell Doctrine and answer the eight questions it poses.

The American Right to Invade Privacy?
Dale McFeatters

A disappointing feature of the Obama administration is its continuing support of the Bush administration's assertion of the federal government's unfettered right to snoop.

Gay Pride and Prejudice
Los Angeles Times

The federal case on Prop. 8 could get ugly, with every canard about homosexuality being put on trial.

“In America, Corporations do not Control the Government. In America, Corporations are the Government.”
Larry Flynt

The American government - which we once called our government - has been taken over by Wall Street, the mega-corporations and the super-rich. They are the ones who decide our fate.

Obama's Shout-Out for Mexico's Drug War
Christian Science Monitor

Mexicans should take heart from a report last week by the Obama administration that shows America's neighbor is making progress in honoring human rights – despite a violent, internal war against powerful drug cartels.

Sotomayor Vote; Republicans a Party Out of Touch
Bill Hare

A once strong Republican Party that Karl Rove and Grover Norquist predicted would eviscerate its opposition has resorted to such a bungling spectacle that Rush Limbaugh has been declared in many circles as its de facto leader.

Could the Great Recession Lead to a Great Revolution?
Immanuel Ness

For the first time in generations, people are challenging the view that a free-market order – the system that dominates the globe today – is the destiny of all nations.

Mexico on the Brink
Ben Whitford

Felipe Calderón says drug cartels threaten Mexico's democracy. But his effort to crush them are damaging its society.

A Warning Sign from Mexico's Elections
Los Angeles Times

A comeback by the once-dominant PRI may signal a longing for a return to a one-party state. If President Felipe Calderon hopes to salvage his PAN party, he needs to fix the economy and public safety.

The Return of the Dinosaur
The News

The return of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) as the leading political force in the nation is baffling, to be mild about it.

The New Global Economic Reality
Charles Simpson

Mexico is in a unique position to reap many of the benefits of the decline of the US economy. In order to not violate NAFTA and other agreements the U.S.A. cannot use direct protectionism, so it is content to allow the media to play a protectionist role.

Eight Parties
The News

Voter confusion reigned Sunday as midterm elections were held throughout Mexico, on the whole, in a peaceful way, as expected.

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