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Breathe In the Fountain of Youth at Holistic Bio Spa
Jaqui Karr

Oxidative stress eats away at your health, which in turn ages you faster inside and out. Here's the sad truth: Everyone suffers from oxidative stress. Holistic Bio Spa in Puerto Vallarta offers glutathione nebulizer treatments that reverse damage from yesterday and protect you for tomorrow.

10 Easy Ways to Give Your Body What it Really Needs
Dr. Susan Maples

We all know that a good diet and exercise is important to optimal health. But good intentions often have adverse consequences when people unknowingly cut out key ingredients resulting in nutritional deficiencies. Dr. Susan Maples shares 10 easy ways to give your body what it really needs.

HealthCare Resources Vallarta Health News & Clinics
Pamela Thompson

Just because we are heading into the summer months, doesn't mean all activities stop. True, the pace is a little less hectic but life goes on! Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta will continue to offer health clinics, referrals – the works! - throughout the months of May and June.

Do Away with Allergy and Asthma Triggers in Your Home
Bruce Serbin

May is National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in the US, and the kickoff of spring and summer wheezing and sneezing here in Mexico. While you may not be able to control the outdoor environment, you can take control of the inside of your home to reduce allergy triggers.

Amigos Give Life-Saving Equipment to the North Shores
Harold Sokolove

There's soon going to be a major improvement in public safety for residents and visitors of the North Shore area of Banderas Bay. Thanks to a generous donation by the Amigos de La Cruz, a Protección Civil Nayarit ambulance will carry an Automatic External Defibrillator on board.

Tax Doesn't Keep Mexico From Drinking Sugary Soda

A 10% tax imposed on sugary drinks two years ago hasn't stopped Mexicans from buying soda. Sales dropped at first, but it appears as if they're once again on the rise. The country's largest Coca Cola bottler saw soda sales rise by 5.5% in the 1st quarter of this year compared to 2015.

Seniors Can See Health Benefits from Dog Ownership
Jeff Sossamon

Researchers at the University of Missouri have determined that older adults who also are pet owners benefit from the bonds they form with their canine companions. Dog walking is associated with lower body mass index, fewer doctor visits, and more frequent exercise.

Dr. Pepe on Medical Imaging in Puerto Vallarta
Pamela Thompson

As part of Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta's 'Hot Topics,' Dr. Jose Riva Palacio will present 'Medical Imaging for Dummies' on April 12 at Hospital San Javier Marina. This program will cover all aspects of medical imaging, what is available in the Banderas Bay area, and more.

Mexican Health Ministry Launches Weight Loss Campaign

In preparation of World Heath Day (April 7) the Mexican Health Ministry kicked off on Wednesday a weight reducing campaign to motivate its public-sector workers to 'lose 500 tons' of excess weight. If successful, the nationwide campaign could garner Mexico a Guinness World Record.

Robin Wilson's Spring Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home

Spring is here and that means it's time for spring cleaning. In addition to getting rid of the clutter in your home, how can you create a healthy living environment for your family? 'Clean Design: Wellness for Your Lifestyle' author Robin Wilson gives us some spring cleaning tips.

Treat Yourself to Chiropractic Care at the OTFM-TC
Erin Staley

Everyone knows that the Puerto Vallarta Old Town Farmers Market-Tianguis Cultural is loaded with an abundance of can't-miss 'make it, bake it, grow it' products, but did you know that they also have some good-for-you personal services, like on site Chiropractic Care?

'Semana Santa Protegida' to Distribute 50,000 Condoms

On March 24 and 25, Semana Santa Protegida booths will be set up on the Holiday Inn and Las Glorias Beaches, the Municipal Building in downtown Vallarta and at Plaza Lázaro Cardenas, where volunteers will be performing free HIV rapid tests and providing free condoms and STD information.

10 Questions Patients Never, But Should Always, Ask

Emergency Medicine physician, Dr. Haselhorst identifies ten important questions he recommends people carry with them when they go to the hospital or see their doctors. They are designed to help them ask the right questions, make the right decisions, and achieve the best outcomes.

March 16 Blood Drive: PV Prepares for Semana Santa
Pamela Thompson

As we head into the Semana Santa holidays, there is always a huge increase in the need for blood! Healthcare Resources Puerto Vallarta will hold a Blood Drive to help stock the Blood Bank on March 16 from 8 am-2 pm at Hospital San Javier Marina (across from the cruise ship dock).

Operation Blessing Helps Mexico Fight the Zika Virus
The Virginian-Pilot

Operation Blessing International is helping fight the Zika virus in Mexico with mosquito-eating fish. The humanitarian group is breeding Gambusia in a pond in a fish-breeding area near Acapulco and already is giving fish away to families to use in their rain water collection barrels.

Take Some Time to De-Stress at Holistic Bio Spa
Julie Bunker

Do you dream of taking breaks from the stress of every day life? Better yet, do you even REALIZE when you are under stress and NEED that break? Zoli Hargitai, owner/founder of the Holistic Bio Spa here in Puerto Vallarta, knows how to help you beat the stress.

Holistic Bio Spa: The Answer to True & Lasting Beauty
Julie Bunker

Are you interested in knowing how I got to feeling good inside again despite my 62 years on this planet? It started with something at Holistic Bio Spa called SCIO Biofeedback. That's right! All of that Quantum Physics stuff that is baffling - and at the same time oh-so-fascinating!

2016 Medical Matters Conference Speakers - Part 4
Pamela Thompson

The 2016 PV Medical Matters Conference sponsors - HealthCare Resources, the US Consular Agency, and the CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa - are proud to welcome some very distinguished medical practitioners as featured speakers at this year's event.

#Roxyfitness Run+SUP+Yoga Event in Nuevo Vallarta
Riviera Nayarit CVB

The Riviera Nayarit will be the first destination in Mexico to host the #Roxyfitness Run+SUP+Yoga, an exclusive event for women who like the sporting life. The event will take place on the beach at the Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta in Nuevo Vallarta on March 26, 2016.

2016 Medical Matters Conference Speakers - Part 3
Pamela Thompson

Puerto Vallarta's 6th annual Medical Matters Conference, a no charge community health care event featuring options for the Banderas Bay Community regarding day to day well-being and emergency health care needs, will be held at the Marriott CasaMagna Resort February 15 from 9 am-5 pm.

Medical Marijuana Eyes Mexico as Next Big Market

Medical Marijuana Inc is betting on Mexico as its next big market as the country opens up to the import of some cannabis-derived products for medical use. CEO Stuart Titus said Mexico represented a '$1 billion to $2 billion opportunity' in terms of cumulative revenue over the next 10 years.

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