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World Heart Day: Fuel Your Heart and Power Your Life
Citizen News Service

Held every year on September 29, World Heart Day was founded in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world's leading causes of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year. This year's theme is 'Fuel Your Heart and Power Your Life.'

Honey and Cinnamon Can Cure Many Health Problems
Marie Callan

According to some scientists and health enthusiasts, a mixture of honey and cinnamon can cure virtually any health problem. The reasons given vary, but generally center on the ability of these two superfoods to control inflammation, combat free radicals and boost the immune system.

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance in Mexico
MEXLend Mortgages for Mexico

Though Mexico is well-known for having inexpensive, quality medical care available through a variety of private and public providers, one of the considerations for Americans and Canadians who are considering a move to Mexico on a part- or full- time basis is health insurance.

Yoga Legend Suggest 7 Ways to Have a Better Morning
Alex Smith

What if you could turn morning time into your favorite time of the day, where waking up is actually easy and more enjoyable? Yoga legend Aadil Palkhivala, known across the world as the 'Godfather of yoga in the west,' offers these tips that will make it easier to get going in the morning.

Mexico Students Create Skin Cancer Detection System
Fox Latino News

National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico students have created a non-invasive technique for early detection of skin cancer - a computing system that analyzes photos taken through a dermatoscope using pattern-recognition algorithms to detect the disease's most common properties.

2017 La Penita Cancer de Mama Clinic Needs Your Help
Marie Callan

Every year in February the Cancer de Mama Clinic in La Penita, Nayarit works to help Mexican women survive breast cancer with comfort and dignity. The non-profit organization is currently gearing up for the February 2017 clinic, and needs volunteers, monetary and in-kind donations.

HealthCare Resources Vallarta August Health Clinics
Pamela Thompson

HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta has a full month of clinics in August but will take a break in September from all clinics and programs. Of course they'll be available for everything else. October will bring a full month of their regular clinics, some new ones and a lot of speaker's programs.

Kino MacGregor to Host Yoga Classes at Westin Resort
Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board

The Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and CVB have announced that Shala Ananda Yoga Studios will host Kino MacGregor, a teacher and devotee of Ashtanga yoga, in a series of classes from November 18-20, 2016, as part of the Westin Resort & Spa Puerto Vallarta's Well-Being Movement.

Eight Ways Yoga Can Help You Cope with Grief
Alex Smith

When someone is grieving, they need comfort and help dealing with what has happened. They need a way to find peace. Yoga can help. Aadil Palkhivala, recognized as one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world, says there are eight ways yoga can help someone cope with grief.

Mexico's Junk-Food Tax Cut Purchases by 5.1 Percent
Associated Press

Mexico's 8 percent tax on high-calorie snacks has been successful in reducing junk food purchases, but only by a small amount and only among poor and middle-class households, according to a study by Mexico's National Institute of Public Health & the University of North Carolina.

Cofepris Agents Raid Vallarta's Vitamin Stores
Suzy Chaffee

Three years ago, President Peña Nieto brilliantly asked groups across Mexico to come up with innovative ways to help prevent a collapse in Mexico's health care system from being No.1 in diabetes and obesity. Yet, last week, vitamin stores in Vallarta were raided by Cofepris agents.

Vallarta's Rainy Season Means it's Mosquito Season, too
Laura Gelezunas

Puerto Vallarta's rainy season means it's mosquito season, too. The little buggers are not just annoying, but also carry viruses like Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. Before you start bombarding them with toxic chemicals try some of these preventive measures and natural insect repellents.

The 'Wheezes & Sneezes' of Summer Allergies

With the hot and humid weather of summer, the symptoms of allergies are in full swing for many. If you suffer from the 'wheezes and sneezes,' there are 10 things you must be aware of according to Robin Wilson, an ambassador for the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

The Cheapest Easiest Deep Detox You Ever Had
Jaqui Karr

With the increase in the number of chemicals introduced in the last fifty years, there has been a dramatic increase in incidences of auto-immune disease, allergies and common infections. Holistic Bio Spa Vallarta offers an ionic foot bath that is the easiest deep detox treatment ever.

Exercise, More than Diet, Key to Preventing Obesity
MU News Bureau

Exercise or diet, which matters more in the fight against obesity? According to new research from the University in Missouri, exercise may trump diet. Researchers found that rats who exercised had less fat tissue than those who did not, even less than those with a calorie restricted diet.

Need to Know: Taking Medications Into and Out of Mexico
Adam Garcia

Kerfuffles regarding pills and traveling in to and out of Mexico – its good to know the rules! Whether buying pharmaceuticals in Mexico to take back home, or carrying OTC medications through customs in Puerto Vallarta or any other Mexican airport, it is important to know proper procedure.

Holistic Bio Spa: De-Stress on a Cellular Level
Jaqui Karr

Chronic physical or emotional pain doesn't need to stay with you. They can stay with you forever if you choose. Or you can choose to get a little help from Holistic Bio Spa, where the science and technology of modern medicine is combined with the sacred art of healing and philosophy.

HealthCare Resources Mosquito Prevention Presentation
Pamela Thompson

One of our biggest challenges right now is mosquitoes! As the rainy season approaches, it is everyones responsibility to take precautions. At 9:30 am on June 7, PV Health Department Director Dr. Jaime Zayas will talk about Mosquito Prevention at Hospital San Javier Marina. Seats are limited, RSVP.

Barber & Booze: Hair of the Dog in Puerto Vallarta
Modern Salon

Some things have a singular, unique appeal - a good shave and a good cocktail are two such things. Barber & Booze on the south side of Puerto Vallarta, has capitalized on the lure of these two things by offering them both in one location.

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