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Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011
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Don't miss the chance to dine at your favorite Puerto Vallarta restaurant - and save a bundle - during Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011! For participating restaurant menus, visit

From May 15-31st, dining out in Puerto Vallarta is not only more fun, but also much more affordable! For the seventh year in a row, Vallarta Lifestyles' Restaurant Week is once again offering you the chance to dine at some of Banderas Bay's most recognized restaurants with savings of up to 50%!

Restaurant Week Side Trip

After you've enjoyed the Restaurant Week menu at your favorite Vallarta restaurant, stop by Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates, which is open until 10 pm for those desiring a chocolate fix. Click HERE for more info.

As in previous years, Restaurant Week participants will entice locals and tourists to explore their creative cuisine by way of fixed price menus that offer diners at least three choices for each course (appetizer, entree and dessert) at the fixed price of either $189 or $299 pesos per person, not including beverages or tips.

Thirty-eight restaurants will participate in the 2011 edition of Vallarta Restaurant Week, an increase from last year’s 31 participants. Many venues will also be featuring live entertainment to enhance your dining pleasure.

With so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, and only 17 days to sample the culinary talents of some of Puerto Vallarta's finest chefs, it may be hard to decide where to dine so, throughout the 17 day event, PV restaurant reviewer Gary R. Beck will be taking small groups of food lovers to participating dining establishments, where they will sample at least three choices for each course.

After enjoying the offerings at each restaurant they visit, Gary will write a review based on the group's opinions and share the information with you right here on BanderasNews. In some cases, Laura Gelezunas of Video Diva Productions will tag along to shoot exclusive videos of the group's dining experience.

If you would like to be part of Gary's group, send an email to garyrbeck1(at) Only the first 7 people to request participation on any certain night will be accepted, and reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Dinner reservations are being made for 7:30 pm each evening, and as soon as the restaurants he'll be visiting are booked the dates will be listed on the chart below. If you would like to join Gary's group on the listed dates, Click HERE to send him an email TODAY!

We'll also be posting new dates, Gary's reviews and Laura's videos throughout Vallarta Restaurant Week, so keep checking back for the latest news and updates.

2011 Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week Participants:

• Archie's Wok - $189  Gary's Review
• Arrecifes - $299
• Barcelona Tapas - $189  Gary's Review
• Blanca Blue - $299  Gary's Review
• Bistro Balsamar - $189
• Cafe des Artistes - $299
• Cafe des Artistes del Mar - $299
• Casa Isabel - $189  Gary's Review
• Coco Tropical - $189
• Coco's Kitchen - $189  Gary's Review
Daiquiri Dick's - $299  Gary's Review
• De Santos - $299
El Arrayán - $189
El Dorado - $299  Gary's Review
• French Riviera - $299
• Frascati - $189
• Ginger Garden Lounge - $299
• Hacienda San Angel - $299
Kaiser Maximilian - $299  Gary's Review
• La Albufera - $189  Gary's Review
• La Leche - $299
• Las Palomas - $299
Le Kliff - $299  Gary's Review
• Marantina - $189  Gary's Review
• Mezzogiorno - $299
• Mikado - $189
• Nicksan - $299
No Way José! - $189
• Peppers - $189
• PortoBello - $299
• Prime 159 - $299
River Café - $299  Gary's Review
• Si Seńor - $189
Taste@Casa Cupula - $189
• Thierry's Prime- $299
Trio - $299  Gary's Review
• Tsunami - $189
• Vitea - $189

Don't miss the chance to dine at your favorite Puerto Vallarta restaurant - and save a bundle - from May 15-31st! To see the special three-course menus participating restaurants will be serving during Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011, please visit

For a sneak peek at what some of Vallarta's favorite restaurants are serving during Restaurant Week 2011, click HERE.

•  P U E R T O  V A L L A R T A  R E S T A U R A N T  W E E K  2 0 1 1  R E V I E W S  •

Restaurant Week 2011 at La Albufera
Gary R. Beck

Owner Pilar Casellas and family, including her son Chef Gunther Auerbach Casellas run La Albufera, a small Spanish restaurant known for their specialty paella and small plates of tapas. On a recent visit during Vallarta Restaurant Week, our group sampled La Albufera's offerings.

Vallarta Restaurant Week at Madison South
Gary R. Beck

At Casa Isabel's Madison South, Executive Chef Lucas de Jesús Gonzales presents creative cuisine beautifully presented. Add to this top-notch service, gorgeous views, and their special Vallarta Restaurant Week menu, and you'll enjoy an evening that is as memorable as it is unique.

Restaurant Week 2011 at Marantina Lounge
Gary R. Beck

Marantina Gastro Lounge is another not-to-be-missed place to visit during Restaurant Week 2011. Located just half a block from Los Muertos Beach, this stylish yet relaxed venue offers a creative list of fusion bites, specialty martinis, and some of the best cocktails in Vallarta.

Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011 at Le Kliff
Gary R. Beck

Since 1983, the Guzmán Gutiérrez family has been offering one of Puerto Vallarta's most memorable fine dining experiences at Le Kliff Restaurant & Bar - especially during Restaurant Week, when you can enjoy their fabulous 3 course menu for $299 pesos.

Xocodiva: PV's Premier House of Chocolate
Gary R. Beck

After enjoying a fabulous dinner during Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011, we strolled over to Ródolfo Gómez and stopped in at Xocodiva Artisan Chocolates, which is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm for people desiring a fantastic chocolate fix.

Barcelona Tapas Restaurant Week Review
Gary R. Beck

Barcelona Tapas is the ideal place for eating out with friends, and that is just one of the reasons why it was the perfect place to spend a night out on the town during this year's Vallarta Restaurant Week. Another reason is their special 3-course menu for only $189 pesos!

Vallarta Restaurant Week at El Dorado
Gary R. Beck

Offering fabulous Asiatic/Latin cuisine, El Dorado is another not-to-be-missed place to visit during Vallarta Restaurant Week. Opened in 1961 by the Guillermo Wulff family, this Playa Los Muertos landmark has evolved into a casually elegant beachfront restaurant.

Restaurant Week 2011 at Coco's Kitchen
Gary R. Beck

Coco Ińiguez and daughter Vanessa Villegas continue their fine breakfast and lunch items for which the ladies have been famous in Southside for years, however, a visit during 2011 Vallarta Restaurant Week proved that Coco's Kitchen is also a great spot for an evening meal.

Vallarta Restaurant Week at Trio
Gary R. Beck

Since its opening in August 1997, Trio Restaurant Bar Café has become one of Puerto Vallarta’s most highly recommended dining spots - especially during Restaurant Week, when you can sample Chefs Bernhard Güth and Ulf Henriksson's Mediterranean haute cuisine for only $299 pesos.

Restaurant Week 2011 at Kaiser Maximilian
Gary R. Beck

This month, Kaiser Maximilian is celebrating 16 years of bistro-style dining in Old Town Puerto Vallarta, so in addition to participating in Vallarta Restaurant Week, they'll be serving their special three-course dinner for just $299 peso through June 15th.

Archie's Wok Restaurant Week Review
Gary R. Beck

For almost 25 years Archie's Wok has delighted diners' palates with its Asian fusion that has made it Vallarta's Oriental cuisine classic. Don't miss your chance to enjoy their special three-course menu - for only $189 pesos - during Vallarta Restaurant Week 2011.

Restaurant Week 2011 at Blanca Blue
Gary R. Beck

With the most breathtaking views of Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay and Los Arcos, Blanca Blue has become one of the city's most elegant and sophisticated dining options. This gourmet restaurant provides an idyllic setting for enjoying Restaurant Week 2011.

Daiquiri Dick's Restaurant Week Review
Gary R. Beck

With exceptional cuisine and superior service in an elegant beachfront setting, when it comes to fine dining in Puerto Vallarta, Daiquiri Dick's has it all... especially during Restaurant Week 2011, when you can enjoy a special 3-course menu for only $299 pesos.

Restaurant Week 2011 at The River Café
Gary R. Beck

Vallarta's Seventh Annual Restaurant Week Festival started on May 15, and we chose The River Café to usher us into the 17 night-long sojourn. Located along the banks of the Rio Cuale in downtown Puerto Vallarta, The River Café is a place to enjoy with all your senses.

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