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PV to Host 2008 Mr. Gay Mexico Finals
Aaron Watson

Thought September's Mr. Gay Puerto Vallarta Competition was hot? Watch for the Mr. Gay Mexico Finals, hosted by 'La Prohibida' Tomy Sawer and special guest Martin Mazza, scheduled to take place in Puerto Vallarta on December 6th, 2008.

Child Abuse Increases Risk for Later Sexually Coercive Behavior in Some Men
Joel Schwarz

Boys who experienced childhood physical or sexual abuse are more likely to use sexually coercive behavior against an unwilling female partner when they are adolescents and young adults.

Mr. Gay Puerto Vallarta '08: Help Wanted
Paul Crist

Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA, A.C., is seeking bartenders, barbacks, waiters and contestants for the Mr. Gay Puerto Vallarta 2008 competition, scheduled to take place from 9 pm to 3 am on September 14th at Sr. Frog's in the Romantic Zone.

Why Men Die Sooner
Don Fernandez

Why Men Die First: How to Lengthen Your Lifespan, is a new book by Marianne J. Legato, MD, that focuses on the biological, cultural, and personal reasons that men's life span in the U.S. lasts an average of six years less than women's.

Mr. Gay Puerto Vallarta 2008 to Be Selected
Paul Crist

On September 14, 2008, the Gay community of Puerto Vallarta will come together to select Mr. Gay Puerto Vallarta 2008. The event is being organized by, and will benefit local non-profit Vallarta Enfrenta el SIDA, A.C.

Immigration and Prevention: The Effect of Migration on Risk Behaviour
Roger Pebody

A range of risk behaviours are more common for men after migration, reported researchers at the International AIDS Conference on August 5th. Sex with a commercial sex worker, sex while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sex in exchange for money and sex with a man were behaviours identified as being more likely after migration.

In Fight Against AIDS, Agencies Consider Male Circumcision
Ioan Grillo

When French scientist Bertran Auvert was studying male circumcision in South Africa, he made a curious discovery: About 85 percent of the young men who believed they had been circumcised in tribal rituals were not. They just had just gone through painful ceremonies.

Top Transformation
Mark Baker

Jim Rova is one of the biggest losers in the world — so much so that he had to have his wedding ring re-sized. Twice. That’s what happens when you lose 101 pounds in 22 months.

Bioengineering The Perfect Athlete
Matthew Herper

Will scientists ever create the perfect athlete? Sure, someday. But creating drug-enhanced superhumans along the lines of Captain America or the Russian boxer who beat up Sylvester Stallone in Rocky IV is a lot harder than you'd think.

Obese Men Have Less Semen, More Sperm Abnormalities
Mary Rice

Obese men should consider losing weight if they want to have children, a scientist told the 24th annual conference of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology today (Wednesday 9 July).

How to Prevent and Treat Erectile Dysfunction
Jillian Downer

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. Though ED is more likely to occur with age, increasing 15 percent in men over 65, it is not an inevitable part of aging.

Erectile Dysfunction Lower In Men Who Have Intercourse More Often
Pamela Poppalardo

Having intercourse more often may help prevent the development of erectile dysfunction (ED). A study published in the July 2008 issue of The American Journal of Medicine reports that researchers have found that men who had intercourse more often were less likely to develop ED.

Macho Man is Going Out of Fashion
Joelle Diderich

As world financial markets wobble and bonuses shrink, the macho male is going out of fashion. Paris designers showing their spring-summer collections on Saturday banished the tie and introduced a gentler take on masculinity, leaving the Gordon Gekko look in the dust.

Mexico Compensates Men For Forced Sterilizations
Natalia Parra

State authorities have agreed to pay 490,000 pesos (US$48,000) in compensation to 14 indigenous Mexican men coerced into having vasectomies, an official said.

Revolutionary Prostate Cancer Treatment Comes To Puerto Vallarta
Jim Scherrer

While in the lobby of San Javier a couple weeks ago, we met a group of doctors, nurses, and assistants from the US who travel to PV on a monthly basis, spending three days at San Javier practicing a revolutionary prostate cancer treatment.

AUA 2008: Definition of Premature Ejaculation
Wendy Waldsachs Isett

Despite the fact that it has long been a major concern for men, an evidence-based definition for premature ejaculation has not existed until now.

Men Enjoying Spa Treatments, Too
David Swanson

It's no secret that spas are on the upswing. Less known is that men are a growing segment of spagoers. The International Spa Association reports that men comprised 31 percent of spa patrons in 2006, the latest year for which data are available, up from 29 percent in 2003.

Not Only Condoms Stop HIV
Paul Crist

In January, the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland released the results of a study claiming that HIV+ individuals who are receiving antiretroviral therapy and whose viral load is undetectable, "do not transmit HIV by sexual means."

Caring Men Are Happier Than Traditional 'Macho' Men In Mexican-American Culture, Study Suggests

Professor Miguel Arciniega clearly remembers the dichotomy of being a Mexican-American youth trying to learn what it means to be a man. Now he and his colleagues have developed an academic scale to define what it means to be either a gentleman or a “macho” man in the Mexican-American culture.

Brazil: Full Frontal Attack on AIDS Among Gays
Fabiana Frayssinet

The poster, reminiscent of the film "American Beauty," features a nude young man in a sensual pose lying on masses of pink condoms, with the legend "Do whatever you want but do it with a condom." It is part of a new Brazilian campaign against HIV/AIDS aimed at gays.

Seven or More Eggs a Week Raises Risk of Death
Maggie Fox

Middle-aged men who ate seven or more eggs a week had a higher risk of earlier death, U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday.

Sexy Latinas Look for Love with White Americans
Vanessa Ramirez

Latina girls are far more sexy than latino men which explains why more latina women are being woed by rich Americans who treat their ladies far better than pig headed latino men.

Roids Ravage Runway: Super Models Exposed as Clemens Affair Takes Unexpected Turn
Sportsman's Daily

Last week, Roger Clemens' accuser, Brian McNamee, upped the ante by claiming he injected Debbie Clemens, the pitcher's wife, with HGH before the couple posed for a 2003 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition photo shoot.

Can Condoms Prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections Other than HIV?
Rebecca Spargo

Consistent condom use can reduce the spread of HIV, but are they the answer to rising rates of other sexually transmitted infections? Researchers debate the issue in this week’s BMJ.

Pros, Cons of Drug Proven to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Findings by UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers encourage men to weigh both the potential benefits and side effects of the drug finasteride before taking it to prevent prostate cancer.

After Linking New Strain of Staph to Gay Men, University Scrambles to Clarify
Jesse Mckinley

On Monday, a team of researchers led by doctors from the University of California at San Francisco announced that gay men were “many times more likely than others” to acquire a new strain of drug-resistant staphylococcus, a nasty, fast-spreading and potential lethal bacteria.

Despite Doubts, Cancer Therapy Draws Patients
Stephanie Saul

Some weekends, more than a dozen American men wait at beachfront hotels, anxious for their turns in the treatment room at a small private hospital here. They are medical tourists with prostate cancer.

Men Need More Botox Than Women
Dermatologic Therapy

A review published in Dermatologic Therapy reveals that men can be treated with Botox for cosmetic procedures in the same way as women but require higher doses of Botox in all treatment areas.

The Men of Vallarta are Waiting for You!
Paul Crist

The long-awaited Men of Vallarta 2008 Calendar has finally arrived! All sales proceeds will benefit people of limited resources who are living with HIV in Puerto Vallarta and surrounding communities.

Is Infant Male Circumcision an Abuse of the Rights of the Child?
Emma Dickinson

Circumcision is one of the commonest surgical procedures performed on males. Opponents argue that infant circumcision can cause both physical and psychological harm, while recent evidence shows that circumcision is medically beneficial. Two doctors debate the issue.

Cuba: Machismo Not O.K. - But Not Yet K.O.’d
Dalia Acosta

Gradually, more men in Cuba are declining to take on traditional masculine behaviour patterns, and women who oppose the machismo and sexism that still predominates are opening up ways of changing gender relations, beyond the effects of official measures taken to promote equality over the last 50 years.

Hope for Wart-Stricken Man

An Indonesian man, treated as a freak because of a rare skin affliction hopes an American doctor can cure him. "Tree man" Dede as he's known, has been ostracised by society because of his rare illness.

David Zinczenko is Living His Best Life

David Zinczenko is having a good year. Actually, he's having a good five and a half years - the years since he was made Editor in Chief of Men's Health at the ripe old age of 30.

Calderon Says 'Culture Of Machismo' Still Strong
Associated Press

President Felipe Calderon said Monday said that despite the passage of anti-discrimination laws, millions of women suffer from workplace bias and physical and psychological abuse due to an enduring "culture of machismo" in Mexico.

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