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Because Living Well is the Best Reward
email this pageprint this pageemail us...a profile of the multi-talented Marla Hoover

Marla Hoover, who is a practicing yogini, a registered RN, a Puerto Vallarta Real Estate professional and an accomplished journalist.
After spending over two decades as a nurse in the Pacific Northwest, where she spent so many seasons enjoying the rugged beauty of the area, Marla Hoover headed to San Diego, California then the warmer, tropical locales of the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Puerto Vallarta.

During Marla's travels she had the opportunity and good fortune to pursue her other career, that of journalism and writing. Inspired by the beauty around her, whether created by God or Man, she wrote and reported about what she saw and the people she met on her journeys.

Current projects include ongoing publications of articles on various subjects, website text publishing and a collection of poetry and a memoir of her experiences in living and loving in a foreign country and the life lessons that she learned along the way.

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•   B E L O W   T H E   F O L D   •

Vallarta Real Estate Market Strengthening
Marla Hoover

Vallarta realtors expect a busy high season this year. With the increase of sales we have seen this summer, it would be wise for foreign buyers to examine the importance of purchasing soon, as we all know the quickly the market can turn and buyers markets here are few and far between.

Foods That Make You Feel Groovy
Marla Hoover

Feeling kinda funky these days? Isn’t everyone? If so then perhaps we need to pay attention to what we feed our bodies so they will respond well to the added stress that just about everyone on the planet is under.

What’s a Chakra?
Marla Hoover

Chakras are energy centers or junction points along the spine located at major branchings of our nervous system, beginning at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to the top of the skull. They are considered to be a point or nexus of biophysical energy or prana of the human body and are part of the "subtle body."

The State of Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta - Summer 2009
Marla Hoover

While last winter we all faced the slide of the US stock and world markets and their jittery aftermath, then held our breath while we waited to see what was going to be its effects on the Puerto Vallarta real estate market, we are now seeing the resuscitation of that market.

To Your Health: Shirodhara
Marla Hoover

Shirodhara is a holistic treatment that involves pouring warm liquids over the forehead. (Oh, but it is so much more). The word Shirodhara itself means “shiro” or head and “dhara” means stream or flow.

Good Vibrations
Marla Hoover

Author, Philosopher Mike Dooley and others such as Dr. Deepak Chopra and Scientist, Scholar, Spiritual Teacher, Gregg Braden tell us that health and abundance are our natural states and that magical things can happen to those who believe in their own power. This, they say is done through our thoughts and prayers.

Shift Happens
Marla Hoover

Obviously there is something happening here. And by here I do not mean just Puerto Vallarta, Mexico or the U.S. I mean globally. You would have to be unconscious not to see it. Perhaps therein lays the problem - and the answer...

Acupuncture: An Ancient Way of Achieving Renewed Wellness
Marla Hoover

Acupuncture, just the word conjures up fear and skepticism in many. Beyond the notion that it is only to become a human pin cushion what exactly is it and how does it work?

Wellness – It Takes a Village
Marla Hoover

Wellness can be thought of as a process that over time can bring a peaceful balance to the self. Likened to a seed that is planted and eventually grows into something lovely and healthy, wellness grows from within.

Yoga Master Makes Full Circle Back to Vallarta
Marla Hoover

Imagine traveling by bus twenty-five years ago from Texas to Punta de Mita to go surfing, when all that was there was were a few palapas and trusty fishing pangas bouncing in the same surf that was your goal. Richard Baimbridge did just that - and his path to yoga has been just as adventurous.

To Your Health: Hot Stone Therapy
Marla Hoover

One of the “hottest” trends in spa modalities is Hot Stone Therapy. It is a style of massage that uses volcanic rocks such as basalt and basinite, which are believed to not only promote deep relaxation but also to remove negative energy from body, mind and soul.

Terra Noble Celebrates Vernal Equinox
Marla Hoover

On Saturday March 21, Jorge Rubio opened his internationally renowned spa, Terra Noble, for his 16th annual spring celebration.

Why Practice Yoga?
Marla Hoover

Once again, we have a question with a multitude of answers. Why would one start a practice of yoga? We have all heard the heralding of what yoga can do for the physical body and for many that is enough to get them interested. Nevertheless, what else does yoga do?

G3Mex Group Sweeps Awards at Alamar Inauguration
Marla Hoover

At the inauguration of The Discovery and Sales Center for Grupo Real Del Mar, members of the investment real estate company G3Mex Group were awarded prizes for the highest sales volume by any real estate company along the Bay of Banderas.

Yoga, a Look at an Ancient Practice
Marla Hoover

Yoga in its truest form is the union of mind, body and spirit, which encompasses a variety of disciplines designed to bring the practitioners to a higher physical and spiritual level.

The State of Puerto Vallarta Real Estate
Marla Hoover

With the current state of the global economy, there has been a lot of talk about the real estate industry here in Puerto Vallarta. Some are playing 'wait and see,' while others realize that this is THE time to buy vacation and rental income properties.

Puerto Vallarta: It's a Buyer's Market!
Marla Hoover

Over 8000 units are under construction in the Puerto Vallarta region and this figure will continue to grow over the next few years as the number of retirees also continues to grow. As a result, developers are offering incredible buyer incentives.

G3MEX Group Completes Vista Cangrejos
Marla Hoover

The Litibu area is expected to experience enormous growth over the next 5 to 7 years, and G3MEX Real Estate Group is ahead of the game. The Vista Cangrejos project, which was started in November 2004, was recently completed - ahead of schedule.

Walkin' Around Puerto Vallarta
Marla Hoover

Taking in the sights on foot is a great way to see some of the marvelous things Puerto Vallarta has to offer, from historical buildings to new night clubs, cigars to sculptures.

Tuckin' & Tannin' in Vallarta
Marla Hoover

Ahh... vacation, sun, sand, surf, surgery. Surgery? Si, for many reasons the rising number of people who are choosing to have plastic surgery are choosing to have that surgery while on vacation.

Vallarta Summers Are For Kids
Marla Hoover

Children love Puerto Vallarta because it's summer all year round. They can throw on their cut-offs, a t-shirt, some sandals and they're good to go - go do any of the really cool activities this fun town has to offer them. From tots to teens there's tons to do.

An Insight Into Evelyne Boren
Marla Hoover

World-renowned artist, Evelyne Boren will be presenting her latest collection at a cocktail inauguration this season in her Puerto Vallarta. Sharing her talents whether through her work or by teaching has always been important to Boren.

Costa Azul: A Wide Slice of Paradise
Marla Hoover

Tucked away at the end of a long stretch of white sandy beach in the small town of San Pancho, 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta, is the hotel/resort 'Costa Azul.' Touted as an adventure resort, Costa Azul offers a wide slice of paradise.

A New Season of Art In Vallarta
Marla Hoover

Art of every description is exhibited in Puerto Vallarta, from bohemian and Huichol to expressionistic and figurative. If it can be painted, sculpted, made into collage, cast or thrown, it is exhibited in the galleries of Puerto Vallarta.

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